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Funniest Mocking of Yet Another Really Lame Brained Idea by Demons

 “Girls Girls Girls”

SPN 0773

Demons are now getting people to sell their souls in exchange for prostitution!    Crowley summed it up for all of us, and he nailed it.   

“So you and your half-wit pal threw me into the sex trade?  I’m evil, that’s just tacky.”


Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-08-22 14:13
Alice, I agreed with almost all of your choices, but I had three additional thoughts:
1. IMO Sam's puppy eyes in BK was the ultimate Puppy Dog moment in the entire series. With his puppy eyes Sam conveyed his acceptance that Dean must murder him and his unshakeable love for and faith in Dean. Brilliantly acted, that scene and those puppy eyes redeemed the whole season for me.
2. Rowena had more appearances than Cas? WOW! I had not realized that but it is indisputable proof that TPTB have absolutely no idea what to do with Cas. Hopefully S11 will present more compelling story lines for poor Misha.
3. I had no problem with how the Demon Dean cure was depicted and acted by Jensen; for the most part I really enjoyed that episode. But when I saw that motivational poster I laughed for 5 minutes straight! Well done!
Thanks for some very entertaining awards!
# Alice 2015-08-23 23:34
Thanks samanddean10. Nate Winchester deserves all the credit for that poster. I didn't release it as a regular poster because we were afraid of offending the Dean girls. Glad it was well received here!
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2015-08-27 15:30
It's true, I have no shame or standards. XD

Hmm... maybe I should put the trickster as my icon...
# cheryl42 2015-08-22 17:48
Not even demon/MOC/kille r Dean could withstand the most powerful weapon in the universe. Maybe in S11 they should just cut to the chase and release the "Puppy Dog Eyes" on the Darkness.

These were very funny. I did warm up to Rowena but I also thought it was a mistake to make her character such a major player for the entire season. We didn't know her and mostly we didn't care about her. To sideline two series regulars in order to showcase an actress/charact er we had never met seemed like misfire to me.
# LEAH 2015-08-22 18:10
Thanks Alice, very entertaining. Laughed out loud at that motivational poster.

Maybe in S11 they should just cut to the chase and release the "Puppy Dog Eyes" on the Darkness
Funny Cheryl
# YellowEyedSam 2015-08-22 19:23
Maybe in S11 they should just cut to the chase and release the "Puppy Dog Eyes" on the Darkness
Thats brilliant!
# BoGirle 2015-08-22 21:00
Great editor's choices Alice! I agree with most of them and was surprised by a few of your revelations. Yeah... the "Puppy Dog Eyes of Doom!" Why Sam didn't unleash them on death I'll never know, he would have changed his mind about Sam having die in record time. The BK Puppy Dog Eyes rivaled season 2's Plaything PDE's and was one of the better moments of the finale which was not great IMO, better than season 9, which I hated, but not as good as season 8's amazing Sacrifice.

And yeah.. Claire.... just no. I'm glad you would have stopped it. I wish you'd been there.

So, Rowena had more episodes than CAS? WOW. They really DON'T know what to do with his character any more, do they? I agree with S&D though, I began to warm up to her right near the end, and that's saying a lot because I hated her character at the start... which is weird because I actually like the actress. I felt like maybe she was getting conflicting ideas from TPTB because it was pretty clear that they didn't know what they wanted to do with her character when they introduced her and it wasn't clear at all what she wanted or what was driving her, so all of the character was basically surface mannerisms and no substance. I mean we knew she was 'evil' and manipulating Crowley, but they never really established why for a long time. When we finally saw what she was really about is when she got interesting, but that was like in the last episode or two.

I also agree with the whole cure thing and Dean. It didn't work for me. Dean showed no signs of distress during the cure other than the faces he was making, and he looked fresh as a daisy at the end of his cure. It was hard on him? Caused him pain? How were we supposed to tell? Why didn't they put him through the ringer like they did with Sam in Sacrifice? I don't get it. Therefore I couldn't really buy into Jensen's acting during the cure. And the story was inconsistent. Dean was cured enough to get out of a devils trap but still wanted to kill Sam? He wasn't even conflicted about it. I don't get that at all.

For the most gruesome act of torture I couldn't get past that poor woman hanging upside down in the teaser of ??? episode; I found that incredibly brutal and almost too realistic to watch. That was definitely the worst for me. As far as Cole is concerned, I couldn't muster much sympathy for him after what he did to Sam. So, he was tortured? Good. Now he knows how it feels. I didn't care about his torture when he couldn't even muster up an "I'm sorry," for what he did to Sam and Dean's indifference pissed me off to no end. And I couldn't help but feel that everyone, the actor the writers etc.. were all trying too hard to make us like Cole. All that chummy nick name stuff.... Sammy and Dean-O. I wanted Dean to put those electrodes in Coles mouth and give him a nice jolt just to shut him up. Also, that whole scene was another really great opportunity wasted to show Dean going off the rails.... they should have shown him really enjoying that torture, relishing in it.. but no, Cole is one of the "good guys" now so, we can't have Dean do anything like that. There was one small moment when Dean was drinking the water where I thought maybe he was being a little cruel.... but it was so subtle, so underplayed (like everything regarding the mark) that it was more of a head scratcher than a plot point.

