Supernatural Season 2

  • Supernatural's Sound of Music - Season 2 Part 1

    Ever hear a song that immediately makes you think of a person or a moment in your life, or a scene in a movie or television show...say a show like Supernatural? I put together a list of songs that alway bring to mind certain scenes and episodes whenever I hear them. In this installment of "Sound of Music", I would like to share with you the songs and corresponding episodes from the first half of season 2 that have stood out the most for me.  

  • Go Beyond the Gag Reel: Supernatural Season Two Special Features

    In the last installment of “Go Beyond the Gag Reel,” we examined the special features of season one. It covered everything from the deleted scenes to the commentaries to the special additions only found on the Blu Ray set---in particular the Devil's Road Map and the Paley Fest Panel. It gave us a chance to see a glimpse behind the scenes and dig a little deeper into the writing, acting, and overall production that goes into making Supernatural each week. These special features also give us a chance to learn more about each person involved with the show and what their roles exactly are. Season two's special features continue that tradition, digging deep into various aspects that shaped that season and the show as a whole.

    Let's examine the special features. Let's “Go Beyond the Gag Reel,” shall we?
  • Supernatural's “Heart” Redux: Facing the Monster Within

    I was able to join a recent rewatch of season two’s “Heart,” and was reminded again what an incredibly well written episode this was. Penned by the talented and much missed Sera Gamble and directed by a man who added so much to this series, Kim Manners, “Heart” works on every level, thematically within the episode, even more so for the unfolding over all arc and as an examination of Sam and Dean’s relationship. It’s an episode that still resonates in the story today.
  • Supernatural Fun Facts, Season Two

    It’s Hellatus, we need time killers, and you all loved last week’s Season One Fun Facts so much that this week we’re moving onto season two!  

    Before I get started with season two, I did miss a REALLY, REALLY fun fact from season one, one that I’m going to put on the list in the original article.   I’d normally skip it, but this is one of my favorite BTS stories from “Supernatural.”  

    -          In the scene in “Asylum” when Sam and Dean pull up to the Roosevelt institution in the Impala, “Smallville’s” Tom Welling was hiding in the back seat!  He was nearby filming for his show and decided to tag along.  He got a huge laugh from the crew when he stepped out of the car. 

    Okay, now, Season Two.  First, let’s start with a small history lesson, since there was some network drama.    
  • Supernatural Season Two: Hits & Misses - Part Two

    Elle's back with season 2, part two of her "Hits and Misses" series.  What do you think of her picks?

  • sweetondean's "Supernatural" Flashback. Surviving The Hiatus One Season At A Time. Season 2.


    As I was approaching season 2 I started to have a crisis. There are a number of season 2 episodes that are absolute favourites of mine, ones that I watch over and over, so I thought I was going to have a tricky time deciding which to write up. As it turned out….not so much.
  • Supernatural Season Two: Hits & Misses - Part One


    Greetings!   So, these pieces seem to spark some intense discussion (which is awesome - some great thoughts and ideas in the comments on the last two installments) and I just wanted to clarify a few things before going into the rest of them.

  • Season Two

    While waiting for season seven to begin (why is it not here yet???), let's fondly look back at the genius that is season two.
  • Retro Open Supernatural Couch - "In My Time of Dying"


    Today I look back at one of the most painful episodes of our beloved show. Before you ask - yes, I might occasionally be a masochist par excellence. Today is one of those days, I reckon, when I snuggle onto my cosy couch and enjoy a Winchester ache fest. Would you like to join me, kind readers?
  • Open Supernatural Couch - Houses of the Holy


    All of us have our favourite episodes, haven't we? A long summer hiatus is, for me, the perfect time to take a look back, and then take a closer look at some of my fave episodes. Houses of the Holy, directed by the ingenious and missed Kim Manners, is one of them. The inspiration simply struck, and I'd like to invite you, kind readers, to follow me down memory lane to an older episode, when the hunters didn't have an inkling of what as waiting for them...

  • Season Two Episodes Titles: Where Did They Come From?

    It's time for the second season of episode titles. No better way to spend the hellatus then re-living the episodes of yore. This season was chock-full of great references to songs, books and movies. Enjoy!
  • Recap - "In My Time of Dying"

    I've been dying to do this retro recap for a very long time.  This episode gives a recapper so much to work with!  My last two were "Salvation" and "Devil's Trap," so now it's time to look at the first season ending/second season beginning, third part of this gripping trilogy.  Let's take a close look at "In My Time of Dying." 
  • Open Supernatural Couch - Croatoan

    Open Supernatural Couch - Croatoan
    Infernal Virus Cocktail, Shaken, Not Stirred
    Every sound echoes through the hallway as Dean checks his gun in slow motion, the click of the magazine like a metallic drum... takes aim at an unarmed, bound young man, listening to the others' fearful arguments, the guy's desperate pleading... but in fact - he's already decided to have no choice. He hates to do this. In all likelihood hates himself this very moment for having to do this... and he shoots him...
  • Supernatural's Pivotal Episodes: Season 2

    Another week of Hellatus has come and gone so it's time for the second installment in this five-part series.

