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I will get this out of the way because I want to do something different this week. The majority of this article will not focus on Supernatural that much, so I will start the article with the Supernatural fan video about Wayward Sisters. In "Patience", we got the first new character who would join the spin-off. I will continue the article with another show that has two female leads, and focuses on their characters the most. But before that, here is the first video.


Wayward Daughters/Sisters - "Confident" by: Jennifer Gitler


Patience has something that the lead character I will talk about doesn’t have. The show I will introduce you is none other than Wynonna Earp.  When I started to watch the show, I was not on board with it at the start but I decided to watch few more episodes to give it a chance and then the lore and characters pulled me in. The show is actually very close to Supernatural with its story. It is a story about a family and two sisters and their relationships. The actors have great chemistry with one another that only grows the more episodes you watch. The old western feel of the show is also an asset. Here is interesting background information about Wynonna Earp.

Wynonna6 1

Wynonna Earp is a Canadian-American supernatural Western horror television series. Developed by Emily Andras, it is based on the comic book series by Beau Smith. Melanie Scrofano plays the series' titular character.

On July 22, 2017, David Ozer, president of IDW Entertainment, announced at the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel that the series had been renewed for a third season with the premiere scheduled for 2018. Space announced on the same day that it had ordered 12 episodes for a third season, together with Syfy. Andras credited Wynonna Earp's passionate fan base (nicknamed "Earpers") with gaining the renewal.


Wynonna Earp SyFy - Trailer 1


What's the deal then? Well, Wynonna Earp is the great-great-granddaughter of Wyatt Earp. She has left her home because of a tragedy in her past but now she is returning for her 27th birthday to Purgatory that lies in Ghost River Triangle territory. She is the chosen one and her family is literally cursed. There she needs to take up her ancestor's 16-inch barrel special "Peacemaker" revolver and send Revenants and other nasty things to hell. Revenants can't leave the territory without getting killed. On her birthday, she inherited that power and physical strength to do it. After her return, she is pulled to a path of revenge, new mysteries, to the Black Badge division, meetings long lost friends and redeeming herself a new life among family that don't end with blood.


Meet the main characters

Wynonna1 1

Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp

Meet Wynonna Earp. She doesn't take crap from anyone but still she can be hurt underneath. She carries a heavy load that is not her fault and the load comes even greater when the story goes forward. Also she gets involved with and likes both Dolls and Holliday (Yes, that Holliday) but the love triangle is handled well. She handles her burden with the revolver well and hell, she drives even a The HARLEY-DAVIDSON Sportster Screamin Eagle 1200 motorcycle.







Wynonna2 1

Shamier Anderson as Deputy Marshal Xavier Dolls

He is called "Dolls" by everyone that I think is cute but his character also hides secrets about his past. In present day he is a special agent with the Black Badge division of the United States Marshals Service. Also he gets his handful when Wynonna appears in his life. They have a rocky start to say the least.








Wynonna3 1

Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday

Wynonna comes a close second but Doc Holliday is my favorite character on the show if I need to put them in line. His past will be studied and a long while people will not know if he is a good or a bad guy. He is also in a quest for revenge and the main thing is. He can shoot and well and he dresses like in old times.








Wynonna5 1

Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp

Waverly is Wynonna's sister who always dreamed to be the chosen one but Wynonna was chosen instead. She is the bookworm of and expert on Earp history who studied ancient cultures and languages and can find rational solutions too many things. Waverly also has her own mysteries to solve as the story goes on and some of them are painful and some are something she doesn’t want to admit.







Now, do the Earp sisters sound familiar to you? Aren't they like female mirrors of certain Winchesters we know and love? Wynonna has her special vehicle and Waverly is the geek and bookworm. They have an actual curse upon them while Winchesters feel like they are cursed. Family drama ensues and they have some supernatural friends like has happened in Supernatural for 13 seasons already. There were actually three Earp sisters (Third was called Willa - Adam anyone?) and because of The Seven (Today's Revanants), Wynonna shot and killed their father Ward Earp by accident when she was very young and Willa was also killed in the same incident. Their mother left them earlier and she hasn't been home in many years. (See what I did there?). The humor in Wynonna is also as good as in Supernatural. You also might recognize that Melanie Neige Scrofano is an actress who portrayed the Djinn's victim in the Supernatural Season 2 episode "What Is And What Should Never Be".

When you watch the show you will find out that nothing is like it seems and the story evolves all the time to greater levels without losing its humanity. Here are few fan videos from the show.


