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Supernatural in the news this week.

Kathryn Newton is busy, she Joins Reese Witherspoon in HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies’, according to The Wrap.

Newton starred on the Jay Mohr sitcom “Gary Unmarried” before landing the lead in “Paranormal Activity 4.” She went on to guest star on “Mad Men” and recur on the CW’s “Supernatural,” as well as appear in Sony’s hit Cameron Diaz comedy “Bad Teacher.” The rising starlet will soon be seen in Fox Digital Studios’ comedy “Mono,” and “Big Little Lies” will no doubt open more doors for her down the line.
Congratulations to Ryan Curtis for being named Best First-time Director in the 2015 London Film Awards

Going to be in LA in January? Want to go to a special Louden Swain party? You're in luck!

Vinyl record

Fangasm spoke with Matt Cohen On His Return to Supernatural, Bringing Up Baby, and HTGAWM! . Here's a teaser on what he said about his return to Supernatural.

Matt: They called and asked if I was available. And OF COURSE I’m available for Supernatural, I’ve always said, for the last five years, since I’ve been on the show, I’ve said that I wanted to get back on the show for the fans’ sake so bad that I’d do it for free – I’d fly myself up there and put myself up.

Metatron writes again! Or rather his portrayer Curtis Armstrong does. Booger From 'Revenge of the Nerds' Penning Memoir (Exclusive) . With Curtis' long career, this should be a fascinating read.

DJ Quails got good news as Amazon Renews 'The Man in the High Castle' For Second Season . You can talk to him about it next week.

Amazon is giving two more Supernatural alumni work as they renewed Alona Tal's Hand of God and picked up Curtis Armstrong's Highston.

Felicia Day's new project was quite a success as 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' revival sets new Kickstarter record.

Design Trend posted 'The Walking Dead' Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan: 10 Things You Didn't Know About AMC's Negan Actor .

Jeffrey also was interviewed on The Talk about his new role.


Ruth Connell Talks Supernatural's Midseason Premiere over at WARNING! Minor SPOILER in the last paragraph.

The Las Vegas Convention will have a special treat this year, the world premier of 



You are cordially welcome to attend the world premiere of the feature length documentary on Thursday Evening of The Official SUPERNATURAL Convention scheduled for Las Vegas at The Rio Hotel. We will do our best to have this screening not conflict with the Gold Weekend Patrons Cocktail Party.

Come join the celebration of the long awaited world premiere of the documentary that all of fandom has waited for, produced by Clif and Mitch Kosterman and Jason Fischer. We’ve had two short presentations on this documentary at our conventions in 2015 and they were met by spontaneous standing ovations, so we personally can not wait to see this positive and uplifting full documentary featuring all your favorite stars, and maybe even yourself!

Questions, and personal meetings/selfies with the producers of this documentary are part of the fun and will take place after the screening. This is sure to be a highlight of the convention and get the rest of the weekend off to a sparkling start.

Tickets for the full documentary screening are only $50 and are not part of any ticket package. We ask for your continued support so additional projects can be done by this very talented team, but you are going to be part of the group to see the completed full documentary on a large screen shared by fellow fans: it’s gonna be awesome!

Two new Supernatural books will be published next year. Cold Fire will be released February 23, 2016 and Mythmaker will be released May 31, 2016 . We can look forward to more off screen adventures from our guys.

A Very Supernatural Christmas made Den of Geek's Top 100 Christmas TV episodes of all time: 80 - 61 .

Castiel was number 2 in TVFanatic's 15 Characters Who Deserve More Screen Time .

Geek & Sundry reminds us of 5 Times Sam Winchester Broke the Supernatural Fandom’s Heart .

Talk Nerdy With Us asks Is Supernatural’s Dean Winchester a Nerd? .

Finally we have an early Christmas present as Deadline Hollywood reports The CW Renews Affiliate Agreement With Gray Television, Adds Stations . We get closer and closer to being assured many more years of Supernatural and the other great CW Shows.