Supernatural Season 6

  • Fan Video of the Week: Supernatural Reflections "First Blood"


    "Place me behind prison walls - walls of stone ever so high, ever so thick, reaching ever so far into the ground. There is a possibility that in some way or another I may be able to escape. But stand me on that floor and draw a chalk line around me and have me give my word of honor never to cross it. Can I get out of that circle? No. Never." — Karl G. Maeser

    How the Winchesters got into this situation was controversial but it was a juicy idea. I loved 2.19 "Folsom Prison Blues"and thought if "First Blood" was as well executed, we would have a grand old time. As it turned out, it was good but it could have been better. It would have been great if it would have lasted like two episodes.

    My chosen word for this fan vid article is, of course, "prison" so I checked up on a few episodes where our boys have been in prison or jail. Also, I might have chosen the weirdest song about prisons as a fan video but it works.

  • Mallena’s Supernatural Musings: 6.18 “Frontierland”

    The Road So Far

    Sam has his soul back and Rufus and Grandpa Samuel have recently been killed.  No great loss in the case of Gramps, but Rufus will be missed.  Sam and Dean are trying to find a way to stop Eve – The Mother of All. 


    First up, we get a cool title card that is reminiscent of Bonanza.  It’s very cool. I love it when they change up the title card.  Forget the Cartwright Brothers - I was always in love with “Candy” Canaday.  Yummy.

  • Supernatural Fanmade Intros/ Opening Credit Videos

    "The most imaginative people are the most credulous, for them everything is possible." ― Alexander Chase

    After I made the first articles "Top 10 Supernatural Opening Sequences: TV Show Overlay Videos - Part 1" and Part 2 , I found many more  Supernatural introduction videos! Those first two articles showcased videos that introduced Supernatural with the style of other shows, but how about fans' original intros for specific Supernatural seasons or even episodes? What I found is pretty awesome. There is not that much writing in this article but there sure is a lot of eye candy to watch, so grab a coffee cup or a bowl of ice cream because there is lot to see! All of the videos are fairly short but so are the opening credits usually.
  • Nate and Alice Make Supernatural "Frenchy Mistakes"

    I was bopping around the Internet the other day when I came across the "what could have been" section on Supernatural's TV trope page.  "What is this?" I thought.  "It is real world impacts on the SPN stories," I realized.  It was all pretty fascinating!  So fascinating I knew I had to ask the person who knew most about what goes on behind the scenes of the show... Jensen Ackles!  Unfortunately the court order is still in effect so I had to use my editor signal and summon the person who knows the second most about what goes on behind the scenes, our own site-overlord, Alice Jester!  So we had a sit down to discuss rumors and story possibilities about what could have been (and if this proves popular enough, submit more rumors you've heard and Alice & I will do another one).

  • “I’m Sorry, Have You Met Me?" I'm Percysowner!

    The best way to get to know someone is to have a little heart to heart chat.

    With this in mind, let's have some fun getting to better know our Contributing Staff here at The Winchester Family Business.

    The entire writing staff was challenged to select eleven questions to answer from an extensive list. 

    When you are done reading, we would like to challenge you to answer a few of the questions that our staff member answered. Long-time visitors or new ones... We'd like to get to know you better, too.

    Welcome our next courageous writer who accepted the SEASON ELEVEN/ ANSWER ELEVEN CHALLENGE!

  • “I’m Sorry, Have You Met Me?” I'm KAREN!

    There are people we've heard of, but never really got to know (Like Sully was to Dean). 
    Sometimes we run into old friends and realize we've changed and we need time to reconnect with each other (Like Sully and Sam's friendship).
    With this in mind, it's a sensible idea to visit with our Contributing Staff here at The Winchester Family Business.

    The WFB Writing Staff was challenged to select eleven questions to answer from an extensive list. 
    When you are done reading, we would like to challenge you to answer a few of the questions that our staff member answered.
    Long-time visitors or new one, We'd like to get to know you better, too.

    And, I hope all y'all are thirsty....

    Welcome another brave writer to accept the SEASON ELEVEN/ ANSWER ELEVEN CHALLENGE!

  • Auld Lang Syne: Bookdal's Favorite Reflections on Supernatural

    I chose this meta because it was my second meta for the WFB and it is one of my favorites, still. I am always interested in the act of reading, especially when it comes to fandom readings and season six is a polarizing season. In retrospect I love the season even more than I did on first viewing, so I thought I'd take us back there, in time. I don't have a Tardis but I tried.
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting 6.15 "The French Mistake" Part 2

    As we continue with our "Hiatus Hunting" for "The French Mistake", we are thrilled to rerun two masterful reviews that look at the production and meta aspects of the episode. The nuances offered by these insightful examinations reveal the quality and depth of meaning that permeated so many levels of this episode, making it a true series masterpiece. Enjoy!
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting - 6.13: "Unforgiven"

    Drama, Drama, Drama! Let’s take a look at two very different perspectives on a very intriguing episode from the season six trick bag – Unforgiven.
  • Supernatural Season Six: Hits and Misses - Part Two

    Season Six: Ups and downs, relationships new and old and full of unexpected appearances, trips and reveals. Let's look at what worked and what should have been left alone...

  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting – 6.01: "Exile on Main St."

