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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


Back and forth between faith and doubt, questions and answers, partnerships and betrayals; the fifteenth episode has a long tradition of teetertottering between which brother is most confident in the momentum of our heroes, be it their personal relationships, their trials and tribulations or the grand scheme of the universe, such as it is. Over the course of fifteen years, the pendulum of doubt has swung far and wide, every which way.

Season: 1 “The Benders”

SaminacageLocal de Hunt: Hibbing, Minnesota Featured Creature: Cannibal Humans



Season: 2 “Tall Tales”

AlienabductionLocal de Hunt: Springfield, Ohio Featured Creature: “The Trickster”

REVEAL/TWIST? The Trickster isn’t so dead afterall.


Season: 3 “Time is On My Side”

vlcsnap 00057Local de Hunt: Erie, Pennsylvania; Canaan, Vermont Featured Creature: Doc Benton

REVEAL/TWIST? Lilith holds Dean’s contract, Bela says goodnight.


Season: 4 “Death Takes a Holiday”

vlcsnap 00017Local de Hunt: Greybull, Wyoming Featured Creature: Demons

REVEAL/TWIST? A warning from a dying Pamela to a deceitful Sam.


Season: 5 “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”

BobbypleadsLocal de Hunt: Sioux Falls, South Dakota Featured Creature: Zombies

REVEAL/TWIST? Death is watching.


Season: 6 “The French Mistake”

image19Local de Hunt: Vancouver, Canada Featured Creature: Angels & Demons

REVEAL/TWIST? At least they're talking.


Season: 7 “Repo Man”

Deancaptured2Local de Hunt: Cour d’Alene, Idaho Featured Creature: Demons

REVEAL/TWIST? Hallucifer is back in control.


Season: 8 “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits”

SPN815 DOGLocal de Hunt: St. Louis, Missouri Featured Creature: Witch

REVEAL/TWIST? Better together - always.


Season: 9 “#thinman”

9.15 EdHarry 1280Local de Hunt: Springdale, Washington Featured Creature: Thinman

REVEAL/TWIST? Ghostfacers won’t grow old together.


Season: 10 “The Things They Carried”

normal SPN1015HD2013Local de Hunt: Fayetteville, North Carolina Featured Creature: Khan Worm

REVEAL/TWIST? No matter how hard you try, you might not be able to save everyone.


Season: 11 “Beyond the Mat”

normal Beyond the mat 170Local de Hunt: Brimson, Missouri Featured Creature: Crossroads Demon

REVEAL/TWIST? The Winchesters will win against the Devil & the Darkness – more determined than ever.


Season: 12 “Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell”

12.15 367 Cas KelvinLocal de Hunt: Sheridan County, Nebraska Featured Creature: Hellhound

REVEAL/TWIST? Lucifer is under Crowley’s control & The Winchesters accept a job proposal from the BMoL.


Season: 13 “A Most Holy Man”

MHM1Local de Hunt: San Francisco, California; Malta Featured Creature: Humans

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean has faith, Sam wants long term solutions.

Questions, faith, fear and confidence: no matter where Sam or Dean are, the other one is always there to hold the line until his brother finds his footing again. Episode fifteen has a rich history to establish that even when they aren’t talking about it as much as we wish they would or think they should, our boys know each other. Which moment of insight surprised you the most from Sam? How about from Dean? Which season was your favourite for brotherly support?

Reflect, reminisce and share below!

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