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It’s late, my review of Tuesday’s outstanding “The Executioner’s Song” is still incomplete, and I realize we need an article ASAP so I can stall until the review is done.  Considering I never ran this game during the Winter break because I so hated “The Things We Left Behind,” it’s time to play a old favorite,  Rank ‘Em in Five Minutes!  

The game is simple.  Here are the Season Ten episodes that have aired so far.  I’m listing them in order of airing.  Rank them from best to worst.  You have five minutes.  Don’t change your answers, stick with your initial gut feel.  When you have the list, share it, add comments as to why you liked or didn’t like an episode, share why you ranked them the way you did, or say nothing because there’s really nothing to be said other than the ranking.  The rules once your list is done are fast and loose.  

Without further stalling (since I have a review to write), here’s the list of Season Ten episodes so far:



Soul Survivor

Paper Moon

Fan Fiction

Ask Jeeves

Girls, Girls, Girls

Hibbing 911

The Things We Left Behind

The Hunter Games

There’s No Place Like Home

About A Boy

Halt & Catch Fire

The Executioner’s Song

As usual, I’ll share my ranking.  This took me 4 minutes.  I started with the best, then the worst, and it all kind of fell into place from there.  It should have only taken me two.  I should note only the first two and the last were memorable.  The rest I had to lookup to see which ones they were!  That’s pretty bad for me.  

1.  The Executioner’s Song

2.  Fan Fiction

3.  Reichenbach

4.  There’s No Place Like Home

5.  About A Boy

6.  Hibbing 911

7.  Black

8.  Paper Moon

9.  Girls, Girls, Girls

10.  Ask Jeeves

11.  Soul Survivor

12.  The Hunter Games

13.  Halt & Catch Fire

14.  The Things We Left Behind

Okay, your turn.  Expect a gushing review of "The Executioner's Song" from me tomorrow, but in the meantime, rank ‘em in five minutes! 


# eilf 2015-02-19 23:43
The Executioner’s Song

Soul Survivor

Paper Moon

Fan Fiction

Ask Jeeves

Halt & Catch Fire

There’s No Place Like Home

Girls, Girls, Girls


Haven't seen:

Hibbing 911

The Things We Left Behind


The Hunter Games


About A Boy
# Taraneh 2015-02-20 02:39
1.The Executioner's Song
3.Fan Fiction
4.Girls, Girls, Girls
5.Soul Survivor
6.About a Boy
8.The Hunter Games
9.The Things We Left Behind
10.There's No Place like Home
11.Halt and Catch Fire
12.Ask Jeeves
13.Hibbing 911
14.Paper Moon

Well the thing about season 10 is I almost loved all episodes,while some episodes really stunned me and the others,I simply enjoyed!so I really can't name the last episodes in my list "worst" ones of the season.maybe I'm being too positive but for me there is no such thing as the worst in this season, there are good,better and the best;)
Thanks for the article Alice!I always enjoy finding out about fan favourite episodes :)
# Lilah_Kane 2015-02-20 02:49
1. The Executioner’s Song - Awesome script, Cain was a badass (And made me sad he died), Great performance from all actors. Even Rowena is growing on me. Overall MARVELOUS.

2. Reichenbach - I loved the 3 first episodes as a trilogy and Reichenbach was the best from them.

3. Fan Fiction - 200th and so much fun. Keep it going.

4. Soul Survivor - Bunker chase and awesome Demon!Dean.

5. About A Boy - Dylan and Jared made this one work and it really was a good episode.

6. Black - Season opener and boy what start it was.

7. Hibbing 911 - Jody and Donna rules and I love them

8. The Things We Left Behind

9. There’s No Place Like Home

10. The Hunter Games

11. Girls, Girls, Girls

12. Ask Jeeves

13. Paper Moon

14. Halt & Catch Fire
# Prix68 2015-02-20 06:46
Executioner's Song - awesome and sure to be a classic
About A Boy - really enjoyed this one, Dylan Everett was great
Fan Fiction - fun and songs stuck in your head
Soul Survivor
Hibbing 911
There's No Place Like Home
Girls, Girls, Girls - enjoyed the fight scene between Cole and Dean
The Hunter Games
Halt and Catch Fire
The Things We Left Behind
Paper Moon
Ask Jeeves
# njspnfan 2015-02-20 07:07
Only two episodes really stand out to me this season

1 - The Executioner’s Song
2 - Fan Fiction

The rest have either been okay.....