    If season five ended with loss and devastation, season six started with a bang and a brand new reality shift an entire year after overwhelming  grief and destruction. Year Six brought family man Dean, the return of Sam and a whole new cast of characters in the Campbell clan. And that was all in the first episode.
  • Supernatural Season Six - Hits & Misses: Part One

    Season Six -  Hits & Misses: Part One

    Season six - what a year it was. So much was left to clean up, emotionally and plotwise after Swan Songit was impossible to know what direction the sixth year of our beloved saga would take us. And on reflection, it's still kind of interesting to see exactly how Supernaturalfell down the season six rabbit hole such as it did. Never the less, while it certainly had some lows - it also brought us some incredible moments of joy. So let's look back at that oh, so second-look worthy, season six.

  • Alice's Review: Supernatural 8.05 - "Blood Brother"

    A human, angel, and vampire walk into a bar...tell me if you've heard this one.  Sorry, its an Edlund script.  Might as well start with a joke. 

    Fine, "Blood Brother" was one of his heavier scripts, but it goes to prove you're never sure what you're gonna get from Ben except a well written story.  It saddens me that we haven't gotten a real screwball one from him in a while, but as Supernatural's most competent writer by far, someone has to carry the weight of strong character development.  Besides, I know someday Jeremy Carver is going to cave and let Ben do that episode of Sam and Dean on a spaceship.  

  • Countdown To The Finale: A Supernatural Season's End Survival Guide

    Here's an article from the archive that's very pertinent and possibly very useful.  It's a finale survival guide!
  • "Mommy Dearest" -- A Visual Review

    Where does the time go?  With only one week left before the season 7 premiere, I realize that I still have four! visual reviews to do in order to meet my goal of reviewing all the episodes before the new season.  Think it can't be done?  You're probably right.  But I'm going to try, gosh darn it!  So here's the first of those, a visual review of "Mommy Dearest."  This episode was directed by John F. Showalter, his fourth for the show, and he also directed "Let It Bleed," which is interesting because that's only two weeks apart!  Good turnaround, Mr. Showalter.  And this episode was interesting to go through because there was a lot if dialogue and conversing and whatnot and not a whole lot of room to be extremely creative with locations and stuff, so a lot of shots you're going to see are examples of how to be creative and create visual interest with angles and set dressing.
  • A Deeper Look at Season Six Sam Winchester

    You want to know how freaking impossible it is to critique season six Sam Winchester?  I mean, how in the world to you characterize a character that wasn't a character for an entire half a season?  It just blows the mind. 

    Nah, there's certainly something more to soulless Sam than meets the eye.  After all, it's an intriguing notion.  What exactly is a soulless man?  Still, I hit the wall of soulless fatigue right around episode 8.  Considering Dean's fatigue came much sooner, I shouldn't complain.  

    (Read A Deeper Look At Season Six Dean Winchester)

  • "Frontierland" -- A Visual Review

    Better late than never, right?  I'm almost a week behind my goal of writing up a visual review a week, so I better get going!  Not too much time left before the season starts, which is a fantastic thing to be able to say.  So, up this week is the very fun "Frontierland," directed by the great and fabulous Guy Norman Bee.  Check out Sablegreen's exclusive interview with him, if you haven't already, and follow him on Twitter @guynormanbee if you're on Twitter.  Or just enjoy the episodes that he directs.  I know I do!  All right, enough kissing up to Mr. Bee.  Let's take a look at the pretty from "Frontierland," shall we?  And there was a LOT of pretty in this episode.  Seriously.  I probably could have posted 30 shots from this episode, but because I upload my own articles to the site now, I didn't because I am lazy and wanted to make less work for myself.  What?  Totally valid reason!
  • A Deeper Look at Season Six Dean Winchester

    Each year when I sit down and look at how the just finished season has treated the Winchesters, I'm constantly surprised over how rich the story lines continue to get.  In Sam and Dean's case though, rich often means intense emotional angst and excrutiating physical and psychological torture.  Just when you think that they can't go through anything worse, it gets topped.  

    In season six, that's especially true for Dean.  He had it really rough.  We all remember the end of last season when he was a broken wreck.  The absolute most horrifying thing that could happen to him did, he lost his brother and helplessly watched him be condemned to an eternity of the worst possible Hell.  One would think it's all up from there for him, right?  

    Nope.  Season six has turned out to be his most heartbreaking yet.  Yes, worse than season two when he lost John and had Sam die in his arms.  Worse than season three when died and went to Hell.  Worse than season four when he saw his brother betray him and then beat him to a pulp before starting the Apocalypse.  And then of course, there was Lucifer's cage in season five.    
  • "My Heart Will Go On" -- A Visual Review

    And now for the episode that never fails to make me sing a bad Celine Dion song repeatedly until I want to scream, it's "My Heart Will Go On."  Alice kept up her end of our article-writing bargain this week with her excellent review of "Mannequin 3," so I couldn't be the slacker and not do my part!  Anyway, "My Heart Will Go On" was directed by Phil Sgriccia, a man who, at this point, really needs no introduction.  So let's get to the pretty, shall we?
  • "...And Then There Were None" -- A Visual Review

    Wow, it's been a while since I've posted one of these!  In fact, I didn't visually review the last seven episodes, and wouldn't you know it?  We have seven weeks left until the season premiere!  So why don't we take a trip down memory lane and see where the end of season 6 took us, shall we?  This episode was directed by Mike Rohl, a veteran TV director and master of the helm 8 times for "Supernatural,” including one of my personal favorite episodes, "On the Head of a Pin."