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It is now officially confirmed, The Winchesters has failed to find a new home after being cancelled by The CW.  The spinoff is dead.  

Jensen Ackles announced it was all over on Twitter early Saturday after Deadline reported on Friday that all possible avenues for saving The Winchesters had been exhausted.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen “Freaks and Geeks” so I wondered at first exactly why I don’t remember liking it.  My answer came in the second scene.  It didn’t improve from there. 

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As reported earlier on The Winchester Family Business, The CW cancelled The Winchesters after just one season.  As explained by Alice Jester's insights into the ever changing landscape of television programming, the announcement was not unexpected as several events, including the sale of The CW network, converged to sideline the fledgling Supernatural prequel. All hope is not lost, however, according to The Winchesters creator, star and Executive Producer, Jensen Ackles. On May 12, Jensen launched the #SaveTheWinchesters social media campaign. Appealing to his vast #Supernatural fandom, he rallied the troops to fight for a new home for the series. 

It’s important to understand my physical and mental state as I was composing this review. Many folks have experienced illness that results in voice changes. Saint Ignatius knows, I sound like I’ve gargled glass over the past several weeks and my voice has sunk to registers only detectable by the U.S. Navy’s ultra-low frequency sensors. And maybe whales.

When feeling peaked (peak-ed, two syllables, as Grandma used to say) the only thing that makes me feel halfway human is music.

In this “music-will-cure-what-ails-you” vein, I’ve been listening to (and singing along with) Keep on Ramblin'Radio Company’s most recent addition to their catalog, since it dropped on February 24, 2023. 

What a great season finale! Thankfully, Walker’s been renewed so we don’t have to hang from the edge of the cliff too long.

As usual, I’ll leave the recap to others and talk about what I liked (most of it) and what gave me pause (a few things).

Today we officially got the news, The CW has cancelled The Winchesters.  The announcement was not unexpected.  The odds of a Winchesters renewal has been a "long-shot" for a while.  First, The CW network was sold and it was clear they were going in a different direction.  Second, Jensen and Danneel Ackles' Chaos Machine Productions recently bailed on their first look deal with Warner Brothers Television (WBTV) for Amazon Studios, leaving it questionable how aggressively Warner Brothers would pursue a renewal.  
Well, you can close out a season with a wedding or you can close it out with a funeral.  I say wedding!  Good thing that's what the Walker season 3 finale has in store for us. 

Walker “It Writes Itself,” 3.17 is the penultimate episode of the season, and it finally explains the tagline for Season 3, “Surrender to Yourself.” It represents the idea of stop fighting yourself, your memories, what you want, and face what’s bothering you, even if it’s scary. Though all the people do this to different degrees, the one who does this more literally as he completes his journey toward healing is …