3 - There's No Place Like Home
4 - Reichenbach
5 - Black
6 - About a Boy
7 - Hibbing 911
8 - Soul Survivor
9 - Girls, Girls, Girls
10 - Halt & Catch Fire
11 - Ask Jeeves

Or not okay.....

12 - Paper Moon
13 - The Hunter Games
14 - The Things We Left Behind
# demonhunters3232 2015-02-20 07:29
Are you allowed to make your own episode reviews? If so, how do you?
# elle2 2015-02-20 08:02
1. Fan Fiction -- the entire episode made me smile and reflect
2. The Executioner's Song -- top to bottom excellent -- although much of the Rowena scenes, until right at the end, still bored me silly
3. Black -- after four months of waiting, it was excellent
4. Reichenbach -- that fight scene in the alley = amazing; Crowley/Dean scenes shine and Sam with his: "You're my brother, and I've come to take you home," yup, loved it.
5. Paper Moon -- after a drought of brotherly conversations that actually were completed, not constantly interrupted, this was a tall, cool glass of water
6. Soul Survivor -- loved the staging of it, loved Sam's determination, and that moment in Dean's room with the family music playing and Sam looking at the photos, well, *sniff*
7. Girls, Girls, Girls -- at first not a fan of this, but that scene with Cole, Sam, and Dean in the alley sells it -- Dean was talking to Sam and Sam to Dean, Cole was just the method of communication
8. Hibbing 911 -- Sheriff Mills! (not that's how you do women on this show, akin to Ellen...RIP!)
9. Ask Jeeve -- light hearted, Sam telling another he and his brother love each other (or words to that effect), Clue the Supernatural way, and chilling Dean at the end
10. About a Boy -- young Dean in body, old Dean in mind, well-written and extremely well-acted, especially Jared and Dylan!
11. No Place Like Home -- I adore Charlie, but a bit too anvilicious upon re-watch
12. Halt and Cat Fire -- Sam and Dean on a goold ole' salt-n-burn...w ifi style!
13. Hunter's Games -- meh -- Metatron just sinks every episode he's in, sorry Curtis Armstrong. It's not your fault at all; it's the material.
14. The Things We Left Behind -- yeah, just, well, nope
# Shante 2015-02-20 08:45
hmm i seem to be getting an error when i post my ranked eps :(
# Shante 2015-02-20 08:50
trying again: 1. Reichenbach
2. Black
3. Soul Survivor
4. Ask Jeeves
5. The Executioner's Song
6. Fan Fiction
7. Halt & Catch Fire
8. About a Boy
9. The Hunter Games
10. Girls, Girls, Girls
11. Paper Moon
12. Hibbing 911
13. There's No Place Like Home
14. The Things We Left Behind
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-02-20 09:45
1. Reichenbach- Great story for both brothers builds to a stunning climax.
2. Fan Fiction- Awesome! nothing more to say.
3. Soul Survivor- Flawed, but the incredible bunker scenes between the brothers blew me away.
4. The Executioner's Song- Thrilling episode, great scene between Dean and Cain, but my favorite episodes will always be those that focus on both brothers, and Sam didn't have too much to do here.
5. Black- Great start to the season, but I really wanted Dean to be more demony.
6. About A Boy- The relationship between Teen Dean and Sam was so reminiscent of their relationship in the earlier seasons that I loved it.
7. Ask Jeeves- it was just more FUN than the other filler episodes this season.
8. Paper Moon- Yep, the werewolf plot was pretty dull, but we got not one, not two, but THREE good conversations between the brothers.
9. Halt and Catch Fire- Okay story, smart Sam, but nothing great
10. Girls, Girls, Girls- good scene between Dean and Cole, but this episode marked the beginning of Sam's vanishing act.
11. There's No Place Like Home- I know I'm in the minority, but I'm not a Charlie fan, and I especially hated the Oz plot. Although I did enjoy Dark Charlie.
12. Hibbing 911- I usually love Jody but I found her grating in this episode. And, bottom line, not nearly enough Sam and Dean.
13. The Hunter Games-I actually like Metatron, but Claire is annoying, the episode was disjointed and boring for the most part.
14. The Things We Left Behind- No contest, this was awful on so many levels, but mostly because "Sam who?"
# Ginger 2015-02-20 10:12
1. Executioner’s Song - Watched again, but FF'd through everything Rowena/Crowley
2. Reichenbach - Watched again. Awesome fight scene.
3. Black - Watched again. I liked how Demon Dean was portrayed.
4. About a Boy - Good, but only watched once.
5. Soul Survivor - Okay. Liked the brothers, but the "cure" was way too anti-climatic

