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You could call this “a Monster of the Week tribute” because of the video but also because of the start of the episode. The “Then” recap at the beginning made us remember different kinds of monsters through the years at the same time it was hiding the real monster culprit among them. "Ask Jeeves" was not that much “find the murderer” than “find the monster” episode. But I am not sure these monsters would want to play clue with the viewer. They might have something else in their minds!

So, what hints do we get about the MOTW of the week? The clips shows to us a Spirit, a Demon/Knight of Hell, Dragon, Djinn, Genie, Pishtaco, Shapeshifter, Vampire, Smurfs, Faerie, Tulpa, Calliope and honorable mention The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Also the humorous choises gives us a clear indication that the episode will be lighter than usual. Demons, Spirits, Vampires, Werewolves, Hell hounds and Shapeshifters are most used monsters in Supernatural if you don't enclude angels as monsters.

Here is some trivia from Wikipedia as to what is regarded as a monster.

A monster is any creature, usually found in legends or horror fiction, that is often hideous and may produce fear or physical harm by its appearance and/or its actions. The word "monster" derives from Latin monstrum, an aberrant occurrence, usually biological, that was taken as a sign that something was wrong within the natural order.

The word usually connotes something wrong or evil; a monster is generally morally objectionable, physically or psychologically hideous, and/or a freak of nature. It can also be applied figuratively to a person with similar characteristics like a greedy person or a person who does horrible things.

The root of "monstrum" is "monere"—which does not only mean to warn, but also to instruct, and forms the basis of the modern English demonstrate. Thus, the monster is also a sign or instruction. This benign interpretation was proposed by Saint Augustine, who did not see the monster as inherently evil, but as part of the natural design of the world, a kind-of deliberate category error. 

SPN Monsters+Demons//Couldn't Hold Me Back made by: TheKG2002

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

I'm gonna fight 'em off
A seven nation army couldn't hold me back
They're gonna rip it off
Taking their time right behind my back
And I'm talkin' to myself at night
Because I can't forget
Back and forth through my mind
Behind a cigarette

And the message comin' from my eyes says, "Leave it alone."

Don't wanna hear about it
Every single one's got a story to tell
Everyone knows about it
From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell
And if I catch it comin' back my way
I'm gonna serve it to you
And that ain't what you want to hear
But that's what I'll do

And the feeling coming from my bones says, "Find a home."

I'm going to Wichita
Far from this opera for evermore
I'm gonna work the straw
Make the sweat drip out of every pore
And I'm bleeding, and I'm bleeding, and I'm bleeding
Right before the lord
All the words are gonna bleed from me
And I will think no more

And the stains comin' from my blood tell me, "Go back home."

SPN 1590SPN 1589SPN 1586

”The White Stripes were an American rock duo, formed in 1997 in Detroit, Michigan. The group consisted of Jack White (songwriter, vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards) and Meg White (drums and occasional vocals). After releasing several singles and three albums within the Detroit music scene, The White Stripes rose to prominence in 2002, as part of the garage rock revival scene. Their successful and critically acclaimed albums White Blood Cells and Elephant drew attention from a large variety of media outlets in the United States and the United Kingdom, with the single "Seven Nation Army" and its now-iconic guitar line becoming a huge hit. The band recorded two more albums, Get Behind Me Satan in 2005 and Icky Thump in 2007, and dissolved in 2011 after a lengthy hiatus from performing and recording.

The White Stripes used a low-fidelity approach to writing and recording. Their music featured a melding of garage rock and blues influences and a raw simplicity of composition, arrangement, and performance. The duo was also noted for their fashion and design aesthetic which featured a simple color scheme of red, white, and black—which was used on every album and single cover the band released—as well as the band's fascination with the number three. The band's discography consists of six studio albums, one live album, two extended plays (EP), one concert film, one tour documentary, twenty-six singles, and fourteen music videos. Their last three albums each won the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album.”


Sam: Wow, think we're a little underdressed? I mean, the fed threads are in the trunk.
Dean: Are you kidding me, for once we don't have to wear suits. You're lucky my waistband is not elastic.


What did you think about the video? What are your favorite monsters or favorite MOTW episodes?




# spnlit 2015-07-07 12:01
The video is a relentless nightmare. Reminds us how ugly, dark, horrid, the world is for the Winchesters and how it defines their relationship. This world coupled with their upbringing (Dean having to assume the role of father to Sam and Sam having no real memory of normal life with mom) is enough reason for the Winchesters having a "co-dependent" or an "enmeshed" relationship which often is the basis for their decisions. I subscribe to the enmeshed view. Enmeshed relationship as defined by psychology:
You neglect other relationships because of a preoccupation or compulsion to be in the relationship.
Your happiness or contentment relies on your relationship.
Your self-esteem is contingent upon this relationship.
When there’s a conflict or disagreement in your relationship, you feel extreme anxiety or fear or a compulsion to fix the problem.
When you’re not around this person or can’t talk to them, “a feeling of loneliness pervades [your] psyche. Without that connection, the loneliness will increase to the point of creating irrational desires to reconnect.”
There’s a “symbiotic emotional connection.” If they’re angry, anxious or depressed, you’re also angry, anxious or depressed. “You absorb those feelings and are drawn to remediate them.”
# Lilah_Kane 2015-07-07 14:07
The music added a chaotic spice to the editing. It is not easy lives what the boys live. In a way they can only trust one another to stay by them. They have lost everything else so they don't want to let the other go. It is a miracle that either one of the brothers are sane anymore. They have been trough much and I think they don't feel whole without the other nor happy. They are like married couple which are so close that it can be explosive sometimes. Every relationship needs breathing space too. I just see them to be lonely and not whole when they are separated so when they are together I see that it is as it should be.

Thank you for the deep comment and reply. :)

- Lilah
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-07-07 17:51
Lilah, it really was pretty cool the way it was edited to fit the music. Good choice!
# Lilah_Kane 2015-07-07 18:04
It does fit to monsters really well. Also they could visit some of the monsters again. Some have been used only once or in short scenes that you hardly remember them.

- Lilah
# AlyCat22 2015-07-07 21:48
Very interesting!
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-07-07 14:06
That definition of an enmeshed relationship really does fit the brothers to a T. And given the endless series of horrible events in their lives, and the amount of good they do despite it, that's why I'm always going to cut them some slack in how far they'll go for each other.