Supernatural Season 12

  • Alice's Review: Supernatural 12.03 - "The Foundry" aka Too Much Drama?

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said?  “The Foundry” was a well written, cohesive, dramatic tale that did everything in its power to effectively tell another chapter in the tragic yet heroic story of a family named Winchester.  It hit all the right marks, had characters that were actually acting in character, and ran with two effective stories that both were strong from beginning to end. 
    Having said that, I still didn’t enjoy it. 
    I was at a loss these past few days, trying to figure out why this episode didn’t connect with me.  Everything that makes an episode great was there on paper.  Usually I’m very high on episodes with great writing and love to give credit where it is due.  Once I gave it some thought though, the issue is really a continuation of what’s been bugging me all season so far.  Tone.  I realized that this shift to the more personal, “emotional” stories isn’t the kind of “Supernatural” I was hoping to see after all.  
  • TV Fanatic Supernatural Roundtable 12.02 - "Mamma Mia" and 12.03 - "The Foundry"

    Wondering what our panel of "Supernatural" pundits had to say about the episodes from the last two weeks?  Myself, Nightsky, and Christine Laskodi and Sean McKenna from TV Fanatic had a lot of ground to cover.  What did we think of Mary's story?  Lucifer?  The British Men of Letters?  It's all in these two links. 
    Here's Sean McKenna's reviews for 12.02 and 12.03.  
  • Far Away Eyes' Deeper Look: Supernatural 12.03 "The Foundry"

    Sometimes, to better understand or grow the Supernatural universe, we must examine secondary characters center stage. By doing so, we grow closer to the Winchester brothers and learn about another person within their world.


    Three stories are told of Grief, Selfishness, and Freedom.

    While performing a cleansing ritual, Berens Forms the Cast, and opens Doors to an unshackled future. 

  • Thoughts on Supernatural 12.03: "The Foundry"

    My heart is still recovering from this one. It certainly didn’t set out as a heart breaker or one of those uber-dramatic, memorable Winchester scrapbook moment episodes; but then the episodes that make your breath catch and your stomach clench this early in the game, rarely do.

  • Threads: Supernatural 12.03 "The Foundry"

    The Morning After

    I’m still reeling from seeing Supernatural’s third episode this season, “The Foundry”. Saturated with mother’s instincts and parental grief, this story was emotionally exhausting. The hunt was about captive children who appealled to a mother to rescue them because she was the only one who sensed their need. Through most of the episode, women of the fandom identified with Mary’s motherly protectiveness of children; men of the fandom saw mothers who will always love their sons, even beyond the grave. The story used the audience's empathy to render us emotionally vulnerable, then suckered punched us with a sudden separation that betrayed the vulnerability we, and the brothers we love, had entrusted to Mary.

  • Let's Speculate: Supernatural 12.03 "The Foundry"

    This week episode was written by Robert Berens and directed by Robert Singer and is titled “The Foundry.” The cold open begins with a hipster couple leaving a swanky restaurant. They are talking when they stop in front of an abandoned house and hear a baby crying. The woman goes into the house while her partner calls 911. She ventures further into the house to find the baby and an old crib with a flickering light above it. She pulls back the cover and a creepy doll is there. Her partner shows up and something runs in front of them. They run to the door but it slams shut. She screams.

  • Wednesday’s Watching Thursday’s Supernatural 12.02 “Mamma Mia”

    Guilty of ravagement, this episode shatters illusions for the characters and the audience.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.”


  • Far Away Eyes' Deeper Look Supernatural 12.02 "Mamma Mia"

     “If you ever wanna talk. I know what it's like to come back and not feel like you really fit,” Sam tells his mother at the end of “Mamma Mia.” In many ways, the statement blankets the entire episode.

  • Thoughts on Supernatural 12.02: "Mamma Mia"

    Okay, we are only two episodes in so this is probably a premature assessment; but the flavor of the season is settling in nicely so far. "Mamma Mia"had a decent flow, some interesting action and we did finally get to see someone punch Toni in her smug tea-drinking face. How about the rest of the details?

  • Threads: Supernatural 12.02 "Mamma Mia"

    A person’s ultimate opinion of an episode depends entirely on what they wanted to get out of it. I wouldn’t term that expectations per se. As much as that person might hope, need or desire to see something, that doesn’t mean necessarily that they expected to see it. For example, I had three things I desperately wanted to see in the wrap up of Supernatural's season 11 cliffhanger tragedies:

    1. Sam freed from his captors
    2. An epic Sam & Dean reunion. I wanted to see the wave of relief and confusion wash over Sam when he saw Dean was alive, followed by an embrace that reflected that flood of emotion
    3. An epic Sam and Mary introduction befitting a twelve year build-up of Mary’s guilt and obvious protectiveness of her sons (ala “Home”), the boys' idealization of their mother and Sam’s emotional void at not having ever known her.

