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As we head into a week with no Supernatural, we give you Supernatural in the news this week.

Briana Buckmaster was interviewed in Dread Central and

Julien Hicks won a Joey award for his acting as Austin Reynolds in "The Executioner's Song".

The Herald Scotland talked with Ruth Connel in conjunction with her first appearance in season 10 which is being shown in Scotland.

IMDB explains Jeffrey Dean Morgan's new role in Who is Negan on The Walking Dead. Speaking of Jeff, if you missed his movie Heist you will be able to get it on BluRay starting December 22. The release includes

Audio Commentary with Director Scott Mann, Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Writer Max S. Adams

CCXP (Comic Con in Brazil) featured Misha Collins on their blog.

TVGoodness interviewed Mark Sheppard on Season 11, SPN Family and Jensen Ackles' Directing and Driving Skills.

Ilyke posted 24 Jensen Ackles Tweets That Will Instantly Brighten Your Day.

PopSugar gives us 44 Times Jared Padalecki's Face Was Supernatural.

World of Oddballs posted 10 Amazing Supernatural Cast Transformations From Season 1 to Season 11 - Then and Now.

The Pasadena Convention last weekend was the final Creation Entertainment Convention of 2015 Jared, Jensen and Misha all made Thank You videos for the fans.




In their continuing coverage of the Creation Conventions, Fangasm gave us pictures from the event in Last Con of 2015! Pascon Jensen Ackles Meet and Greet Excerpts Fangasm also posted two looks at the Denver Convention. Here are  part one and part two.   

TVAddict posted the second part of their behind the scenes tour of Supernatural in  Behind the Scenes of Props, Wardrobe and the Impala.

The Canadian channel Space posted Why the 200th Episode of Supernatural Was Really a Love Letter To The Fans.

With Eric Kripke joining Twitter MTV posted 5 Secrets About the Show That Will Blow Your Mind.

Sheknows published Will Supernatural's God and Lucifer finally Show Their Faces This Season? 6 Reasons God and Lucifer Showing up Will Make This Season Epic.

Moviefone listed 11 Supernatural Episodes That Will Kill You With Laughter.

TV Fanatic listed Crowley as one of the Characters Who Need To Step Up Or Say Goodbye.

Sam and Dean were obvious to make Geek And Sundry's  list of Characters We Loved Who Died and Came Back.

Warner Brothers is having a holiday contest.

Production of Supernatural is on hiatus for the holiday yvrshoots tells us Supernatural will resume shooting November 30.