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The Morning After

That was unexpected – and when I say “that”, I mean everything about The Winchesters 1.10 “Suspicious Minds”. A mad scientist Men of Letters (MoL) recluse was actually a necromancer with a golem? Possessed Kyle, who at first seemed to be a pivotal Akrida strategist, was actually disposable as a sacrifice to frame John? Dean is the Akrida’s primary target!!  “What???” was my reaction multiple times throughout the hour as I scrambled to realign my understanding of exactly which Supernatural callbacks were being used in this episode and where this story was going!

"Cast Your Fate to the Wind" kind of gives us that sense of where our beloved brothers got their "team free will" motivation. There was always an undercurrent of a defiance of destiny to John Winchester - especially if you read some of the comics about him. This is one of the better episodes where you can almost see where Sam and Dean would come from in both nature and nurture.

Fate. Where have we seen that theme before?  Oh right, it was only a massive cornerstone to the Sam and Dean Winchester story. 

In the Jan. 16thWalker: Independence episode, “All In” explored the idea of “how to ride out the storm” as a Texas dust storm descends on the town of Independence. But who does one choose as their companion to ride out the storm? Well, in keeping with the title, the best option is a person who is “All In.” This turns very interesting in the case of …

The Morning After

This week’s episode of The Winchesters, "Cast Your Fate to the Wind", was extra fun – because we got to watch it together (“we” being Nightsky from The Winchester Family Business and Lynn from Fangasm). We’ve been friends since the early seasons of Supernatural but we live in different cities, so getting to watch anything “live” together is rare. We went to the premiere of A Knock At The Cabin in New York City the night before, so were both at Lynn’s on Tuesday – which meant viewing party for The Winchesters! Here’s our morning after thoughts on the episode….before coffee….

This is invariably going to be interesting because it’s the first time that one reviewer who’s all in and is totally engrossed in the show gets to compare notes real time with a reviewer who is sometimes skeptical and….concerned. See if you can figure out who’s who after reading this….

Walker 3.10, “Blinded by the Light,” explores the devastation and surprise of unmet expectations, leaving the audience gasping at the final scene. Each character thinks things are going to go one way, only for things to be far different from what was expected, starting with …

Another solid episode, with some twists and things that made me say, “hmmm”. I have theories….

The Winchesters is back from winter hiatus and, well, it was better than I thought it would be.  This was clearly one of the better episodes of the season.  Having said that, it still didn’t pack the “wow” factor I was looking for.  After all, with some high profile guest appearances, the expectations were a little higher.  But hey, there were a lot of positives to work with here.