Supernatural Season 12

  • Promotional Images for Supernatural Episode 12.02

    Geez, we haven't even seen episode 12.01 and now we've got images for 12.02!  The CW is getting pretty efficient these days.  Looks like the promo we've been watching online covers the first couple of episodes, not just the first.  
    I'm going to warn, these are pretty spoilery.  Way more than usual.  They give away the farm if you ask me.  We see Rick Springfield as Lucifer and several shots of the Sam rescue.  Castiel and Mary join in for fun.  Yay, group effort!  Anyway, I think these are meant to generate some excitement.  
  • Posters for Season 12 of Supernatural Updated

    Spoiler TV released the new poster for Season 12!
  • Supernatural Theories 101: What’s in the box?!

    [Editor's Note: The explanations about season 11 and the comments and spoilers about season 12 that came out of Supernatural's San Diego Comic-Con panels and press room interviews left us with a lot to think about! To pass the hiatus until we all learn what season 12 has in store for us, LK came up with a creative way to speculate about the future of our show!  See what you think of her ideas!]

    Do you ever feel it is time to “Think outside the box?”, to let your imagination and creativity fly where no one has flown before? Last season (like many before that) left us some unanswered questions. Some can still be revisited in the future while some could go in a lot of existing directions. So what ideas and speculation on future story lines does my box hold? Where do I think they are going or might go with them? Some of these ideas can be truly out there or maybe they are, by a miracle, where the story will go. Let’s play with the ideas for season 12 and beyond. You see, even Dean wants to know what is in the box!

  • Interview with Supernatural Executive Producer Robert Singer - Comic Con 2016

    Mr. Singer took his seat and in a pleasant surprise, recognized Nightsky right away.  It could have been from last year's Chicago Con when Singer made an appearance (we were both there), but also back in season nine when “Bloodlines” was shot in Chicago, Singer was the director.  Nightsky went to the filming sites and she talked with the producers for a bit.  It’s all in the report she did for us back in season nine.  Trust me when I say, the behind the scenes filming report is way better than the actual episode!

    After having a few mishaps with adjusting the camera (as you see in the video clip), we were on our way.  This ended up being our longest interview of the day, clocking in at over 8 minutes. 
  • Interview with Ruth Connell - Comic Con 2016

    Ruth started out our talk by mentioning that she was having trouble hearing out of her left ear.  So if you notice in an answer or two her complaining about hearing, you’ll know why.  Otherwise Ruth is someone who loves to talk, and that’s not a bad thing.  She was having so much fun talking to us about Comic Con that she had to be put on track to address what she was supposed to talk about, season twelve.  Ah well, we didn’t mind, it is her first crack at this roundtable press conference thing.  I just love listening to her Scottish accent.  Between her and Henry Ian Cusick in “The 100” press room, I got a good fill of Scottish accents over the weekend. 

    Below is the full transcript and video. 
  • Interview with Samantha Smith - Comic Con 2016 aka Asskickerage!

    We have a new word to describe Supernatural Season 12, and Samantha Smith deserves all the credit.  In this interview she has coined the term that pretty much describes Mary's return, and the female presence in general for season 12...Asskickerage.  It has a nice ring.

    Samantha was a surprise guest and in twelve seasons this is the first time I've ever got to interview her.  I've met her at cons before though and she's always been so sweet and pleasant. No doubt the whole experience of being back on "Supernatural" has thrown her for a loop, but she's digging in and having the time of her life. 

    There are some mild teasers in there, but no big spoilers, unless you find Mary being a hunter a big surprise.  Considering that reveal was done in season four, that info shouldn't be new.   

    Below is the full transcript of the interview and the video for it.  Again, yet again, apologies for the quality of the video.  Dark rooms just mess up everything, but at least Samantha wore white, which softens the video a bit.  
  • A Casual Chat with Mark Sheppard - Comic Con 2016

    Everyone sort of cringes when Mark Sheppard shows up in the press room.  He doesn't give spoilers, he doesn't particularly care for the press, if you ask him traditional questions about the season to come or the season past he gives short uninformative answers, sometimes downright rude.  Some of my worst interviews have come from Mark.  HOWEVER, this is not one of these interviews.  He was in a good mood and we had a fun 6 min and 40 sec conversation with him.  
  • Interview with Misha Collins - Comic Con 2016

    Ah, Misha.  He was actually our first interview of the day.  We were told by the CW publicist before he took a seat to make sure we asked Misha a question about GISHWHES since registration closes tomorrow.  So that's exactly what we did!  How Misha finds time for all this is beyond me!  

