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You came, you saw, you submitted nominations! Now, it's your chance to vote. Presenting, the WFB "Supernatural" Season 15 Fan Choice Awards, voting phase.

For those that may recall, just before the new year I asked for your nominations in 16 categories that would be put to a fan vote.  One of those usual categories, Most Tear Jerking Moment of Supernatural Season 15, was so obvious (the barn scene in "Carry On") that I just awarded it at that time.  Well, turns out there are a few others that turned out to be a bit obvious after going through the nomination process, so, I improvised a bit.  

For the "Best Episode of "Supernatural" Season 15, the overwhelming choice was "Carry On."  So, instead of just eliminating the category, I decided to pit "Carry On" against the rest of the field.  The question basically becomes, was it the best or not?  I'm sure there are a few of you out there that say not, so, this is your chance to dissent!  This becomes a scientific study of what percentage out there thought it was the best. 

Also, two other categories were so one-sided I decided to award them now and replace them in the vote with two new categories that were relevant to just this final season.  At the end of this vote, you will get to choose "Which recurring character had the Best Sendoff in "Supernatural's" Final Season?" and "Which recurring character had the Worst Sendoff in "Supernatural's" Final Season?"  I'm curious to see how you all are going to choose those!

So, I now present the following awards based on fan choice:

Best Kick it in the Ass Moment of "Supernatural" Season 15

"Inherit the Earth" 

Sam and Dean repeatedly getting up while being beaten down by Chuck.  

Best Gratuitous/Totally Sexy Moment in Season 15

"Carry On"

SPN1520 HLC 0032

Our final shot (and only of the season) of Shirtless Sam.  Still looking as well ripped when we first saw him shirtless in season one.  

Okay, so the rest you all get to choose.  Vote as many times as you like.  You'll have to refresh the page to vote again.  Voting will run for the next two weeks, closing on January 22 at 11:59 est.  After that, the winners will be announced along with the usual "Editor's Choice" commentary, because I have opinions dammit and they must be shared!  Most important, have fun!  These awards were created many seasons ago not for scientific purposes, but for fun.  The science that comes from it is just a bonus.  

Let the voting begin!

ETA:  As of January 18, voting has been suspended.  The results were compromised and cannot be considered fair and valid.  This is a first ever since we have held this fan vote, but since things are a wee bit volatile in the fandom right now, getting objective results has become a challenge.  

I will be coming up with a way to do an alternate vote soon.  That will either be a new vote where everyone gets to vote once, or I'll just give the editor's choice awards for each category and everyone can share their choices in the comments.  

In the meantime, if you'd like to see any changes in the categories, please submit what you'd like to see in the comments.  Apparently, a number of people missed out on the nomination process and didn't like the choices.  I'll do what I can to be fair, but if you don't make your nominations known, the options remain as is.  The categories, as a reminder, are below:

Best Season 15 Episode
Worst Season 15 Episode
Funniest Scene in Season 15
Best Brotherly Bonding Scene in Season 15
Best Guest Star in Season 15
Best Ending to an Episode in Season 15
Worst Ending to an Episode in Season 15
Best Quote in Season 15
Best Shout Out to Pop Culture in Season 15
Worst Crime Against Supernatural by the Writers in Season 15
Best Plot in Season 15 (Pick episode plots or multi episode arcs - the season long myth arc doesn't count)
Worst Plot in Season 15 (Pick episode plots or multi episode arcs - the season long myth arc doesn't count)
Best use of Classic Rock in Supernatural Season 15? ("Carry On Wayward Son" not eligible)
Best Callback to Prior "Supernatural" Seasons in Season 15?
Recurring character that got the Best Sendoff in "Supernatural's" final season?
Recurring character that got the Worst Sendoff in "Supernatural's" final season?

Thanks and please remember that this as always been a fun event at the Winchester Family Business.  Check your outrage at the door.  We won't allow that here.