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From PopSugar we have this interview with Felicia Day


TVLine tells us Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wants to Return (But He Has A Special Jensen Related Request) .

PopSugar reveals How Jensen Ackles Came to Love the Game of Thrones So Much.  PopSuger also put out this video on the Candle Tribute to Jared.

From Inquisitr we have Jared Padalecki Celebrates His Birthday With [A] Third Tee-Shirt Campaign.

Moviefone showed us 11 Times Sam and Dean on Supernatural Were The One True Bromance.

From Goat Hill Public Arts and Literary Society: Penguin Publishers has published a Mad Libs compilation for Comic Con since 2013. This year the third story was all about Supernatural.

Spotted Ratings examined how Supernatural fared in the all important 18-49 demographic last season in the War of 18-49 for 2014-15 and put it in context with the War of 18-49 over the entire series.