    How did “Mamma Mia” come through for me?

  • Let's Speculate: Supernatural 12.02 "Mamma Mia"

    In this second episode of the season titled “Mamma Mia,” the story begins with a surprising sex scene between Sam and his torturer, the British Toni.

  • Wednesday’s Watching Supernatural 12.01 “Keep Calm and Carry On”

    Welcome Season 12! This episode aired while the 250th episode was being filmed.

    Murky Places and Mystery Spots did not detract from the impressive Supernatural team and Cast in this Golden opener.

  • TV Fanatic Supernatural Roundtable 12.01 - "Keep Calm and Carry On"

    Can you believe we're kicking off another season already?  Those of us in the TV Fanatic "Supernatural" roundtable - myself, Nightsky, and Sean Mc Kenna and Christine and Laskodi of TV Fanatic, were all stunned that we were kicking off season 12!  
    The season premiere gave us plenty to talk about.  What did we think of Mary's story?  What's up with the British Men of Letters and what is Toni's real motive? Lucifer was also part of the discussion, mainly speculation about him next week.  It all is here:
    Here's Sean McKenna's review.  He didn't enjoy the premiere as much as others, finding it a little lackluster.  He only gave it a 3.7 out of 5.0. 
  • Far Away Eyes' Deeper Look Supernatural 12.01 "Keep Calm and Carry On"

    The title “Keep Calm and Carry On” perfectly sums up the season 12 Supernatural premiere. The phrase, a British saying that originated in World War II, points to so much of what happens. The obvious example can be found in the introduction of our newest villains---the British Men of Letters in Lady Toni---but that is only the surface.

  • Thoughts on Supernatural 12.01: "Keep Calm and Carry On"

    Months of waiting in eager, speculative anticipation and I, for one, was not disappointed. As the rock-accompanied recap of the last 23 episodes of the Winchester saga played out, we were left on that dark night in the woods with a stunned Dean and a confused Mary and it’s like no time has passed since that dramatic cliff-hanger in May. So, how did all the pieces of the premiere fit together and what does it look like for the future of season twelve so far (twelve?!)? Pretty good, I think.

  • Alice's Review: Supernatural 12.01, "Keep Calm and Carry On" aka Not Your Ordinary Family Reunion

    Welcome to the new season, one based on conversations with Executive Producers Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer, is the new character driven season.  Smaller stories that are meant to explore the emotional dilemmas of our characters.  Going with that blueprint, did “Keep Calm and Carry On” deliver?  For the most part yes, although there were a few bumps that made the highly anticipated season premiere a little lackluster.  Don’t get me wrong, this episode was a vast improvement over the final three episodes of last season and one that I really enjoyed watching. But what does the episode tell us about the direction of the season?  Not a lot, but there’s some potential.  Let’s go through it all and see what worked and what didn’t.  

  • Threads: Supernatural 12.01 "Keep Calm and Carry On"

    Outstanding. Captivating. Riveting. Emotional. Smart. Well written and brilliantly portrayed. Welcome back Supernatural! It’s good to be home again! THAT’s the show we know and love!

    “Keep Calm and Carry On” is a wonderful beginning to Supernatural’s remarkable 12th season.  It seamlessly, skillfully weaves together the reality of the present day, i.e. “Now”, with the complex history of individual characters, the Winchester family and the two disparate communities that have fought monsters for centuries (i.e. the show’s “Road So Far”).

  • Let’s Speculate Supernatural 12.01: “Keep Calm and Carry on”

    Happy Hellatus Ending! And Happy 12th Birthday to Supernatural!

    In the premier episode penned by new showrunner, Andrew Dabb, we pick up immediately from where we left Sam and Dean in the season 11 finale.

  • Sharing Season 12's Premiere: Supernatural Watch Parties

    ONE MORE WEEK! Next Thursday, October 13, 2016, the SPNFamily will once again be reunited with our beloved Supernatural! Sam and Dean will begin their twelfth year of saving people and hunting things, and we’ll be with them every step of the way. To kick off the final countdown, let's start making plans for the S12 premiere!
    In the long awaited continuation of their saga, Mom is alive but very confused; big brother is alive and can’t wait to surprise everyone with news of their win against evil; little brother is barely alive, in really big trouble and in deep mourning for the last remaining member of his family; Castiel is alive but MIA; Crowley is alive (well, dead actually) but is a man (well, demon actually) without a kingdom; Lucifer is alive (there weren’t any scorched wings or ashes on the ground, right?) and on the run; and the Men of Letters have turned into the enemy, betraying the most important members in the history of their existence. The premiere promises to be packed with both action and emotion as each of these dramas unfolds!