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 "Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream." — Khalil Gibran

Loosing oneself is probably the worst that can happen to a person. Forgetting everything and everyone you hold dear. I mean of course it would be great to forget the bad stuff. Who wouldn’t want that? But if the cost was also to forget the good it is really not worth it.

I do wonder how Sam would have been in the same situation. What would happen if he would forget his family and everything he has known? How would he react to hunting life and Dean? Sam did handle the situation pretty well when he was taking care of Dean and keeping him safe.


I did not know anyone with Alzheimer’s until I met my future husband. His uncle that had gone through wartime and other hard times but still did not let them affect him, until he got Alzheimers. He loved gardening and was kind and I wished I had met him before he fell ill. We visited him and I heard stories about him. My husband had always grown in his eyes because he remembered him as a little boy. Hubby’s brother always needed to tie up his hair because the old man would mix up the younger brother and the mother - they both had similarly curly, long hair. And well me, he had no memory base of me so he always met me the first time when we went there. I was always the “new guy” for him. He also always wanted to go to his old home because he was in a strange place with strangers.


Alzheimer’s is very hard for the family and friends, and the confusion and fear to the one who is going through it. Well, I really can't even imagine it. Memory can bring joy but also great sadness. The video is also pretty sad but hopefully I can find a happier one in the next articles. Also, I have to add that Ackles was phenomenal in this episode and also Padalecki as the concerned brother. I think Jensen said that this episode was one of his favorites of the season because he could play the "old Dean" with the comedy and carefree life.


Dean Winchester | So Far made by: MickeyBeast


So Far by Ólafur Arnalds


So far from who I was
From who I love
From who I want to be

So far from all our dreams
From all it means
From you here next to me

So far from seeing home
I stand out here alone
Am I asking for too much?

So far from being free
Of the past that's haunting me
The future I just can't touch

And if you take my hand
Please pull me from the dark
And show me hope again

We'll run side-by-side
No secrets left to hide
Sheltered from the pain


Ólafur Arnalds born 3 November 1986 is a BAFTA-winning multi-instrumentalist and producer from Mosfellsbær, Iceland. Ólafur Arnalds mixes strings and piano with loops and beats crossing over from ambient/electronic to pop. Ólafur was a drummer of hardcore / metal bands Fighting Shit, Celestine, and others.


In 2009, Ólafur also formed an experimental techno project, entitled Kiasmos, with Janus Rasmussen from the Icelandic electro-pop band Bloodgroup. In 2014 Ólafur announced his electronic debut album under the Kiasmos project.




Sam: This is serious. Look, I think Dean's been hexed, okay? He-He's been forgetting things.
Rowena: Maybe he's just drunk. Oi!
Sam: He's not drunk.


Sam: Wait a second. So you can't break it?
Rowena: Oh, of course I could, but witchcraft this complex would take time, more than Dean's got. He's already begun to forget himself, everyone he's ever known, ever loved. Even you. Soon, he'll forget how to speak, how to swallow, and then... Dean Winchester's going to die.
Dean: Sucks for that guy.


Sam: You know I gotta be honest, I was actually, uh, a little jealous at first.
Dean: Of what? The curse that nearly killed me?
Sam: No, just, you know... Some of the things we've done, we've had this weight for... Forever. And seeing it gone, uh, you looked happy.
Dean: Huh. Well, look, was it nice to drop our baggage? Yeah, maybe. Hell, probably. But it wasn't just the crap that got lost. I mean, it was everything. It was us, it was what we do, you know? All of it. So... That's what happy looks like? I think I'll pass.




"It's All Good Lovin' to Me" by Sleestak (Black Toast Music)
"Raggedy Ann" by Tirra Dent
"Broomstick Cowboy" by Bobby Goldsboro




This is the fourth episode in twelve seasons where the Winchesters have directly killed a witch or witches. The others were the shtriga in 1.18 Something Wicked, Spencer in 8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits, and Sonja in 11.13 Love Hurts.


Sam puts on the Scooby Doo, Where Are You! episode "Hassle in the Castle" for Dean to keep him distracted.


Catriona Loughlin is shown cataloguing butterflies, this is known as Lepidopterology.




Cover art by: FIGHT THE FAIRIES! @Alice_Mars_Mann, Her Instagram 


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