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The CW, just in time to be acquired by Nexstar, finally gets its Western.  The question is, will it be worth the wait? 

Premiering Thursday at 9pm ET is the new Walker spinoff, Walker: Independence.  Well, it's more of a prequel, or let's just call it an origin story.  One of the executive producers is someone we all cherish and love, Jared Padalecki.  There's been a lot of good material coming out about "Windy" over the summer, and I recently highlighted several great video clips, interviews and promo posters about the series in a news article.  What do we know about the Pilot specifically?  Here's what we know in a non-spoilery preview.

This is a real exciting time for the #SPN Family.  A Supernatural spinoff has finally made it to series!  Well, it's more of a prequel, and we are little uncertain with how this aligns with the timeline from the flagship series, but it's still a spinoff! This is of course the first big project for Jensen and Danneel Ackles and their production company, Chaos Machine Productions.  They have a multi-year deal with Warner Brothers Television, who is the producing studio for this series.    

The premiere is just a little over a week away on October 11th, but a lot of new information is coming out.  Here's what we know about the Pilot episode, without giving away spoilers:  

The third season of Big Sky continues with its second episode, “The Woods Are Lovely, Dark, and Deep.”  The show opens with a direct continuation of the final scene of last week’s episode as Reba McEntire’s character, Sunny Barnes, is speaking to her son in the woods at night.  “My sweet boy, do we have a problem?  A mom always knows.”  The young man's eyes looks haunted, but Sunny doesn’t give him much time to speak, telling him that they had a deal:  he would stay in his place. Her son tells her that he needs to show her something, and he brings her over to a bloody body sprawled on its back on the ground.  To my horror, I realized the man was still alive.  It’s the hiker who fell from Deadman’s Bluff.

Like many in the fandom I was... less than pleased with the final season of Supernatural. As the challenge goes: Do you think you can do better?

So last year I completely rewrote the final 3 episodes of the season in my extended fan fic "With or Without You". Yet I still find my mind turning over ideas and possibilities. What if we didn't completely ruin Chuck's character? Could we close out Sam and Dean's story in a way that honors and celebrates what came before? 

To that end, I wondered what if we just did a complete overhaul of season 15 as a whole? So I fixed a bit of episode 14.20, for my new myth arc's introduction. Now with the groundwork laid, let’s dive into season 15 proper. Rather than trying to do a full script treatment of every episode, this is more of an outline draft. I laid out all 20 episodes with possible titles and sketched out what would be the general shape of the episode. What are the important beats and plot points we want to be sure to hit this season? What moments do we need to include to deliver those emotional punches we're aiming for? 

Join me now in our writers' room as we storyboard Supernatural's final season...

Did anybody ask for this?

I think someone did.

Rewrites can be quite easy to do: Just pick any point in a story and proceed forward. The challenge is that if you end up rewriting too much, why not just put in that last 2% of effort and finish making something wholly original? I find the greater challenge is to "fix" something while changing as little as possible of the original.

At least that was my challenge when writing my Supernatural Finale Fan Fic, "With or Without You", which only altered the last 3 episodes of Supernatural's closing season 15 (as I am not counting episode 15.20 “Carry On” as a part of season 15 but a stand alone coda to the show as a whole).

Well, what if we changed a bit more? What if we went for a whole new arc in season 15…

The premier of season 3 of Big Sky opens with a landscape shot of beautiful Montana while Creedence Clearwater Revival plays:  “Someone told me long ago / There’s a calm before the storm / I know, it’s been comin’ for some time.”  A young man in a plaid shirt and backpack hikes through the gorgeous countryside, passing a sign for two trails, Deadman’s Drop and the Basin Trail.  As the terrain becomes rockier, he is startled hearing music playing in the wilderness.  He is even more surprised when he finds the source of the music - a tape player hidden behind a boulder.

I jumped along with the hiker when a figure loomed behind him, another bearded young man with intense eyes and a strange air about him.  “Hello, friend,” he says, but the hiker, already unnerved by the music, is horrified to see the knife in the stranger’s hand.  He explains that a deer had fallen and had to be put out of its misery.  He asks the hiker to help him:  “we help each other in the country.”  He’s too friendly, too close, reaching out to touch the hiker’s shoulder and asking if he’s alone.  The hiker sees the mangled body of the deer on the rocks below.  Thoroughly creeped out but still attempting to act normal, he tells him “maybe later” and walks on.  

He hikes higher, enjoying the rugged landscape, when the music incongruously plays again.  He turns to find the creepy stranger once more.  “You might want to watch your step” warns the new arrival, but he keeps walking closer.  Spooked, the hiker backs away, misses his footing, and plunges backwards off the precipice.  

Walker: Independence is set during the 1870s. This puts the events of the show right around the midway point of the Reconstruction Era following the U.S. Civil War. Hearing this inspired me to brush up on my Texas history for this era as I knew little about it, even with my mandatory Texas History class in school. I learned a few new things on my research journey, and I wanted to share those things here to help us all better understand the historical context of Walker: Independence!

I finally sat down to watch Metamorphosis, which stars our beloved Gil McKinney.

This movie opens with near-silent shots of nature. You hear the world outside and nothing else. This slowly changes when two people steer upriver on a small boat. We are still in a stilted land of no conversation as two people dressed in black come ashore to a cabin in the woods -  Hugh, who is played by Gil, and Alyssa, who is played by Natasha Krishnan.

As early as the Pilot, Walker has been teasing its audience with the relationship between Geri and Cordell. These two childhood friends have been on quite the wild ride over the course of the show, from shocking kisses to misunderstandings to breakups and more. While some fans dislike the idea of them being a couple, the writers currently seem determined to make them the endgame ship of the series. Anna Fricke herself said during an interview (link here) that she "really believe[s] in Walker and Geri". I’d like to spend a little time discussing the pros and cons of their relationship and see if I can come to a conclusion on whether that would be a good idea or not and why.