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Supernatural in the news this week!
Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
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Nisreen Slim talks 'Supernatural,' 'Arrow' and 'The 100' Interview 2017 images
 Want to catch up with Lindsey McKeon (Tessa the Reaper)? She now has her own blog:
 This is one of her first interviews:
 One of Ruth Connell's (Rowena) films The Cursed Man has received four IndiFEST Film Awards. Ruth won the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in the film.

Wee Granny loves toes as cute as this #couldnteatawholeone @slsheppard @realmarksheppard #IRS #spnfamily #spnvegascon2017 ?

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Mark is also rejoining his old band for a gig!
 Curtis Armstrong's (Metatron) book now has a Goodreads blog page:
11.20 156 metatron manuscript 
Briana Buckmaster (Sherrif Donna) has a new film coming out:
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Briana is teaming up with Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills) for a new charity campaign. Creation Stands Set to Launch New Wayward Campaign with Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster
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 Julian Richings (Death) has a new series.
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 Osric Chau (Kevin Tran) was part of a new short film on YouTube:
 Kathryn Newton's (Claire Novak) new series Big, Little Lies premieres tonight on HBO. Kathryn was featured in a picture in Vogue:
Kathryn was also interviewed by Miami Living and called a Woman to Watch.
 Amy Gumenick returns to Arrow in her role of Cupid this week.
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Rick Springfield got good reviews on his Detroit concert.
 Sterling K. Brown (Gordon) continues to impress critics, winning an NAACP Award and being named Performer of the Week by TVLine.
Want to show your love for Louden Swain? They have new tee-shirts as a tie in to their album No Time Like the Present.
 Jared Padalecki and Always Keep Fighting inspired a woman to get involved in a most unusual way. Woman Walking: Central Albertan walking to Texas.
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