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"Real inner strength is virtue of those who have armed themselves with power of courage, fighting spirit and self promise not to give up." Anil Kumar Sinha

This week I can return back to basics with the article and I found a fan video where they used a song from the episode. It is very fitting if you look at the lives of our heroes. It has been a very long and black road and there is no end in sight. After these ten years the brothers don't seem to want it in any other way. In a weird way Impala is their real home. It is not the bunker really because like Jensen said the boys don't have emotional home and center at the moment. After Bobby died they didn't really get one back. Who knows if they ever will.


J2 about which character they would bring back:

Jared: He was a nice kind of midiate factor for the boys. Brought them back down to level when they were being Idjits.
Jensen: And he was a homebase. And that is something that the brothers haven't had in a very long time. I mean they have the bunker but that is just a physical and they don't have emotional homabase anymore and that is what Bobby represented. And that's a, I think it has been tough for them to not have that in their lives. So yeah, a father figure either Bobby or John Winchester would certainly be closer to the top of the list if not the top of the list.

Supernatural - Long Black Road (HDTV 720p) made by: Dania Yamout

Long Black Road by Electric Light Orchestra

They used to tell me boy you ain't goin' nowhere
With your cheap guitar and your big long hair
You gotta realize all your responsibilities
You gotta get out to work and face reality

You gotta get up in the morning take your heavy load
And you gotta keep goin' down the long black road

So I drifted for a while down the road to ruin
I couldn't find my way I didn't know what I was doin'
I saw a lot of people coming back the other way
So I kept on goin' when I heard them say

"you gotta get up in the morning take your heavy load
And you gotta keep goin' down the long black road"

I made a lot of money I was makin' quite a mess
But they all told me money wouldn't bring me happiness
"you gotta work like a man in a real man's life
You're gonna have to take all the trouble and strife"

You gotta get up in the morning take your heavy load
And you gotta keep goin' down the long black road

The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) are a British rock group from Birmingham, England, who released eleven studio albums between 1971 and 1986 and another album in 2001. ELO was formed to accommodate Roy Wood's and Jeff Lynne's desire to create modern rock and pop songs with classical overtones. After Wood's departure following the band's debut record, Lynne wrote and arranged all of the group's original compositions and produced every album. 

Despite early singles success in the United Kingdom, the band was initially more successful in the United States, billed as "The English guys with the big fiddles". ELO collected 19 CRIA, 21 RIAA and 38 BPI awards and sold over 50 million records worldwide during the group's original 13-year period of active recording and touring.

Dean: He said the river ends at the source.
Sam: What does that mean?
Dean: Maybe nothin'. It was the last thing he said before you guys busted in.
Sam: Dean, look man we had to.
Dean: Hey, no I get it, alright. I was going to kill him, and I couldn't stop myself.
Sam: We'll figure it out alright. Remember what Cas said about needing a powerful force?
Dean: Yeah so?
Sam: So, I've been thinking, look. Cain still has the Mark right? And he's lived with it, for years he's lived with it. So yeah, the Mark is strong, but Dean maybe there's a part of you that wants to give into it, and maybe you have to fight that, you know? Maybe part of that powerful force has to be you.

What did you think about the video and the song? Share your thoughts below.



# LEAH 2015-08-03 18:52
Another great video of the week with the music of ELO. Thanks Lilah.
# Lilah_Kane 2015-08-04 01:19
Thanks Leah and welcome back with big hugs! :)

- Lilah
# AlyCat22 2015-08-04 09:12
In that middle illustration, Dean is showing poor gun handling techniques pointing it at Sammys head like that! Tsk!
Not to mention Dean and Sam must be in England because the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car! ;)
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-08-04 09:34
In that middle illustration, Dean is showing poor gun handling techniques pointing it at Sammys head like that! Tsk!
What I found even more disturbing is in the pic at the head of the article. Dean has that angel blade pointed right at Sam's private parts. Run Sam!
# Lilah_Kane 2015-08-04 11:49
You guys! I didn't even notice that from the pictures. I think the image was scanned or photo shopped so it is a mirror. I found also few more similar images.

Don't explain the targeting though.
# AlyCat22 2015-08-04 18:16
Now they are both displaying inappropriate gun handling techniques! John would be so disappointed in his boys! At least in the first one Sam is holding the "Wicked Curved Blade Once Shown Never To Appear Again" in a more slightly safer manner. ;)
# AlyCat22 2015-08-04 18:17
Yes, run Sam! Dean is not in a correct state of mind! Protect those family jewels!!!
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-08-04 19:05
Ah yes, the Winchester family jewels- more precious than gold!:D
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-08-04 09:35
Lilah, I love the music in this vid. I haven't heard that ELO song in many years!
# Lilah_Kane 2015-08-04 11:36
Glad you liked it! It is sometimes pretty rare to be able to find a video that has a song that was used in the episode. Even if there is a song sometimes you just can't find one. Thanks for reading.

- Lilah
# Suzkatoon75 2015-08-04 09:46
The music on the video was not really my taste but you know young Winchesters and the pilot brings back memories and the music did fit to the scenes. Well piled up. Lol at people who saw Dean's obsession in the pictures to point deadly weapons at Sam!
# Lilah_Kane 2015-08-04 11:54
The music is not something I usually listen to but I have found many good songs also because of the videos. Thanks for reading.

- Lilah