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So what happens when you take a dark graphic novel with a jaded social commentary from the mid 2000’s and mix it with the very modern day wild imagination of Eric Kripke?  How about if it’s on an online streaming network where there are no standards and filters in the content?  Introducing, the original Amazon Prime series, The Boys

This is no typical superhero story for sure.  It’s hard edged, contains some very dark humor, does not hold back on the gore, and the subject matter is controversial at best.  It’s not comfort food, unless you fall on the sadistic side of the spectrum.  It’s definitely not “Supernatural” and that says a lot considering that series was a horror show.  This is Eric Kripke doing what he f**king wants.  If there’s a graphic scene involving some twisted oral sex, resulting in brains splattering everywhere, he’s got it covered.  Laser eyed babies cutting people in two?  Exploding a naked invisible man to tiny bits in full graphic detail?  Squashing dolphins with a tractor trailer?  Check, check, check.  There are no limits anymore.    

As you've undoubtedly heard, Jensen Ackles got his wish to play Batman in a full length movie... as least in animation! 

In the previous review
of Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1, I looked at the voice acting and animation, and concluded with looking forward to part 2. Everything I said in the review for part 1 carries over to the second installment of this milestone story in Batman's history, aptly named Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2. The voice acting is well done, the animation is beautiful to look at, and it remains a fairly mature work.

So with part 2 released, it's time to look at the story - which I will discuss as a whole, considering both parts.
Well, this isn't Jensen's first foray into voice acting for the DC animated universe. Back in 2010 he voiced Jason Todd in the movie, "Batman: Under the Red Hood" which I thought he did very well in, bringing a lot of emotion and pathos to a story that can be a hard sell.

So how does Jensen do as the Dark Knight himself?

If you’ve been keeping up with Jared’s new passion project, Walker, by now you’ve seen the first two episodes of the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot. Walker’s premiere episode “Pilot” debuted Thursday, January 21, with the follow up story, “Back in the Saddle” airing last night. What do you think of it so far?

Texas 5-Point-Star Perfection

Overall, I’m loving the new series, but I have to confess that’s largely because I’m elated to have Jared Padalecki front and center on my television screen for a full hour each week. At the risk of seeming to objectify the guy, honestly, he’s jaw dropping handsome in every scene! The haircut draws you into his cowboy persona, topped off by the expected Stetson ranger hat. Then his two belts/ holster, cowboy boots and casual confidence deliver the fatal blow. His hazel eyes are piercing in a way that has me wondering if the network is enhancing photos simply to intensify his blue steel stares.   Am I the only one whose heart pounds a little bit faster watching this man?

At the behest of my editors at The Winchester Family Business, and because I admitted that it held some interest for me as a movie I might enjoy, I threw myself on this grenade and rented the film Driven from Amazon.

DRIVEN (released in 2019)

Director: Glenn Payne.  Writer: Casey Dillard.  Starring: Richard Speight, Jr. & Casey Dillard.

Above all else about this review, I want to stress first and foremost that this is a very competent film. I do not intend that as a passive-aggressive insult or damning the film with faint-praise. Sad to say, but some of the previous movies I had seen in theaters (in the before time of the long-long ago) and those of some major studios couldn’t even claim to be competent. Let me stress very much how thrilled I am that this movie actually told a story and did it very, very well. That by itself makes this worth the rental price.

The Walking Dead panel was large and in charge at San Diego's Comic-Con@Home on Friday!  12 members of the cast and crew talked about what fans will see in upcoming seasons of the franchise's now THREE series! Two cast members are #SPNFamily, so it was great to watch our old friends talk about their current "jobs" fighting monsters! They've got work to do so let's get to the details!

The Boys are back, AGAIN! Season 3 of the hit series received an early pick up and will be returning to Amazon Prime! The Boys' producers, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg made the announcement during their San Diego Comic-Con@Home panel. Exactly when season 3 will begin filming remains a mystery, though, as the producers acknowledged, 'it's anyone's guess when or where we can film season 3'! Eric Kripke shared the news on Twitter along with a season 2 trailer and the announcement that there will be a new after-show hosted by Aisha Tyler! 

Starting tonight, ”Supernatural” will have a new partner in the CW Thursday night lineup.  Here at The Winchester Family Business, we thought it would be fun to get to know “Legacies,” the latest installment in “The Vampire Diaries“ franchise.   

For those that remember that poignant series finale of “The Vampire Diaries,” the one that gave closure for the main characters, you may have noticed that clever opening left by creator Julie Plec for another story or two to tell.  Last season, when “The Vampire Diaries” spinoff, “The Originals,” was coming to a close, Plec had the ideal pitch for The CW, who was looking for another legacy show for it’s lineup.  What if Hope Mikaelson came to Mystic Falls?  Better yet, how about she goes to the school for supernatural children that her own father helped create with his generous donation, The Salavatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted? 

Back in July at Comic Con, I got to speak to executive producers Julie Plec and Brett Matthews, as well as lead actors Danielle Rose Russell (Hope Mikaelson) and Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman).  They were all very enthusiastic about this new opportunity, which Matt Davis refused to call another spinoff.  He called “Legacies” part three of a trilogy.   After all, just because two brothers named Salvatore were no longer in town, it doesn’t mean that crazy crap stopped happening in Mystic Falls, nor all the traditions that the town clung onto so fondly.  But is this just another rehash of “The Vampire Diaries” or is it darker like “The Originals?” 

The CW midseason returns this week and it comes with the premiere of a new series, DC's "Black Lightning."  DC?  Another superhero show you say?  Yes, but this one doesn't exist in Arrowverse, despite being developed by the same Executive Producer Greg Berlanti.  It also features a popular African American hero from the comics, giving us a twist that has yet to be done in the superhero market that is big on TV right now.  Based on early buzz from the critics previews, this series stands pretty well on it's own.