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So, our first vote went a little...haywire you might say. I wasn't able to use our usual polling application, and the free version I had to use caused some mayhem.  As a result, I'm redoing the vote to reflect how we've done it in the past.   

For one, I'm able to go back to using our regular polling application.  That means that I can conceal the results of the vote.  In past years, I have never allowed a vote result to be shared until the voting was closed.  Knowing the results tends to skew the outcome, motivating people to vote numerous times to get their desired result.  When that happens, results tend not to reflect overall opinion.  When the voting was done the first time, I didn't feel that the results had accurate outcomes.  

There were also comments of bias in our questions.  The Fan Choice Awards always compiles options based on fan nominations.  Apparently, our nomination process this year failed to get enough variation that made all fans happy, probably because it ran during the holidays.   As a result, I have allowed some extra nominations and have added new options to most of the categories.

 Here are other changes to our voting:  

- Best Episode, Worst Episode, Episode with Best Ending, and Episode with Worst Ending now have all episodes from season 15 to choose from.  That way, no one can claim bias!  
- The voting is setup where everyone can only vote once a day.  The vote will last 1 week.
- As mentioned before, results of the voting will not be shared until after the voting is done.  

Voting is open until February 3rd at 11:59 am ET.  

I'm really hoping that all these changes will lead to a more accurate vote.  I still want this to be fun but it also needs to be fair.  So, let the vote begin!