What's happened in Supernatural in the news this week.

Felicia Day has been interviewed in many outlets this week. She talked to Time Magazine about Her Memoir, Life After #Gamergate and Ginger Emojis and to SpinOff Online about Geekdom, Her New Memoir and Struggling with Depression. She offered Powerful Advice to her Fellow Anxiety-Suffering Nerds in an interview with MTV. She did a Q&A with the LosAngeles Times reminding us You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). USA Today reported that Day's Story Is Anything But Weird . On Bustle, Felicia Talks Mental Illness And The Importance of Changing the Stigma That Comes With It . Felicia even posted what she describes as a "horrifying" video of some of her early dance recitals.

Misha's annual and very fun charity event, GISHWHES was held this week. People all around the world participated. CTV News posted about The Kooky World of GISHWHES .  The weatherman for the Fox channel in Detroit did the weather as a superhero in drag as part of his task. Several people created pictures of Taylor Swift made out of rice and beans . Osric Chau posted his tasks for this year to YouTube.

in other news, Matt Cohen has been cast in a recurring role on How To Get Away With Murder.

CDA News reports that Jared Padalecki Offers Support To Other Represent Campaigns , including Nathan Fillion's campaign, I Shoot First , for KUSEWERA an organization to help educate and empower children in impoverished countries and Paul Blackthorn's campaign Poach Eggs, Not Elephants which fights the poaching of elephants.

Supernatural fans were in the spotlight this week. The Geekiary published an Interview With The Organizer of DestielCon . Support Supernatural published a list of fans who make huge contributions to Supernatural fandom. including three of our own staff members Alice Jester, Mary Dominiak and Eileen Prince. It's great to have our people and all the other ardent fans recognized.

Marie Eve is organizing a fan tribute to Jared and Jensen to be presented at TorCon this year. She is compiling a book of fan art, pictures and testimonials to tell the boys how they and Supernatural have affected us. Contributions are still be accepted. You can get more information here if you want to participate.

Buddy TV has a quiz on How Well Do You Know the King of Hell ?. Buzzfeed wants to know Can You Guess The Season of Supernatural Based on Sam Winchester's Hair? .

The CW posted questions with Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard from the San Diego Comic Con

The TCA's were held this week and Mark Pedowitz talked about the the CW this year. He reassured us that about the future of Supernatural

“If the numbers hold, and the (producers and stars) want to do it, we’re in,” Pedowitz said of going beyond the show’s upcoming 11th season. “We’re very excited that the guys want to keep on doing it. They bring fresh enthusiasm every week.”

The CW also is keeping the door open on taking another shot at a Supernatural spinoff. “We’d love to do one, it would not happen this year but at some point,” Pedowitz said. Amanda N’Duka contributed to this report.

reports from Deadline Hollywood, TV Guide, and TVLine.