And poor Mark Shepard; when he had to have an actual conversation with the hamster I am sure he thought his career was over and I thought for sure the show had finally jumped the shark.......tha t was just about one of the dumbest things I've seen on this show... almost.... the Frankensteins took that one for me too! Way to introduce a GREAT foe and then destroy them less than a single episode later. There's too much kitsch and silliness going on lately... Talking hamsters, OZ, fantastical spells, The Frankensteins? All of this insipidness is chipping away at the fabric of the world Supernatural has created over the years. The show needs to keep itself grounded and stop inserting all of this stupid fantasy stuff.

I also didn't appreciate the scene where Dean beat up Cas either. I can understand that Cas did't want to hurt Dean, but to allow himself to almost get killed? That just makes no sense. Why didn't he just put Dean against the wall and hold him there? Didn't Cas totally subdue Demon Dean BEFORE he got his grace back? So why could non-Demon Dean beat the crap out of him when he was back to being human and Cas was back to being a fully powered angel? It made no sense. It's like someone decided that a showdown between Dean and Cas would be "dramatic" but they didn't consider either the plot or the characters when the wrote the scene. And I never for one moment believed that Dean killed Cas so that whole did he or didn't he moment with the knife going down off screen was a total cliche for me and had me rolling my eyes. Of COURSE Dean didn't kill Cas. Dean didn't kill anyone who didn't deserve it, so there was no tension to begin with.

I do disagree with one thing though; I didn't like at all the Jimmy Novak "closure" episode. First of all, it's been implied several times that the angles are getting their power partly from the human soul. So if Jimmy is dead then what exactly is Cas basing his powers off of? If Angels can inhabit dead bodies then why do they need to ask permission? As far as we know Cas is now the only angel in the history of the universe to be using a dead body as a vessel and not one person has said anything about it. You'd think the other angels might object? Or go out and get dead bodies of their own to get around that whole pesky "permission" thing? And watching Jimmy in heaven was just about gag inducing. Since when does this show ever give us the trite and squishy happy ending scene? It smacked of fan pandering. The only way it could have worked for me at all is if that "happy ending" had been shown to be in heaven's jail where Bobby is being held and that both Jimmy and Amelia were duped. The whole happy ending that's not really a happy ending is much more Supernatural's style than that ludicrous soft focus and "I love you! aren't we happy now!" crap that we got instead. Yuck. It was more an ending befitting an episode of Touched By An Angel than Supernatural.
# Alice 2015-08-23 23:32
Thanks BoGirlie! I appreciate the detailed response. It looks like you and I are on the same page for most things.

I do disagree with one thing though; I didn't like at all the Jimmy Novak "closure" episode.
Oh, I hated that episode! No, a whole episode wasn’t required at all, let alone three. I’m just happy they finally explained what happened to Jimmy. I was getting tired of fans still debating it and asking Misha at conventions. It needed to be resolved. But I would have been very happy with Castiel just saying what happened and them moving on. I’m not sure why they thought we fans would be so engrossed by this “heartwarming” story with Claire. They were obviously time killing.
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2015-08-27 15:51
I do fault a lot of her overblown antics to inconsistent writing of her character but it didn’t make her any more fun to watch.
Yeah I'm betting that they had NO idea at the time whether she was going to be villain or ally and decided to just let every writer run with whatever idea they had to see what stuck. It kind of reminded me of Abaddon last season only in that case it was more of a "we don't know what we're doing with her, but it's definitely evil." I was hoping something with it would have resulted from Gavin & time traveling last season but no...

Yes, Dean beats up the powerful angel that could have smited him with one swipe. But no, Castiel didn’t fight back because he cared.

I ask, "doesn't the Mark of Cain give him the power to go toe to toe with angels?" but I don't think even the writers knew any more (even more so when I saw Dean fighting Charlie and WASN'T flattening her right away).

“We’ll need about three episodes to bring closure to the Jimmy Novak story. Let’s totally feature Claire.”

Good to know there's at least SOMETHING you and I disagree on. ;) I still say Claire was damn near the best thing this season (I know, I know, "tallest building in Wichita" and all that) and part of that was because it made the world feel more real (something the show's been getting bad about since continuity has gone the way of the dodo) in giving actual consequences to the characters' actions for good or bad.

Now if Ben could have maybe hooked up with Claire and thrown MORE fuel and rage at Destiel shippers...

(Thanks to Nate Winchester for the Motivational Poster and the fact that I finally found something that I could use it with)
Yay! I'm useful!

Actually some of those I totally forget I had done (except for a few) but you know I'm always happy to be of service. :)

She should have pulled a Christine and driven them into a ditch.

OMG! WHY HAVEN'T WE HAD THAT EPISODE YET??? No, they've had "car possessed" at least twice (maybe a 3rd time?) and we've had Sam become the car, but those have always been little side moments and such. We need an episode where it's totally Baby becoming self aware!

They really DON'T know what to do with his character any more, do they?
Which is funny/tragic because they had JUST made him MORTAL (" ewinchesterfami article-archive s/season-ten/19 287-supernatura l-season-ten-in -review") and could have totally had a wealth of stories and such to use him in without him breaking the story SO WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THAT??? GAH!

(sometimes I wonder if Carver & writers are trying to burn the show down for the insurance money)