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Once upon a time, I used to do a yearly series call “Supernatural Moments that Make Me Smile.”  Of course back then, humor was always well laced into even the most intense episode.  I liked to look back at a year or season gone by and remember those little moments that brought me joy.   They didn't necessarily have to be big moments.  There were plenty of subtle choices to go around as well.  

By the time we got to season nine though, the article turned into a “Supernatural Moments that Made Me Wince” list.  I never shared those.  So, when a need came up for a quick retrospective article, I decided to dust off a classic.  Which way do I go?  Turns out, when it comes to the final season of Supernatural, both! 

In order of airing, here are my choices!   


“Back and to the Future”

The chips are down, everyone has their backs to the corner, in a very precarious and seemingly unescapable situation.  What a better time for some unintentional angel humor! Dean did have this coming. 

SPN 0238

Dean: Great. So we go outside, we get ripped apart. We stay in here, w-what, starve to death?!
Castiel: Well, I wouldn't starve.
Dean: Well, good for you.


“Raising Hell” 

SPN 1333

Just about all of it.  Showdown with not scary ghosts in the broad daylight in a scam quarantine zone while Kevin's doomed ghost watched was the clincher. 


“Atomic Monsters”

Becky’s critique of Chuck’s story. 


Okay. If I had to give one note... The jeopardy, Chuck -- it's feeling a little... thin? Low stakes? It's fun to hear the boys' voices, but a story is only as good as its villain, and these villains are just not feeling very... dangerous? Not to mention, there's no classic rock. No one even mentions Cas. The climax is a little stale. Boys tied up again while we get the villains' monologue, which, frankly, isn't one of your best. A little originality wouldn't... hurt.

Bwah!  Sounds like one of my reviews, doesn’t it?  Especially the originality bit.  Sounds like I got noticed after all those years. :)


“Proverbs 17:3”

SPN 0367

Sam and Dean posing as Fish and Wildlife agents, choosing to dig through the old box of fake ID’s.  They used season one classics!  Sam has bangs!  Dean looks the same. 

SPN 0350

“Hamill and Ford?  Wow. That’s a deep cut.” 


“Last Call”

The theme from the “Dukes of Hazzard.”  That is all. 


“Our Father Who Aren’t in Heaven”

Castiel again.  Not very good with reunions, is he? 

SPN 1213

Castiel: Michael? Thank you. Thank you for coming. Do you remember me?
Michael: You called me "ass-butt" and set me on fire. And then you helped send me to Hell.



“The Trap”

Meet Chuck, the mustache twirling villain.  Let’s tie Sam to a chair, even though he could easily restrain him with his mind.  Let's make Eileen do things to him!  Every bit of dialogue in that casino was a train wreck that I didn’t want to watch.  Actually, the whole episode.  I didn't even touch on the Purgatory mess.  

SPN1509 HLCaps 0188


“The Heroes Journey”

So much!  I'll just go with the stand out though.  Big smile just thinking about it! 

15 10 Tap Dancing Dean

Oh, let's just watch it...


“Galaxy Brain” 

SPN1512 HLC 0443

Okay, it’s more like WTF???  Jody and Castiel never met until now???  How???  Or should I say, how did that not happen???  He’s wearing Claire’s father.  They have a major connection.   A lunch could have at least been arranged in season 8.   Or better yet, Castiel would have been a nice addition to “Wayward Sisters,” no?  He could have been Giles to Claire’s Buffy.   It did this never happen before??


“Destiny’s Child”

15 13 HLC 0038 AU Bros

Smile?  No, completely howl.  Alt Sam and Dean.  They drive a Fiat!  Nothing though says complete opposite like man bun.


“Destiny’s Child”

15 13 HLC 0280 S4 Ruby Jo

The whole Ruby, Sister Jo backstory does not line up! 


“Last Holiday”

15.14 0392 Pumpkins

Another one of those that had so much.  Who couldn’t smile at the entire montage of Sam, Dean and Jack enjoying lost holidays and birthdays all at once?  This was obviously the show making up for depriving us of all those moments through the years.  Only one nitpick, why couldn’t Castiel be part of this deal? 


“Gimme Shelter”

It was a throw away line, but it was still pretty fun to hear.  It came from Zack the very bored Crossroads Demon.  Even in Hell, one is left to question career choices. Sounds like no one knows human nature better than Rowena.  Humans will do a pretty good job ruining themselves.  My have times changed. 

SPN 0438

ZACK: No one's making deals. Like, at all. Uh, Rowena has a hard "people will end up where they belong" philosophy. It can be nice, less quotas. But, like, look at me, uh, a crossroads demon who can't bring in a deal? Like, wha uh, what even am I?
CASTIEL: You're a deviant soul corrupted by Hell.
ZACK: Well, yeah, yes, but I mean more in, like, a worklifebalance sense.

Keep reaching for that rainbow Zack. 



15.17 0570 gun drawn

WTF happened to Dean??  He pulls a gun on Sam?  He wants to see Jack dead so he can live the life he wants?  Yikes.  Not my hero’s journey. 



15.18 0818 Cas dying

You know what I’m talking about. 


“Inherit the Earth”

Betty the Reaper.  She was pretty fun considering she was kidnapped, killed, and got to be Death for like an hour.  She speaks in third person!


“Okay, the end of God is in the special book, and if you give Betty the book, Betty can read it. Understand?”


“Carry On”


Dean’s lifelong wish comes true.  A pie festival.  He went out happy. 

So, those were my little one off moments.  I'm sure you all have several more you can share.  I'm only scratching the tip of the iceberg.   Feel free to share in the comments! 

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