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U.S. Thanksgiving means turkey and family and fun. This year, the day after Thanksgiving means binging the Gilmore Girls revival!
Gilmore Girls holds a special place in the hearts of their fans and in the members of the cast. Former cast members recount why they feel the show connected so strongly with fans and talk about why this revival was needed.

It is difficult to pinpoint when exactly “Gilmore Girls” became such a hit, as the series was usually (and notoriously) omitted during awards season when on the air. However, “Gilmore Girls” continues to reign as a cult-classic, almost exclusively due to the devotion of its fans, as recently seen at the revival’s Los Angeles premiere, which overflowed with fans trying to catch a peek of their favorite characters on the red carpet.


Lauren Graham on Gilmore Girls Revival: It’s “What I Wanted It to Be”

Vanity Fair caught up with the show’s cast and creators to get some new details ahead of the heartfelt dramedy’s return next week.



Jimmy Fallon talked about his love for the show, expressing what fans feel.

 The characters were the strongest part of The Gilmore Girls. We all have our favorites. Vanity Fair speculated What Have the Characters of Gilmore Girls Been Up To Since We Last Saw Them?.  One example
Dean Forester (Jared Padalecki)
Ah, Dean Forester. Arguably, Dean has gone through the largest transformation since leaving Stars Hollow, since Padelecki has bulked up as a star of Supernatural. Sherman-Palladino will definitely have some explaining to do, but don’t worry, the answer has been in front of us the whole time. Dean Forester has secretly always been another character, Sam Winchester. Living in Stars Hollow for part of his teen years while his family followed a lead on the demon that killed his mom, he took on his brother, Dean’s, name and attempted to live a normal life. This explains his character’s sudden absences, obsession with a “girl who reads,” and that killer leather jacket. Trust me, this tracks . . . as long as you ignore the fact that he had a little sister and got married . . . Because, really, is there any other cause for someone to bulk up like that? Give me one reason. Military? Not with that hair. Crossfit trainer? Maybe.
Speaking of Dean, one of the burning questions fans have is will Rory reunite with any of her former loves?
Inspite of the onscreen romantic rivalry between Jess and Dean, Milo Ventimiglia and Jared Padalecki are friends in real life
But Gilmore Girls was about more than just Rory's romantic life. It was full of interesting and unique characters most of whom are returning to the new series.
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