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U.S. Thanksgiving means turkey and family and fun. This year, the day after Thanksgiving means binging the Gilmore Girls revival!
This Sunday, Jeffrey Dean Morgan takes on the role of Negan on The Walking Dead.
One of the byproducts of Supernatural entering its 12th season is the ever-expanding list of talented Supernatural alumni. They are still part of the SPNFamily, but they have all moved onto new projects and new shows. The Winchester Family Business has always followed the careers of past cast, crew and staff members through social media flashes,  daily headlines on our News Page and weekly “Bits and Pieces” news summaries. To take our coverage to the next level and truly bring you the best reports on as many new projects as possible, this past July both Alice and I attended San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Our access doubled the number of press rooms and show panels we could bring to you. Timeless, Eric Kripke’s new show, screened its first episode at SDCC.

As we previously featured on the Winchester Family Business, Ben Edlund's latest live action reboot of "The Tick" has been running as a Pilot Preview on Amazon for the last month.  Nate Winchester, Percysowner, and Alice Jester all watched and have a few observations on this latest rendition and it's potential as a series.  It's a special edition of the WFB crew review, blue superhero edition!

It's pretty common knowledge that "Arrow" is a show that is very close and personal to the cast and crew of "Supernatural".  For one, "Arrow" and "Supernatural" have been Wednesday night companions for most of "Arrow's" existence on The CW.  They have adjacent studios at the Canadian Motion Picture Park in Burnaby, British Columbia.  Their star, Stephen Amell, has a rather "interesting" friendship with Jared and somehow Jensen is always in the middle of the fun.  
As many of you already know from our "Supernatural" interviews, Nightsky and I attended San Diego Comic Con this year.  We were there as members of the press, my eighth year in a row, but the very first year for Nightsky.  Was her mind blown with the amount of press rooms and celebrities we got to interview and meet? Oh yes.  It was fun to watch.  :)  But this also meant that we came home with gads of interviews and material about not only "Supernatural" but many other shows too, especially those featuring "Supernatural" alumni like "The Magicians," "Frequency," and "Timeless."  

After putting a lot of this material together, we decided it was too good not to share on The Winchester Family Business.  If you think about it, these other shows can be connected to "Supernatural" in some way.  They can be connected by former actors, fellow shows filmed in Vancouver, or just sister shows in the Warner Brothers family.  They all fit somehow, so they will be getting some attention here.

This is also to kick off a new feature you'll be seeing more as the new TV season progress, "The Extended Family."  "Supernatural" has gotten way bigger than it's own realm.  Creative people who were one way or another involved with SPN are now expanding out to other shows, and we thought it would be interesting to share their projects as well.   Or you might see news and reviews about shows friendly with "Supernatural" actors like "Arrow," "The Flash," and "Legends of Tomorrow." Actualy, the rules are kind of loose.  One thing is for sure, "Supernatural's" influence in the TV world is a lot larger than you think.