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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


Exciting, dramatic, sad or funny – episode sixteen has been everything over the years. And while it marks the two-thirds way through the season and has certainly served up some phenomenal and memorable episodes, it hasn’t been a particularly key episode in the plot over the thirteen years – with a few exceptions of course.

Season: 1 “Shadow”

Shadowhug2Local de Hunt: Chicago, Illinois Featured Creature: Daeva, Meg

REVEAL/TWIST? John appears – but he can’t stay with his boys.


Season: 2 “Roadkill”

Movingon2Local de Hunt: Hwy 41, Nevada Featured Creature: Vengeful Spirit



Season: 3 “No Rest For the Wicked”

Singalong3Local de Hunt: New Harmony, Indiana Featured Creature: Lilith, Demons, Hellhounds

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean goes to Hell.


Season: 4 “On the Head of a Pin”

vlcsnap 00342Local de Hunt: Cheyenne, Wyoming Featured Creature: Uriel, Alastair

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean broke the first seal. Only he can finish it – but is he strong enough?


Season: 5 “Dark Side of the Moon”

Excitedyoungsam2Local de Hunt: Heaven Featured Creature: Angels

REVEAL/TWIST? God isn’t going to help with this mess.


Season: 6 “…And Then There Were None”

ATTWN022Local de Hunt: Sandusky, Ohion Featured Creature: Eve; Khan Worm

REVEAL/TWIST? Goodbye Rufus.


Season: 7 “Out with the Old”

BloodyBalletLocal de Hunt: Portland, Oregon Featured Creature: Cursed Object, Leviathan

REVEAL/TWIST? What happened to Frank?


Season: 8 “Remember the Titans”

WatchingLocal de Hunt: Great Falls, Montana Featured Creature: Zeus

REVEAL/TWIST? Prayers go unanswered.


Season: 9 “Blade Runners”

CrowleyFirstBladeLocal de Hunt: Kanas City, Missouri Featured Creature: Vampires, Shapeshifters

REVEAL/TWIST? Abaddon leaves a warning and Crowley takes preventative action.


Season: 10 “Paint it Black”

s10e16 232Local de Hunt: Worcester & Fall River, Massachusetts Featured Creature: Vengeful Spirit

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam remains hopeful for both of them, they will find a way to get rid of the Mark.


Season: 11 “Safe House”

11.16 2847

Local de Hunt: Grand Rapids, Michigan Featured Creature: Soul Eater



Season: 12 “Ladies Drink Free”

12.16 New vs Old HuntersLocal de Hunt: Lawrence, Kansas Featured Creature: Werewolves

REVEAL/TWIST? Mick learns a lesson about humanity – and monsters.


Season: 13 “Scoobynatural”

SN11Local de Hunt: Crystal Cove, Oregon Featured Creature: Ghost, Human



Cartoons to hellhounds to death and destruction, episode sixteen has ranged from humourous to deadly and dark. “On the Head of a Pin” stands as one of the darkest, most depressing episodes – a deep contrast to the latest “Scoobynatural” which certainly offers a higher note. What is your impression of episode sixteen? Which one stands out the most in your mind?

Reflect, reminisce and share below!

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