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    Caption This! #331

    Because a picture needs a few more words. Read More
  • Walker: Independence Recap/Review -

    Walker: Independence Recap/Review - "The Owl and the Arrow"

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    Walker: "Just Desserts" Recap/Review

  • Nate Winchesters Review of The Winchesters

    Nate Winchesters Review of The Winchesters "Legend of a Mind"

  • Let's Speculate: Big Sky Season 3 Episode 7

    Let's Speculate: Big Sky Season 3 Episode 7

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Feature Articles

Going to New York Comic Con 2022 ("NYCC") to see the premiere screening of The Winchesters was a near necessity for me. Once it was announced that...
Bi g Sky 's "Duck Hunting" opens exactly where the last episode ended with a wide-eyed Luke being approached in the dark woods by a coldly calm...
I think I'm going to change the saying from "A for effort" to "optimistic because of effort" to rate The Winchesters 1.05 "Legend of a Mind".
“The Owl And The Arrow” was a surprisingly fitting name for this week’s episode of Walker: Independence . It was a tense look at Old West justice,...
This week’s episode of Walker brought a few characters their “Just Desserts”. Since “Just Desserts” was so focused on the central event of the...
The Morning After I’ve been very excited to dive into the “Threads” of The Winchesters fifth episode “Legend of a Mind”. So many themes of the...
Nothing like going into the winter break with a Thanksgiving episode! Things aren't exactly rosy at the Walker household, so expect plenty of harsh...
Final episode before the winter break! So what's going to happen to take us from the end of this episode into January? Looks like a pretty intense...

Supernatural News


We've been really behind on news lately.  We don't have a news reporter anymore and your friendly neighborhood admins just cannot keep up.  So, based on a great suggestion in one of our recent article threads, I present the Supernatural Whenever World News Page!  You, the fans, get to share the news.  

The premise is simple.  See any Supernatural related news out there?  Please share links and/or any additional information you might find in the comments.  It can be embedded tweets, instagram shares, YouTube videos, basic online articles, etc.  It can be anything connected to Supernatural like any projects for any former actors or former crew/producers.  For example, any news about Walker or The Boys are fair game!  Feel free to discuss or comment on any of the posts too.  

There are just a few disclaimers.  Please keep any links about fan wars, critical comments about something said about another fan or fan groups, and any blatant articles meant to blast a Supernatural actor or producer in a less than constructive way off the page.  Also, if something is really spoilery, try to use the DISQUS spoiler tags.  These links will be moderated, so anything that crosses the line could be edited or removed.    

This page will be kept all the time in a highly visible spot on our front page, and recent shared links will show up in our Latest Comments section so you can keep up on the latest! 

Of course we know the sensibilities of most fans on this site and don't expect much trouble, so please, share away!  We are all most grateful for your participation!
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