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Yes, it's finally here!  That favorite time of year, where the masses can make their voices heard about the "Supernatural" season gone by.  It is time to vote in the Winchester Family Business Supernatural Season 13 Fan Choice Awards! 
Thanks to all that submitted their nominations.  I was able to get together a lot of great selections in most categories.  A few were lacking though, so you will see some very creative options there to fill those gaps!  
One category was tossed out because the winner became so freaking obvious during the nomination process and I couldn't come up with enough good alternative options for a second place vote.  So, how about I give you an early preview of the awards reveal and do that one now?  
Best Shoutout to Pop Culture in Supernatural Season 13
Winner:  Scoobynatural
13.16 scooby gang
Every single bit of it.  Practially every line was a shoutout to something.  This selection wins my Editor's Choice as well.  Thanks to the writers for delivering such an inspired gem that will be talked about and quoted for years! 
Fun, huh?  Vote now and in a couple of weeks you can see the rest!  The process is simple.  Vote for the below categories as many times as you want as long as the vote is open.  You don't have to vote for all the categories in order to get your vote counted, but isn't more fun to vote in all of them?  As a reminder, these categories are not just "best of" categories.  We here at the Winchester Family Business love looking at the total package, so there are "worst of" categories here too and a few options that bring up some very sore spots for some fans.  That's part of our nomination process though, letting all fan voices be heard!  If you don't enjoy voting on "worst of" votes, please feel free to skp.  
Also, if a particular option is missing that you felt should have been on there, I'm sorry you missed out on our nomination process!  That was the time to get your choices in!  There's no going backward now.  
The voting will run through July 4th at 11:59 ET.  After that, I will tabulate the vote and announce the winners, along with my choices for these categories.  After all, I'm a redhead and do have some opinions to share. 
That's enough with the formalities and disclaimers.  It's time to vote!  Feel free to share any further opinions in the comments when you are done.  Happy voting! 
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