You didn't think I'd stop the awards with just one set, did you? I have several more categories left before I'm done picking apart the season gone by.  So enjoy, The WFB Editor Choice Awards, Part 2!

Best Puppy Dog Moment

“Brother’s Keeper”

s10e23 521

Last year it was when Dean died in Sam’s arms.  This year, yet again, it’s the ultimate brotherly moment scene.  Dean is required by Death to kill Sam.  After exchanging punches Sam bravely agrees.  But he’s not going to spare his brother at all from the “try slaughtering a puppy” look, even when Dean commanded him to close his eyes, twice!  Dean caved like a cheap suit.  He’s not a puppy killer.
s10e23 520


“Angel Heart”



  I’ve been waiting for a while for the writers to explore the angel lore a lot further.  I’m stunned Grigori hasn’t been touched before now.  Too bad it was used for an average episode.  The potential was greater.  Hey, there’s more seasons, right? 

Worst MOTW

Rowena, Rowena and Rowena.
Rowena2 SPN1007HD0970

Heck, even the horrible witch she turned into a hamster was better.  I do fault a lot of her overblown antics to inconsistent writing of her character but it didn’t make her any more fun to watch.  Listening to her speak was often nails on a blackboard.  Here’s to hoping they take away the ridiculously excessive speeches and histronics and turn her into the powerful villain she should be.  To think, she had more appearances this season than Castiel.  That’s really sad. 

Best Fortune Cookie Wisdom

“Inside Man”

s10e17 467

Dean, to Crowley of all people!  “A wise man once told me, ‘family don’t end in blood.’  But it doesn’t start there either.  Family cared about you, no what you can do for them.  Family’s there, for the good bad, all of it.  They got your back, even when it hurts.  That’s family.  That sound like your mother?"

Come to think of it, it’s a great speech, but that wouldn’t fit in a fortune cookie.  So probably just a line or two of that.  How about, “Family’s there, for the good or bad of it.”  It does work better with an umbrella drink though. 

Most Ludicrous Plot Straight out of Fan Fiction

“Dark Dynasty” and “The Prisoner”

DD 6

The Stynes are really “The Frankensteins.”   Really?

1231 hysterically laughing
I’m pretty sure when I saw something like that in fan fiction, it was a tongue in cheek comedy.  It was certainly a lot better written.   To think their introduction in “Book of the Damned” made them so badass, but next episode they were in they turned cartoonish that fast.  Glad they met a bloody end.  

Honorable Mention

s10e22 596

Dean beats up Castiel.  Yes, Dean beats up the powerful angel that could have smited him with one swipe.  But no, Castiel didn’t fight back because he cared.  Oh, but Dean stopped himself in time from killing him.  Good for him.  I’m not anti-Destiel, but this did not do that ship justice at all, or a story that was already ticking me off.  It was a contrived mess.  

Best Jokes About Sam Winchester’s Freakishly Tall Size

“Paper Moon”

Score one for writer Adam Glass, who obviously watched “The Gilmore Girls.” 

SPN 1395

 “No one’s talking to you Paul Bunyan.”

Honorable Mention


SPN 0998

“Hello Bullwinkle, you miss me?”   

I especially love this because Dean eventually called Crowley and Rowena “Boris and Natasha.”  Combine all that with the “squirrel and moose” references and I think “Rocky and Bullwinkle” has been well covered now.  It’s been perfect. 

Best Use of Cinematography

“The Executioner’s Song”



Serge Ladoucer has always been a mad genius on this show, but here it is season ten and again he and his crew manage to blow us away with something extraordinary.  Heck, just putting Tim Omundson and Jensen Ackles together in a big showdown scene is enough, but that whole barn scene wouldn’t have been anywhere near as magical without that halo-type lighting.  It set the ideal mood and turned the whole thing into an instant classic. 

Pitch I’d Most Like to Have Been in the Writer’s Room For (so I could stop them)


“We’ll need about three episodes to bring closure to the Jimmy Novak story.  Let’s totally feature Claire.” 

Funniest Mocking of Yet Another Really Lame Brained Idea by Demons

 “Girls Girls Girls”

SPN 0773

Demons are now getting people to sell their souls in exchange for prostitution!    Crowley summed it up for all of us, and he nailed it.   

“So you and your half-wit pal threw me into the sex trade?  I’m evil, that’s just tacky.”

