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The CW announced that it has renewed all of its shows for another season.

That means Supernatural will get season 12 and become the longest running scripted show on the CW/WB pulling past 7th Heaven, which ended after 11 seasons. Only America's Next Top Model has been around longer, having started in 2003.

Early announcement here.

The good news hit media sites first being reported by Deadline   which also noted that reports are that Jared and Jensen are signed for both season 12 and 13. Other sites picked up on the news including VultureMashable, which noted

This mass renewal is becoming something of a tradition for The CW, which has had a steady slate for the past few years — anchored by veterans like Supernatural and Vampire Diaries.

TV Guide, The Hollywood Reporter, TVLine, Variety all covered the news!

IGN reported
It's worth noting that with Supernatural hitting Season 12, it will finally pass 7th Heaven as the series to originate on the long-gone WB network to reach the most episodes, as the show will hit episode 250 and beyond next season.
TV Fanatic states

Despite the enormous renewal, apparently the network will still pick up three new series. One to debut in the fall and two for midseason.
EW states

Supernatural' is now the longest-running series in CW and WB history

Jared made the announcement on Facebook



Posted by Jared Padalecki on Friday, March 11, 2016

Cast and crew tweeted the good news!

And of course, The CW announced all the returning shows

Eric Kripke weighs in

As does Kansas (the band)

Some outlets were not happy about the renewal. See IGN's Supernatural Is Getting a 12th Season Because Someone Made an Actual Deal With Lucifer.
What great news for a great show!