I went to work on my review of "LARP and the Real Girl," and found that my two word result, "LOVED IT!" didn't exactly qualify as a proper review.  Ardeospina, Sofia, and sweetondean all pretty much summed it up for me, so I'm falling back to something I've done for the last two years.  

For the third year in a row, I'm looking back at all the episodes aired in 2012, and found a little something in each that make me smile.  They can be big moments, or just small little bits that you may have missed.  Whatever they may be, all I have to do is I remember them and they prompt a silly smile on my face.  It's usually that time that people wonder what sort of happy pills I'm on, but that's straying from the purpose here.  

In part one, I'm recalling all those fun little bits from the 2012 episodes of season seven (in some cases they were super hard to find).  Coming up later in part 2, the moments from season 8.  

Adventures in Babysitting

I can be pretty shallow at times as you all know (this statement becomes more obvious when you see some of my choices on this list).  This wasn't a very good episode in my mind.  It was actually a real downer.  So, when I see the title of this episode, only one thing makes me smile, and it's warped.  Sam Winchester, tied to a chair, talking smack to a vetala who's mighty hungry.  It was so damned cold, you thought for a minute there that soulless Sam had taken over.  When that vetala took a bite, I was feeling quite envious!  

Time After Time

Duh.  Dean Winchester.  Fedora.  Wool coat.  Zoot Suit.  Tommy Gun.  Thud.  Floor.  Me.  Any questions?

As a bonus though, I never tire of a brotherly game of rock, paper, scissors! 

The Slice Girls

Oh come on, isn't it obvious?  Pictures are worth thousands of words!

Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie 

What didn't make me smile?  You're actually making me pick one moment?  Okay, this is moments that "make me smile," not laugh my ass off so hysterically I hurt myself.  That means I can't pick something like a killer unicorn that farts rainbows.  Or Sam falling into sheer terror over the sight of a clown, let alone the two that were magically summoned to beat him to death, and it all ending in them exploding in glitter, leaving Sam all twinkly.  Or the ending when twinkly Sam has to face up to Dean's ribbing and the gift of a clown doll.  Nope, I'm going with this: 

Meet Dean Winchester, five year old. 

Repo Man

For some reason this part stands out the most, just because I love the offbeat, no one would ever think to say this, wit of Ben Edlund.  When Lucifer is taunting Sam in the motel room when they arrive, he has quite the critique.  "It's like a men's room with beds."  He even admires the "avocado grime" that's accumulated on the wall.  "Takes years to build up a patina like this."  Then he pulls it from the wall and eats it.  My, my, those hallucinations are quite unsanitary, aren't they?  


Out With the Old

You know, this show just does not have enough of Sam or Dean chopping off the evil being's head with a classic sword.  This must be a weekly thing.  However, as someone who's a little jaded by corporate life, I do love George the Leviathan's intense agitiation with his boss.  Even ancient monsters have the same struggles!  They have a much better way to deal with it though.  I especially laugh hard when they asked George why he helped them off Joyce.  His answer is too damn good.  "Because I am dying to know what that bitch tastes like!"  

The Born Again Identity

I wanted to pick a part with Sam, but his story was just so damn sad.  The whole episode was a big bummer, well, except for one bit.  Castiel, upon learning the truth he was an angel, is told to go smite the demons guarding the hospital where Sam is.  He apprehensively tries, and to the unexpected tune of the Yardbirds "Turn into Earth," he easily does so, all the memories flooding back in the process.  This is of course right after Meg declares her faith with a smile in "the little tree topper."  No wonder Castiel retained an affection for her!  

Party on Garth

It's one thing to see Dean with a katana (another great sword!), but when he has to get a shinto blessing in a running spring for it to kill a Shojo, Dean's gotta get creative.  Turns out all he needs is a bottle of spring water, a Japanese speaking chef, and a back alley meeting behind a Japanese restaurant.  I could see all the Haikus written about this moment!  The great back alley warrior of Kansas.   

Of Grave Importance

This is just the perfect season for Dean Winchester gratuity, no?  Two words.  Shower scene.  

Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Charlie, our heroine of this week, needs a pep talk.  Who would have guessed Sam knew so much about Harry Potter?  "Did Hermione run when Sirius Black was in trouble or when Voldemort attacked Hogwarts?"  That actually worked!  Dean though, not so impressed.  "Oh, you go, dumble-dork."  

Reading is Fundamental

This one is a real hard episode to pick one.  Usually in any Edlund script, I love all the little subtle bits of humor he throws into his writing.  The delivery is usually spot on and always makes me smile.  

However, one part had me howling.  I have no freaking idea why, but every time I see this scene I'm laughing hard.  Sam, Dean, Kevin, and Meg are in the car, and Meg gets a call from Castiel.  He's in Perth.  First she tells Dean to shut up, and Castiel offers to stop talking.  She tells him to go on and he's in a rather confused state.

Castiel: I'm surrounded by large, unhappy dogs.
Meg:  Yeah, they're unhappy 'cause the rabbit is fake.  

He materializes between her and Kevin within seconds, freaking out Kevin.  He gets questions from Sam and Dean, but he can't stay on focus.  "You know, those racing dogs were absolutely miserable. They can only think in ovals."  Dean - "Cas, don't make me pull this car over!"  Castiel wonders why Dean is angry, touches Kevin's nose calling him a hot potato, and gets his hand slapped away from Kevin. "Please stop that."  I'm already laughing, then this happens: 

Castiel:  Anyway, Garrison code dictates you take the keeper to the desert to learn the Word away from men.
Dean:  What kind of sense does that make? He has to tell us so that we can use it.
Castiel:  That's God and his shiny red apples.

Ah yes, the off the wall conversation per Edlund.  Just classic.  

There Will Be Blood

This just because I'm a technical junkie.  The hubby and I lurve our gadgets!  I'm already trying to figure out how to get a computerized projector like this on my basement ceiling.  The best Devil's Trap ever! 

Survival of the Fittest

It's a clear winner, even if I'm a widely grinning fool more than someone with a smile.  The return of baby.

Coming next, part two, aka the moments in the first half of season eight.