Tell That Devil | Wynonna Earp by: Aurum Calendula

Gun in my Hand - Wynonna Earp by: Bonnie Ferrar

WAVERLY EARP - fight song by: simplyobsessed09


Tell That Devil by Jill Andrews

Tell that devil to take you back, take you back, take you back
My heart went from red to black, red to black, red to black
Came up from that lake of fire, lake of fire, lake of fire
Only had that one desire, one desire

Got a mouth full of gasoline
Don't you bring your mind in me
Well I gave you all I got to give
I know that ain't no way to live
So I told that devil to take you back
I told that devil to take you back

You came around to watch me break, watch me break, watch me break
Just another soul to take, soul to take, soul to take

Sweet shot of kerosene
When I threw it back, it poisoned me
Well I gave you all I got to give
I know that ain't no way to live
So I told that devil to take you back
I told that devil to take you back


Tell that devil to take you back, take you back, take you back
My heart went from red to black, red to black, red to black
Came up from that lake of fire, lake of fire, lake of fire
Only had that one desire

You're a sweet shot of kerosene
When I threw it back, it poisoned me
Well I gave you all I got to give
I know that ain't no way to live
So I told that devil to take you back
I told that devil to take you back
I told that devil to take you back

Jill Andrews is an American singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. She was a co-founder of indie folk/alt-country band The Everybodyfields, leaving in 2009 to pursue a solo career. Andrews began writing songs when she was 19 years old. Born in Johnson City, Tennessee, she is an alumna of East Tennessee State University. Andrews was formerly married to talent manager Clinton Darrah, with whom she has a son, Nico.

Songs by Andrews have been featured in several television series, among them: "Tell That Devil", co-written with Emery Dobyns and Matthew Mayfield, was performed by Hayden Panettiere in Nashville and is the theme song for Wynonna Earp; "Lost It All", co-written with Matthew Bronleewe, was included in Teen Wolf and The Originals; and "Rust or Gold", co-written with Elise Hayes, in Grey's Anatomy and Beauty & the Beast. "Rust or Gold" was released as a single concurrent with its debut on Grey's Anatomy and within two days ranked in the top ten of iTunes' Singer/Songwriter chart.

Wynonna4 1


Wraith: Well, then, I guess it's time to, you know... scream.
Missouri: No, there'll be none of that. I've seen how this turns out. I run, you catch me, I die. I stay, I die.
Wraith: Mm-hmm.
Missouri: But this way, my people, they're going to murder your ass.

Sam: No, Jack. Why do you think you're evil? 'Cause when I look at you, that's not what I see.
Jack: Yeah, well, Dean sees it. That's why he says... he said he'd kill me.
Sam: He what?
Jack: And maybe he should. Mom said I could be good, that I had the choice to be good, that it was up to me. But she's dead because of me. I've only been on Earth for a few days, and I've already hurt people. I've already done bad things. And no matter how hard I try, I can't... I can't do the one good, stupid thing you want me to... So, I must be evil, like Lucifer.
Sam: Jack... Listen. Asmodeus tricking you, Dean... None of that is your fault. I think that, uh, after everything that's happened, you're -- you're probably scared to use your power. And me pressuring you certainly isn't helping.

Dean: Given any thought to what's next?
Patience: I don't know. School's in an hour, so I guess calculus.
Jody: And your gift?
Patience: I talked to my Dad. He thinks I should put it away. Dad says we should just get back to normal. Maybe he's right.
Dean: He is. This life -- hunting, monsters -- there's no joy in it. There's nothing but pain, horror, and death. So if you get a chance at normal, you take it.


Rip This Joint by The Rolling Stones

Trivia and Minutiae

Dean: If you wanna stay here and Mr. Miyagi this kid, knock yourself out. I didn't sign up for that, so I'm gonna go to work.
Mr. Miyagi is the Japanese Karate mentor who coaches the eponymous star of the Karate Kid movies.

Ronson: You’re freakin' Wonder Woman. It’s such a waste.
Ronson is referencing the Amazonian princess and one of the iconic members of the "Justice League." It may also be a reference to the Wonder Woman film which was released a few months prior to the episode.

Dean: How's the kid? He go Dark Side yet?
To go dark side is a Star Wars reference that means to become evil.


Cover art by: FIGHT THE FAIRIES! @Alice_Mars_Mann, Her Instagram

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