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Supernatural in the news.
The Examiner had an Interview With Supernatural Guest Actress Courtney Richter, who played Claudette in last week's The Bad Seed.

Deadline Hollywood tells us that Chad Lindberg has a role in the new indie movie Security. Chad just appeared in the Oct 20 episode of Agents of Shield. He will be starring in a Lifetime movie entitled Manson's Lost Girls. Congratulations Chad, it's great the world is appreciating your talent!

Julie McNiven has joined the cast of Internity she talked with Fangasm about Internity - And The SPN Family.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Supernatural’s angel Anna, Julie McNiven, last week about her new project (Internity) which turns out to be entirely relevant – to both Supernatural and fandom! Although we’ve seen Julie at several conventions, we’d never had a chance to interview her – plus, Julie is one of the kickass women of Supernatural on board for the SPN Ladies Con (@LadiesOfSPN), so it was an extra special treat to talk with her.

Julie also sat down with The Geekiary to talk about the Supernatural Fandom and [the] New Show Internity .

I’ve heard you support the Ladies of Supernatural convention.  What do you think about the concept of a convention focusing on the awesome women of the show? I think we could use a shake up of the con structure with a special ladies con.  We could make it a more intimate experience with talks on different ways the show has influenced the fans, etc.  I spoke with SNradio and she had her students write a big paper on the show in her psychology class!  There are so many avenues that could be explored!

Jim Beaver is in the news with the release of his new movie Crimson Peak. The Examiner noted Supernatural's Jim Beaver Tackles A Different Kind of Horror in Crimson Peak. Jim sat down with Fangasm and talked Supernatural, Crimson Peak and The New Show Internity!.

Seat 42F interviewed Matt Cohen about his new role in How to Get Away With Murder in EXCLUSIVE: Matt Cohen Interview.

Best known for playing Aiden Dennison in the teen drama South of Nowhere and portraying both John Winchester and Michael in Supernatural, it wasn’t long before we Matt had a huge following. He currently partnered up with Creation Entertainment and travels the world meeting fans through conventions and entertaining them with karaoke, panels, and even meet and greets. However, during his off time he can’t seem to stay away from acting.

Mark Pelligrino has joined the cast of Quantico on ABC. The Franchise Herald asked What Mystery Surrounds his new character?.

The X-Files will be returning to our screens and with it we will also get Mitch Peliggi. Chris Carter and Mitch Pileggi Reflect on Conspiracies, Twitter and the Return of X-Files with Spinoff Online.

Ruth Connell reached a milestone this week. She tweeted

And later posted

Design and Trend
talks about Jared and lists 5 Fun Facts You Didn't know about Sam Winchester Actor.

PopSugar posted Jared Padalecki's Supercute Family Pictures.

Fangasm attended TorCon and posted lots of pictures for those of us who couldn't make it.

SpnProject is working on a Tribute to Supernatural to be presented to the cast at JIBCon7

Fans are running an Indiegogo campaign to fund a Ladies of Supernatural Convention. As explained here:

If you’re any kind of Supernatural fan, by now you’ve heard of the proposed Ladies of SPN convention. Cora Idle and her team have been working hard to organize this rare event, where the ladies of SPN are the feature and who you come to see.

Initially dedicated to the female actors who have worked on Supernatural, it has now expanded its wish-list to include directors, make-up artists and female crew who, I have no doubt, have some incredible stories to tell.

Supernatural was named the Netflix Show of the Week.

In recognition of us tells us that Science Explains Why Being A Fan is Good For You.