    I want to clarify my purpose in tackling this project, the purpose is to pick the one, and only one, episode per season that I believe is the pivot point for the season as well the series as a whole. Each season has many, many excellent episodes as well as episodes that are not so excellent but have excellent moments, with that in mind, I try to pick one out of 22 (or in one case 16) that is the pivotal episode.
  • Review - "All Hell Breaks Loose Part II"

    "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2"
    --Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
    Sam is dead, and it's been a couple of days. In some cabin somewhere, he lies peacefully on a mattress red with his blood, and Dean has been crying and talking to him, unable to accept his failure to protect his brother. Bobby keeps stopping by with different food, the latest a bucket of chicken. Dean just keeps drinking from a whiskey bottle, refusing to eat. Bobby thinks it's time they consider burying Sam. Torch his corpse?--not yet, insists Dean. Bobby wants him to come with him, leave this place, so he won't be alone. He needs his help; something big is going down, end-of-the-world big. "THEN LET IT END!" cries Dean"”haven't I given enough?"”paid enough"”I'm done. He literally pushes Bobby, then apologizes. "You know where I'll be," says Bobby, leaving Dean alone with his dead brother.
    Jake, hiding in the woods, dreams of the YED, who calls him the American Idol for winning the competition. Jake orders the demon to go to hell. "Been there, done that," quips the YED, who says he has a task for Jake, and if he refuses to do it, Jake's mother and little sister will be the ones to suffer for it.
    Dean talks to Sam, and it's just heartbreaking, about how, when he was five, he started asking questions"”why didn't they have a mom, why did they move around so much, where did Dad go. I told you to quit asking, you didn't want to know; I wanted you to be a kid a little longer. My job was to keep you safe, Dad didn't even have to tell me. It was always my responsibility, my one job and I screwed it up, I blew it, and for that I'm sorry. He wipes his eyes. I guess that's what I do"”let down the people I love. I let Dad down"”am I supposed to let you down, too? How can I? What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? Standing, he demands, "What am I supposed to do?"
  • Review - "All Hell Breaks Loose Part I"

    "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1"
    --Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
    Kripke wraps up the "special kids" storyline in this and the next episode, for some, in an anticlimactic way. Kripke himself said he was getting tired of it, so instead of an army of special kids, he wanted the group pared down to one, the "American Idol," to use the YED's own words. 
    Sam and Dean stop by a tiny cafe for a meal. Dean sends Sam in to get him a burger with extra onions (Sam argues about riding in the car with his brother and those extra onions), and some pie (pronounced "pah" by Dean). "It's Been Such a Long Time" begins playing wonky on the radio when Dean realizes something is terribly wrong. He runs into the diner and finds everyone inside dead, their throats slashed. Horrible country music is playing. Worst of all, Sam is missing. There are sulfur remnants on the door. Dean calls "Sam!" and "Sammy!" desperately, running around searching, but his brother is gone.
    Sam wakes up in what Andy, another special kid, calls Frontierland, a very haunted place in Cold Oaks, South Dakota. Sam finds first Andy, whose last memory is of his fourth bong-load, then Ava, locked inside something, who the Winchesters have been searching for for five months. She's sure her fiancé must be freaking out if she's been gone that long! They run across Jake, who was "imported" from Afghanistan, and Lily, from San Diego. Andy tells them he can make people "do stuff," and confesses to making one dick guy have visions of gay porn 24/7. When no one but him finds that amusing, Andy is embarrassed. When Lily touches people, they die, and THAT is not funny! The group starts to argue, but Sam intervenes, explaining that a demon brought them together here.
  • Review - "What Is And What Should Never Be"

