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Editor's Note: In anticipation of Supernatural's final season resuming on Oct. 8th, The CW has rerun several of the initial 13 episodes from season 15. To get us all back into the groove of watching and discussing each story, Deb has been sharing her recap reviews of the good, the bad and the random of each episode! Enjoy!
This is how this works: I will give my TOP 5 choices for the Good and The Bad of each season 15 episode that has aired thus far, PLUS a random fact that may or may not have anything to do with the episode. It depends what I am thinking at that moment! After you read my opinions, I would like to hear your TOP 5 Good/Bad list from the same episode. The point is that every episode must have both good and bad stuff for you, or you are not being honest with yourself. ? “The Bad” stuff might be easier to write when the episode is not to your liking, then other times “The Good” will be easier. The Good/Bad stuff can be silly things - that is alright too!

This will be a good catch up before we all watch the last new episodes. So, if you like, join me in watching the reruns. Start back with 15.01 "Back and to the Future" , 15.02 "Raising Hell" , 15.03 "The Rupture"  , 15.04 "Atomic Monsters" , 15.09 "The Trap" , 15.10 "The Heroes' Journey" , 15.11 "The Gamblers" and 15.12 "Galaxy Brain" if you missed them, then let us check out the next episode! Hopefully, I can write these recaps for all the remaining episodes. We Got Work to Do! 

Supernatural 15.13 "Destiny's Child"

daria angel
1. The HunterCorp Sam and Dean Winchester          
2. “Meg” is back, Rachel Miner rocks
3. Jack got his soul back!
4. Seriously, double Winchester brother scenes…
5. Castiel making his own choices
SPN New Winchesters 15x13
1. Seriously, I wanted to list our new duo for all 5 "Good" spots because all scenes they were in, especially with their counterparts, were that good. It is funny how different and also the same these versions were. Sam with his manbun and aristocratic demeanor was hilarious, and Dean was more a playboy than anything else… John really had made a company from hunting which is insane. Too bad we did not see him come into their world, but I guess Morgan was not free or it was as intended. And what in the world was that car? The horror!    
2. I am glad we could have Rachel Miner back on the show. She is a real fighter - a fight which she started waging in the earlier days of Supernatural. Even if she was not “Meg” per se, she used her maneuvers to torment Castiel. She is actually one of the best iterations of the Empty that has been on the show. Drinking wine, killing things, the Empty’s business.      
3. Another cross on Calvert’s Jack box - being goofy, reckless, and helpful but also showing deep regret and emotions when he got his soul back. That was a very strong scene with the rest of the Team Free Will. He was also smart and thinking logically although it ended up with him swallowing the Occultum. Calvert is a joy to watch and I hope a lot of good things will come his way.
SPN Altered Winchesters 15x13
4. Ha! I was able to add them again! The second take with the HunterCorp Sam and Dean Winchester is the scenes with their counterparts. I know how tough it is for the actors to act opposite themselves, but Jared and Jensen just nailed it - and they made the other duo as likable as themselves. It is funny how perplexed both brothers were about one another, and that Dean Winchester does not like even his other self touching or driving Baby. That made me laugh out loud.
5. I really do like Castiel making his own choices, and that they do not end in disaster. A lot of the times, he has let Sam and Dean lead him because of his misfortunes when he did things by himself, so he has been needing a self-esteem boost to really be able to be independent  again. And really, if you look at the choices he has made before, they could have gone both ways. They could have worked too.
daria devil
1. Ruby and Sister Jo what now? -am confused-
2. Noooo, I want double Winchester brothers!
3. Ruby looked way off
4. Guys, GUYS! Sam needs help with the door!
5. The copycats touched Baby…
SPN Ruby Jo 15x13
1. So… Ruby and Jo met? Like in real life while apocalypse was happening? The trouble is not so much with Ruby but Jo in known canon was nowhere near Jo, or it was not even possible. In addition to that, the scene was also very weird. Back then, no angel was openly dealing with demon scum because, well, they were demon scum. The scene just felt VERY out of place and not real. Also, I was not very fond of the makeup nor the clothes. They felt over the top to me.
2. Easy come, easy go but at least they are alive and roaming “our” world. I just feel like they might be a part of the plan to win over Chuck and it will not end well for them. I might be wrong, though. Or I might take it as solace that if our Winchesters do not survive this predicament, at least there are these two boys to continue their work and maybe build up their own HunterCorp on this world. They were already keen to follow Sam’s and Dean’s example and their way of life.
3. It is a matter of taste and in all honesty, Gen really has the looks, but her look of businesswoman-going-to-a-party did not fit well. I mean Ruby’s looks were simple and pretty in the earlier days (in season four) so I don't think this look fit Ruby’s personality at all. The difference is palpable if you bring up the images side by side. I mean, she almost looks the same as back them and is a natural beauty. There is no need to be excessive with the makeup either. Or maybe it is just me. I hate using makeup, but I really think the look did not fit Ruby.
4. This one is just a setting of the scene problem. I am not sure what was going on. Wasn't Jared at the same scene with the others, because there really was no reason the others would NOT have helped with the door. Especially when Castiel would have been able to hold it on his own. And why is he afraid of the hellhounds again? He is a freaking angel. I mean he should be able to torch those suckers.
5. I know they are basically the Winchesters, but they still should not touch Baby. I agree with Dean on this one, as we save their car - it was nowhere near the league of Baby. They do not know how to handle her in the way she deserves. What if they would have crashed the car? I do not even want to know the murder and mayhem Dean would have caused after that. Do you think Baby was confused because weird Dean was driving her, or am I just over imagining things?
 SPN Fiat 15x13

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So, there you have it. That was the last of my catching up reviews. What is your opinion about them? Would you like to read them from the current episodes too?

With that out of the way, now I am dying to read your choices for Top 10. And remember anything goes!

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