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Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Personnel
Comic Book Resources analyzed Robbie Thompson's comic series Silk Marvel’s Silk Explored Trauma, and Became Great in the Process .
Robbie's new series Doctor Strange and The Sorcerers Supreme was listed in  SyFy Wire's Spill Zone, Doom Patrol and 8 more must-read graphic novels for May.
Good news for Eric Kripke and has new show Timeless.
Show Tidbits
serenity_pen posted pictures from an interview with S.E. HInton in the latest EW magazine in all_spn livejournal
Buddy TV posted several articles on Supernatural this week.
Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom
Mitch Pileggi will be at the Cheyenne Comic Con next weekend
Adam Fergus and David Hayden Jones will be part of Asylum 18. Take a look at the great lineup!
Houston fans will be able to see Felicia Day the weekend of the 20th
Ruth Connell will be returning to Calgary for another convention.
Lisa Berry will be coming to the Shaw Festival next week!
We have some pictures from Mark Sheppard's Robyn Hitchcock reunion concert
Ruth Connell gave Mark some pre-concert support.
For our French fans, Cine Tele Revue has a report on the Darklight Convention in Paris.  Our non-French speaking fans will have to use Google Translate.