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aka RIP Demon Dean

It took a long while but finally Dean was graced by Supernatural with a long arc. We were teased about it a long while ago in season three episode 10 "Dream a Little Dream of Me". Sam and Dean came to Bobby's rescue in that episode. They need to drink a dream potion. Dean ends up face to face with his worst fear as the cross roads deal loomed over him and he saw himself as a demon.

Demon dean

"DEAN approaches DREAM DEAN on the desk, looking at him. Suddenly DREAM DEAN's eyes flickers open and they're completely black, as when a demon possesses a human. DEAN widens his eyes at that. DEMON DEAN sits up, looking into DEAN's eyes.

DEMON DEAN: You can't escape me, Dean. You're gonna die. And this? This is what you're gonna become!"

This little dream image lived in my mind after that. Dean's deepest fear. He didn't say yes to Michael and he didn't want to become the thing the brothers hunted every day. This is what struck me so hard when I saw Dean's eyes in season nine finale. His fear finally came true and also the impact what it would be to Sam. It is the last thing he would want to happen his brother and he would do everything to change him back.

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During San Diego Comic-Con 2014, Ackles spoke about how he would act out Demon Dean:

"It's scary how little he cares about anything, even himself. Even the car."
"There's nothing funny about this at all. ... He's carefree and careless."
"So it’s less about him being demonic and evil and sinister, and it’s much more about him being carefree and jovial and doing things regardless of the consequences."

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I remember reading that Ackles really wanted to play Demon Dean differently and not like a normal "bad guy" because that would be too easy. I must confess that I expected that kind of a demon too and I know a lot of other people wanted more evil, sinister, killing puppies demon version of Dean. But is it only our own moral views and opinions that shape our wish? Because the truth is he was not Dean and wasn't that the whole point?

I like that Jensen took the new challenge and gave us something different even though Demon Dean trying to kill Sam with a hammer was a crossing the line big time for me because simply put Dean in his right mind would never ever do it.

SoulSurvivor low

The Mark of Cain arc was interesting for me just because of the lore but still I was afraid because Dean has been always the pilar who had not been touched this way by Supernatural. So, was I sorry or dissapointed that Demon Dean lasted only for three episodes? Partly I am because Jensen could spread his wings while playing him and in Soul Survivor it felt like he just got started and could have gone forward more with the character. But I were also at the same time glad that Dean was back. And me like Sam wanted to keep it that way.

Rest in peace, Demon Dean. It was fun while it lasted.

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# Taraneh 2015-06-16 02:59
thank you Lilah!I totally agree with you here and I understand why demon!Dean was like that and how scary he could get because of his carelessness!an d the video was great in showing his coldness too and as much as I wanted Dean back I could really enjoy some more episodes of demon!Dean and I'm sure I'll remember him for centuries :)
here's another video which has an amazing job of editing and it's so exciting!
Demon!Dean - Seven Nation Army
A seven nation army can't hold me back...

# Lilah_Kane 2015-06-16 11:21
That was also one choice to use but I decided on Centuries because it focused more on the three episodes. Glad you liked the take and the video you found is very good too. :)

- Lilah