The rest I have only watched once and I won't watch again, but this bunch was okay (S10-wise)

6. The Hunter Games
7. Girls, Girls, Girls
8. Ask Jeeves
9. Fan Fiction

Didn't like these at all.

10. Hibbing 911 (Sheriff Donna's story with Jody as the POV character. Cameo appearances by the Winchesters)
11. Halt and Catch Fire (Teenagers! Yuck.)
12. Paper Moon (Who cares about Kate. The brothers did nothing, while Kate solved her own problem)

I found these horrible.

13. The Things We Left Behind (Claire. Enough said.)
14. There’s No Place Like Home (Charlie. Enough said.)
# Glorie 2015-02-20 12:52
1. Fan Fiction
2. Executioner's Song
3. About a Boy
4. Reichenbach
5. Ask Jeeves

You know, I have subscribed to this show on Amazon. This show sucks to watch with commercials, . So much gets lost when it gets chopped up. I see so much more and feel more, when I'm not futzing with the remote. I included Ask Jeeves because I cracked up so much when I watched it again without interruptions. Even Halt and Catch Fire was deeper on rewatch. You can see Dean starting to shift and change, not in a good way.
# jane 2015-02-20 14:30
1. The Executioner’s Song (loved it but Rowena almost made it take the second place)
2. Ask Jeeves (the brothers are the heroes)
3. Paper Moon (we time)
4. Halt & Catch Fire
5. About A Boy
6. There’s No Place Like Home
7. Soul Survivor (it could have been so good if we didn't have to watch the story of boring hell and boring angels)
8. Fan Fiction (Am I the only one who didn't like it ?, probably to old for the teenagers audience it was made for)
9. Hibbing 911 (not enough of the boys)
10. Girls, Girls, Girls (too many different stories)
11. Reichenbach
12. Black (disappointed in demondean who is not dark at all, don't care about the angels)
13. The Hunter Games (Claire Rowena, too slow, boring, dumb crowley, stories I don't care about)
14. The Things We Left Behind (Claire Rowena, too slow, boring, dumb crowley, stories I don't care about but worse because it was a mid-season final)
# Bevie 2015-02-20 16:14
1. The Executioner's Song
2. About a Boy
3. Fan Fiction
4. Soul Survivor
5. Reichenbach
6. Black
7. There's No Place Like Home
8. Hibbing 911
9. Ask Jeeves
10. Girls, Girls, Girls
11. Halt and Catch Fire
12. The Things We Left Behind
13. The Hunter Games
14. Paper Moon
# rubbykris 2015-02-20 18:04
The Executioner’s Song
Soul Survivor
Fan Fiction
The Hunter Games
About A Boy
There’s No Place Like Home
Ask Jeeves
Halt & Catch Fire
Paper Moon
Hibbing 911
The Things We Left Behind
# Charlotte 2015-02-21 05:56
This was a lot of fun. Here goes:

1. The Executioner"s Song
2. Reichenbach
3. Girls, Girls, Girls
4. About A Boy
5. Fan Fiction
6. Hibbing 911
7. There's No Place Like Home
8. Ask Jeeves
9. Soul Survivor
10. Halt & Catch Fire
11. Paper Moon
12. Black
13. The Hunter Games
14. The Things We Left Behind
picture lights
# picture lights 2015-12-05 07:04
This was a lot of fun. Here goes:

1. The Executioner"s Song
2. Reichenbach
3. Girls, Girls, Girls
4. About A Boy
5. Fan Fiction
6. Hibbing 911
7. There's No Place Like Home
8. Ask Jeeves
9. Soul Survivor
10. Halt & Catch Fire