    Below is the full transcript and video for Misha's interview with us in the San Diego Comic Con Supernatural press room.  Both Nightsky and I got to ask questions.  Misha does share some interesting tidbits.  Could it be that my dream of the return of warrior Castiel come true?  Misha talks a bit about that in this interview too.  

    You know what's coming...the disclaimer.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Interview with Jared Padalecki - Comic Con 2016

    Here's Jared's interview!  Transcribing a Jared interview is always a challenge.  He says a lot in five minutes.  In this interview he gives us a small glimpse as to what Sam's situation is in season 12 and judging by his description, it's not pretty.  What's new?  

    Below is the transcribed interview and the video.  Again, apologies for the grainy video, but the room was pretty dark and using proper lighting on our cameras just would have been rude.  There is a pleasant treat in this video, as Misha and Jared almost kiss with tongues.  But alas, the time was short.

    Right, one more thing...SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

  • Interview with Jensen Ackles - Comic Con 2016

    Here it is, our annual press room interview with Jensen Ackles!  This one is pretty exciting for us.  We only had four minutes with Jensen, but out of the three questions asked, I got to ask one and Nightsky got to ask the other!  

    Apologies up front for the video quality, but the room was super dark.  Far worse than other years.  It really was asking a lot of an iPhone to fix the lighting.  But the content and what Jensen said is pure gold, so enjoy.  We were very lucky to score 8 interviews in the press room, as Ruth Connel and Samantha Smith were surprise guests.  So all of those will coming in the next few days.  

    Below is the transcript of the interview and then the video on Youtube.  Grainy as the quality may be, Jensen does some pretty funny things in this video that do not show up in a transcript.  So I'd advise watching.  One more thing...

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Updated: Supernatural Spoilers From Comic Con

    The Supernatural Panel has ended and reports are starting to come in on the spoilers from the panel.
  • Supernatural S12 Spoilers From TV Guide Comic Con Edition

    Look what I got today hot off the presses!  It's the TV Guide/Warner Brothers 2016 Comic Con Special Edition of the magazine.  I did manage to get the really pretty one of Sam and Dean on the cover!  

    Supernatural got five pages in this edition.  There's a Behind the Scenes look at "Baby," a two page profile on the Super Women of "Supernatural", and interview with Mark Sheppard, and a "Burning Questions" preview asking what to expect in season 12.  

    I'm sure you all are reading that going, "Shut up Alice, get to the spoilers!"  I'm going to warn, it's very spoilery light.  It does share some interesting information though.  These are excerpts from the TV Guide "Burning Questions" article.  All credit goes to Marisa Roffman and Ileane Rudolph. 

    What do the British Men of Letters want?

    The British Men of Letters haven't allowed a "Supernatural" related death in their territory since 1965. One of their members, Lady Toni Bevell, made quite an entrance, showing up in the Winchesters' Kansas bunker and shooting at Sam.  Though his character is the target, Padalecki understands where she is coming from. "She really thinks of Sam and Dean as villains," he says.  "To her, they started the apocalypse and nearly got God killed."

    Who will save Sam?

    Castiel will be "extremely motivated to get Sam back," executive producer Andrew Dabb says.  "He does things we know Cas is capable of but we haven't seen him do in recent years." 

    What does the return of the boys' mother mean? 

    Mary learns "these two kids [she left behind] have grown up into men who are hunters - something she tried to avoid," Dabb says.  "She's kind of their mother in name only.  She's meeting her sons again, but they are not what she expected in some ways, she is not what they expected."  

    Where the hell is Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino)?

    "Cas feels like it's his mission to try and make that right," Singer says.  Crowley is also on Lucifer's trail, but unlike the Winchesters and Castiel, he doesn't merely want to stop him, he wants payback for humilating him in front of his former minions," Dabb says.  I think it's very personal for Crowley, in a way a lot of stuff isn't."  

    What's next for Rowena (Ruth Connell)?

    The Scottish witch...may take her wicked ways down a notch now that she "has seen that being all-powerful isn't all it's cracked up to be," Singer says.  "But one always has to be suspicious of Rowena." 

    Check for this edition on the newstands.  It says that it hits newstands July 19th, but some places are putting them out early.  There are spoilers for lots of other WB shows too like "Blindspot," "The Flash," "Supergirl," "Arrow," "Gotham," "The Big Bang Theory," "The 100," "The Vampire Diaries," "iZombie," "Lucifer," and "The Originals" as well as previews for new shows "People of the Earth," "Frequency," "Time After Time," "Riverdale," and "Powerless."  

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