Most Humiliating Moment

“Soul Survivor” 


Just about every face Dean made.  Sorry but they made me cringe.  It's bad enough he had to deal with that crappy script.  I wasn’t feeling his pain, I wondered if he needed a bathroom break.  It definitely didn’t enhance the story. 


(Thanks to Nate Winchester for the Motivational Poster and the fact that I finally found something that I could use it with)

Best Resolution of a Dangling Plot Thread That Should Have Been Resolved Eons Ago

“The Things That We Left Behind”, "Angel Heart"


I know I’ve been ultra critical of the Claire storyline, but if any good came of it, we did get a reasonable explanation as to what happened to Jimmy Novak.  After all, his fate has been debated on this site for years since “The Rapture.”  Turns out, when Castiel exploded in “Swan Song”, Jimmy died.  I love how Castiel explained it using terms like “structural integrity” and “ripped apart at a sub-atomic level.”  He certainly doesn’t sugar coat, does he? 

But yes, Jimmy and Amelia got their happy ending, so now I've got a laundry list of 800 other dead characters I need resolution on by the time this show ends.  They better get busy, there aren't that many seasons left!  

s10e20 529

Jimmy's in Heaven now with his soulmate...happy???

Best Appearance by the Impala

“About A Boy”


When Baby can be used for a laugh or two, she proves her worth!  While it looks very good on her, it’s moments like these that explain why bench seating was discontinued on most vehicles.  I’m sure countless owners from that same era had the same stories!  Short driver, tall passenger gets his knees shoved into the dash.   

normal SPN1012hd2569

But didn’t she look great zooming away at the end, even when her appalling owner made her play Taylor Swift on the radio?  She should have pulled a Christine and driven them into a ditch.   

Best/Worst Product Placement

“Halt and Catch Fire”

normal SPN1013HD2126

If you’re going to sell some of the features of your incredible new smartphone, I can think of many better ways than turning the device into a killing machine through a campy and completely irrational horror story.  I would think people won't be using the GPS capabilities if it takes over your car an drives you right into the river where the bridge is out.  But hey, to some that might be a selling point.  They lost me though when the widow of a recent dead guy talked her ghost husband down from killing using the video chat feature.  I think I’ll stick to an iPhone.


Best/Most Gruesome Act of Torture

“The Things That They Carried”


Normally this is reserved for Sam every year, because face it, the boy has had some really awful things happen to him, but his year, the prize goes to an outsider.  Dean electrocuting Cole was pretty damned intense!  It was incredible how Dean would deliver shock after shock and Cole just kept asking for more.  The boy would wear a dominatrix thin!  It’s all that special forces training, which makes him perfect hunter material.   

Honorable Mention


SPN 0258

Since we’re mentioning Cole, he did really inflict some harm on poor Sammy, and it wouldn’t be this award without at least mentioning some Sam Winchester misfortune.  It made you wince, but Cole definitely learned a few nasty tricks in Darfur.  Still, Sam made it pretty easy having a shoulder in a sling when being captured.  Just one appropriate press of the thumb in the perfect soft spot and we have the trademark scream of agony!

Best Jab at a Clueless Angel

“The Prisoner”

I didn’t like Rowena and Castiel together all that much because it was a useless waste of Castiel’s time and power, but it did result in a laugh or two, like when she called him “feathers” in “Brother’s Keeper.”  Still, the best line was in the episode before that. 

Rowena:  I’m sorry, you’re just fascinating, and angel that rejected Heaven.  That’s like a fish that wants to fly or a dog that thinks its people.

A little later after Sam arrives…

Castiel:  What about her?
Sam:  Guess.
Castiel:  I’d be happy to kill her, she just called me a fish. 

Best (or possibly worst) WTF Moment, which led to the Best Behind the Scenes Moment

“Dark Dynasty”


Crowley talked to a hamster.  The fearsome King of Hell, chatting with a small rodent that was actually wearing a tiny red necklace!  (How did the prop people do that?)  Crowley has sunk to a new low. 


However, turns out maybe we weren’t the only ones that though the whole thing was off.   It actually made for a fantastic joke during the “Supernatural” panel at Comic Con, thanks to the creative genius of Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr.  One stuffed hamster later, we have a legendary comedy bit!   I’ve never seen the panel laugh so much, especially Mark Sheppard. 


IMG 1138

So that's this year's awards!  I can't believe I'm saying this, but bring on season eleven!  Is there a category you'd like to award?  What are your choices?