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" For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands.” —  Christina Rossetti

 A long while I had trouble grasping an idea to use in this article. Luckily I could revisit it after the season ended and decided to choose the word 'sister' as my theme. We have found out that they are trying for another spinoff to Supernatural called Wayward Sisters. This episode was a little prequel to it. I also found three videos for the theme of the article this time, so, fair warning. Spoilers ahead!


This is what we know about Wayward Sisters so far.


Beware of spoilers! *** Beware of spoilers! *** Beware of spoilers (until the videos)!


Here is a fan art poster for you to enjoy made by: Dahlia Sheng.


We will get three episodes focused on the new spinoff sewn into Supernatural  Season 13. They are three, nine and ten, and ten will be the pilot episode to launch the potential spin-off. We will have Missouri Moseley back and the first episode introduces us to her granddaughter. We will meet Patience Turner’s father also during these episodes. Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, Kathryn Newton and Katherine Ramdeen will play their respective characters, Jody, Donna, Alex and Claire.


Clark Backo will play Patience Turner, who is an over-achiever in high school with physic powers. More importantly, these psychic powers have been inherited from her grandmother who is none other than Missouri Moseley. Her father doesn’t want her to be connected to that world. She will end up in Jody’s care that is helping young orphaned girls on the Wayward Sisters due to mystical and supernatural events. The show is said to be stationed close by a Hell mouth so it is probably Jody’s hometown.


Wayward Sisters Fanmade Intro/Opening Credits by: Dahlia Sheng


Strange Sight by KT Tunstall


Strange sight
You stand in the light
You're wrong but you're right
My hearts beating wildly
How I'm scared but delighted
Afraid but excited too


You have a cold heart
You're reckless and distant
But I'll be persistent
I will understand you
How I'm drawn to the danger
I'll reach out my hand to you


Do you long to be left all alone?
Set apart with a heart made of stone
Let me help, let's begin
Let me learn, won't you let me in?
All the light, let it show


You are a strange sight
Some new kind of wonder
With good hidden under
I'm sure that it's true
How your dark doesn't faze me
No, I won't give up on you


Do you long to be left all alone?
Set apart with a heart made of stone
Let me help, let's begin
Let me learn, won't you let me in?
All the light, let it show


If you're caught in the shadow then turn around
Lost in the darkness, you will be found
If you hear my voice, follow the sound
‘Cause I'm here to guide you home


Do you long to be left all alone?
Set apart with a heart made of stone
Let me help, let's begin
Let me learn, won't you let me in?
All the light, let it show


Do you long to be left all alone?
Set apart with a heart made of stone
There's a light that you shine
There's a love, I see it in your eyes
All the dark, let it go
You're not alone


Kate Victoria Tunstall (born 23 June 1975), known by her stage name KT Tunstall, is a Scottish singer-songwriter and musician. She broke into the public eye with a 2004 live solo performance of her song "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" on Later... with Jools Holland.


Born in Edinburgh to a Hong Kong-born exotic dancer, she was adopted by David and Rosemary Tunstall of St Andrews. At the age of four she started playing piano. Later she learned to play other musical instruments. She attended the Lawhead Primary and Madras College in St. Andrews, High School of Dundee and Kent School in Kent, Connecticut in the United States. She earned her BA in Drama & Music in 1996 from the Royal Holloway, University of London. She was awarded an honorary doctorate by Royal Holloway in 2011.


Her debut album was named Eye to the Telescope - the name was inspired by her childhood experiences at her adoptive father's physics laboratory at University of St Andrews. Released in 2004, this album launched her music career. That album inspired her nomination for the Mercury Prize in 2005, BRIT Award for Best British Live Act and BRIT Award for Best Breakthrough Act in 2006, and Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 2007. She eventually won BRIT Award for Best British Female Artist and European Border Breakers Award, both in 2006. The single "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" was given the Q Magazine Award for Best Track in 2005, and "Suddenly I See" won the Ivor Novello Award for Best Song in 2006. "Suddenly I See" became a popular hit and has been featured in The Devil Wears Prada, Blind Dating, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Love, Rosie, Thrillville, and as a campaign song of the US presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2008.


She has released five albums internationally: Eye to the Telescope (2004), Drastic Fantastic (2007), Tiger Suit (2010), Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon (2013), and KIN (2016). She has also appeared in two episodes of the comedy series This is Jinsy on Sky Atlantic.


Tunstall has written soundtracks for films: "Boy" for The Kid, "Miracle" for Winter's Tale, "We Could Be Kings" for Million Dollar Arm, "Float", "Strange Sight" and "1000 Years" for Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, "Fit In" for About Ray, and "Bad Moms (Suite)", "Enough is Enough (Suite)", and "Get Your Tits Up (Suite)" for Bad Moms.


Few other videos:


Wayward Sisters | Spinoff Fan Trailer by Profound Destiel


Wayward Sisters Intro Credits by Margaret Harriman




Dean: No. You know what? Getting jobs from these dicks is one thing, but I didn't sign up for this reporting for duty crap, especially when they're late.


Dean: Man. Those pillows, right? The little chocolates that they put on? I mean, I'm ruined, Sam. Those limey sons of bitches ruined me. I even took a swim this morning.
Sam: You brought a swimsuit?
Dean: No.


Dean: You had a choice!
Mick: Did I? Killing monsters is what we do. Or maybe palling around with demons and witches, you've forgotten.
Dean: Don't tell me how to do my job.
Dean: Well, here's a little tip. Things aren't just black and white out here. All you have is a case in front of you, like Hayden. Like a few months ago, there was this kid, this psychic. She was killing people, but she didn't mean to hurt anyone. She was being abused. So we gave her a second chance because it was the right thing to do.
Mick: Well... That's your luxury. We have a code.




"I'd Be Lost (If It Wasn't for You)" by Elijah Honey (Black Toast Music)

"Save Me Tonight" by Sonny Ellis,

"Make Me Wanna Die" by The Pretty Reckless

"Real Wild Child" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.


References and Minutiae


Sam: Mick, what's the deal with the bat signal?
The Bat-Signal is used by the Gotham City Police Department as a method of contacting and summoning Batman to their assistance.


Sam and Dean use the aliases "Agents McVie and Fleetwood," while Mick Davies uses the alias "Dr. Buckingham." These are references to John and Christine McVie, Mick Fleetwood, and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. Claire uses the alias "Beatrice Quimby" a reference to Beatrice Ann "Beezus" Quimby from the Ramona series of books.


Sam: You know, what if she turned?
Dean: What like 'wolfed out' turned?
Claire: Explains the whole Wolverine healing factor thing.
Wolverine is a mutant from the Marvel X-Men universe, who can regenerate damaged tissue rapidly.




Cover art by: FIGHT THE FAIRIES! @Alice_Mars_Mann Her Instagram 


Here is an invented opening theme to the show by a fan Cierra Gathers.





What do you hope from the Wayward Sisters? Will you give it a shot? Share your thoughts below.