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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


Brother to brother in the beginning and later, with the expanding Supernatural universe, episode fourteen continues to remind us what the Winchester world is all about: family.

Season: 1 “Nightmare”

SPN 0798Local de Hunt: Saginaw, Michigan Featured Creature: Max Miller

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam isn’t the only special child.


Season: 2 “Born Under a Bad Sign”

AwesomeBobbyLocal de Hunt: Twin Lakes, Wisconsin; Otter Creek, Iowa; Duluth, Minnesota Featured Creature: Demon/Meg

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean will save Sam – not kill him.


Season: 3 “Long Distance Call”

BrothersdrinkLocal de Hunt: Milan, Ohio Featured Creature: Crocotta

REVEAL/TWIST? The only one who can save Dean from Hell is Dean. And Sam.


Season: 4 “Sex & Violence”

SV 51Local de Hunt: Bedford, Iowa Featured Creature: Siren

REVEAL/TWIST? Words hurt.


Season: 5 “My Bloody Valentine”

SPN 1050Local de Hunt:Sioux Falls, South Dakota Featured Creature: Famine

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean prays.


Season: 6 “Mannequin 3: The Reckoning”

image11Local de Hunt: Patterson, New Jersey Featured Creature: Vengeful Spirit; Rose Brown

REVEAL/TWIST? Their luck isn’t all bad – the boys have each other’s backs.


Season: 7 “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magic Menagerie”

crazyforusLocal de Hunt: Wichita, Kansas Featured Creature: Howard

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam overcomes his fears.


Season: 8 “Trial & Error”

SamkillinghellhoundTrialandErrorLocal de Hunt: Lebanon, Kansas; Warsaw, Missouri; Shoshone, Idaho Featured Creature: Hellhounds

REVEAL/TWIST? Trials begin in a bath of Hellhound blood.


Season: 9 “Captives”

KevinFacingSamandDeanLocal de Hunt: Lebanon & Wichita, Kansas Featured Creature: Bartholomew

REVEAL/TWIST? Kevin says goodbye – and reminds the brothers their fighting is stupid.


Season: 10 “The Executioner’s Song”

ES 4

Local de Hunt: Fall River, Massachusetts Featured Creature: Cain

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean kills Cain.


Season: 11 “The Vessel”

normal The vessel 502Local de Hunt: France 1943; Fall River, Massachusets Featured Creature: Lucifer, The Thule Society

REVEAL/TWIST? Castiel is Lucifer.


Season: 12 “The Raid”

12.14 54 Ketch MaryLocal de Hunt: Wichita, Kansas Featured Creature: Vampires, Alpha

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam is ready to work with the British MoL. He’ll bring Dean too, in time.


Season: 13 “Good Intentions”

GI6Local de Hunt: Bunker; Apocalypse World Featured Creature: Donatello; Angels

REVEAL/TWIST? Cas won’t let anyone hurt his family again.

If they aren’t trying to save each other, fighting against the wishes of the other – you know, to do what they think is best to save the other in spite of the other’s wishes – or being saved by each other then the brothers are still focusing on their family in one way or another in episode fourteen. Or someone in the “doesn’t end with blood” extended realm of Winchester is, whatever those consequences might be. And really, don’t those moments make us love the show all the more? Which is your top family moment? What is your most frustrating know-why-they’re-doing-it-but-don’t-agree moments? I thought Cas was pretty bad ass in slaying Donatello this season – and his speech to the brothers. Agree?

Reflect, reminisce and share below!

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