    "What is and What Should Never Be"
    --Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
    Of all the episodes of SUPERNATURAL, this one is often given as many fans' number one favorite. For me, next to the one in which Sam dies, it's also the most heartbreaking. Trust me when I tell you that the first time I saw this episode, I pretty much cried from beginning to end. It was so sad and hard to watch what Dean had to go through and what he was forced to give up.
    Dean, courtesy of a Djinn (genie), is given the opportunity to have the life he might have had Mary never died—Jessica alive, Sam in law school at Stanford and engaged to her, and Dean himself living with a beautiful nurse, working on cars at a garage. Missing: John, who died of a stroke in his sleep at age 52 (because JDM was unavailable), a close relationship with Sam, and the deaths of every soul he and Sam had saved as hunters. So the situation wasn't completely idyllic, and forced Dean to make a tough decision.
    Dean is captured by the Djinn in a warehouse. Sam is talking to him on his cell as Dean drives up and down, trying to find the genie's lair. They've been forced to get a new plate for the Impala—CNK Q83—after their escape from prison; they've ditched the credits cards, too. Ignoring Sam's directive to pick him up first, Dean goes alone to the warehouse he thinks the Djinn is holed up in. When the creature traps him, the seemingly multi-tattooed genie touches Dean's forehead and blue electric sparks flash through his fingers into Dean's face. 
  • Review - "Hollywood Babylon"

    "Hollywood Babylon"
    --Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel
    I couldn't keep up with all the inside jokes in this episode, and am sure I missed a bunch. We have a movie being made within our TV show, HELLRAZERS II: THE RECKONING, starring Tara Benchley, who makes a fanboy (and one night stand) out of Dean. Aside from not delivering a good enough scream for director McG (a name really tied to our show), Tara is the victim of a prank played by a real actor and some CGI so the world thinks the movie set is haunted.
    Enter Sam and Dean via a set tour. They jump the tram when mention is made of Stars Hollow, from GILMORE GIRLS, a show Jared Padalecki once co-starred in with Alexis Bledel, and I heard it once said that he wished she'd remove the stick up her ass. Dean thinks he sees Matt Damon sweeping the floor, but Sam says that's not him. They have a little dicker about working vs. R&R; Dean thinks Sam could use the latter after the Madison tragedy, Sam prefers to work. (They don't usually mention incidents from other episodes.) The man who died was named Frank Jaffe. Realizing Tara Benchly is working on this film, Dean is really excited; he's a big fan of her work. 
    A studio "suit" a Bluetooth device seemingly glued to his ear, comes to the set to complain about the dailies"”they're too dark, need more color! But it's horror! protests MsG and Co., it's supposed to be dark! The suit mistakes Dean for a PA and asks him to get him a smoothie from Kraftie's. A who from what? asks Dean. Realizing this will give them an in on the set, Sam drags Dean away, yessing the suit, explaining to Dean that PA's are like slaves (a sentiment I'm sure PA's will agree with).
  • Review - "Heart"

    --Robin's Ramblings by Robin Vogel
    Get out your box of Kleenex, folks, this is the ep where Sam cries buckets and Dean lets one man-tear slide down his face that had me up all night and crying intermittently at work the day after the first time I saw this show.
    San Francisco. Sam and Dean are on a werewolf hunt, fully prepared with silver bullets. Dean is especially excited since they haven't seen one of these beasts since they were kids. Sam teases "Sparky," as he calls Dean, that after they kill it, they can go to Disneyland. 
    Which brings us to pretty Madison, a young legal secretary we meet having drinks with her friends. Her drunk boss tries to get her to come back to the office to "work," but he clearly means sex, while her creepy ex-boyfriend, Kurt, is watching and seemingly stalking her. She fends off the drunk boss easily and expertly; it's obvious they have danced this dance before. Next morning, however, when Madison is making coffee at work, she finds her boss lying across his desk, ripped to shreds, blood everywhere. The coffee pot she's holding falls in slow motion to the floor and breaks. Madison screams.
  • Review - "Roadkill"

    Hey everyone!  I decided to tackle an episode review, especially since I don't think I've ever given my thoughts about this episode before.  It was fun to go back and take a look.  I have Robin's review for "Heart" coming next, but in the meantime, I hope you don't mind my ramblings for once.


    I had to re-watch this episode just because I couldn't remember if I liked it. I thought back and no scathing memories of a two minute bug showdown in an attic happened, so it couldn't have been all bad. After the re-watch, I figured I like this one, except it did trigger one that scathing memory at the end. I must have blocked it out. 
    Sure, this episode is Supernaturalmeets Touched By An Angel,but it's a pretty good ghost story. If this was season four or five, "Roadkill" would have earned the distinction of episode with the greatest hits by the TV brick. However, at this point in season two, it fits. I remember thinking at first that Sam was out of character, but if you compare this with "Houses of The Holy," the end of "Born Under a Bad Sign," and the next episode, "Heart," Sam's behavior makes perfect sense. He's relating a little too well to the lost ghost that's innocently killing people. She didn't mean to do it. His words in explaining things to the lost spirit Molly said it all. "A lot of them were good. Something happened to them. Something they couldn't control." Projecting there a bit Sammy? Plus, the season two puppy dog eyes of empathy were in full groove and who couldn't help but melt?