Sam Winchester

  • What Makes Sammy Run?

    Faellie, in a follow up to her popular article "Dean Winchester Is A Feminist" gives her very thoughtful take on Sam.  This can also be found on her livejournal,  I request no reposting of this article.  Either link here or at Faellie's LJ site.  As usual, comments and debate are welcome!


    What makes Sammy run?
    Taken literally, the answer to this question seems to be "not much": since the Pilot when Sam and Dean both ran from the ghost-driven Impala (and dived over the side of the bridge to escape), and other early episodes such as Dead in the Water, where both Sam and Dean are running together, it's been Dean who puts in most of the work on the running front, notably at the start of No Rest for the Wicked and of Yellow Fever.  Sam just has a few short sprints, such as his unsuccessful run from a zombie in Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (Jared was of course nursing an untreated broken hand at the time).
  • A Deeper Look at Season Four Sam Winchester

    This time last year, rumblings in the fandom over Dean's supposed lack of character development got me in a tizzy, so I wrote an article, "A Deeper Look at Season Three Dean Winchester" for blogcritics in response to that misconception.  I eventually followed it up with one about Sam and they got some discussion going.  This year, all the rumblings seem to be over Sam's character, so I've decided to do a similiar analysis for season four and start with Sam.  There's a lot more to look at this year.  I guess a full 22 episode season will do that! 

    So, get your meta hats on everyone and enjoy (or feel compelled to totally rip apart) "A Deeper Look At Season Four Sam Winchester." 
  • Is Sam Winchester Too Stupid To Live?

    Did Kripke Screw Over Sam Fans? 
    I will end all suspense, if there was any, and state unequivocally that the answer is no. No, Sam is not too stupid to live. No, Kripke did not screw over Sam fans. To believe that is to believe that the enemy is simple-minded and obvious in their ploys. To believe that is to believe that Sam is not a man of deep thoughts and deeper emotions.   To believe that is to believe that all the rest of us were completely on board with the plan from The Pilot and somehow saw all this coming for 82 episodes. And, if that doesn't compel you to think differently about Sam, then how about this: To believe Sam is too stupid to live is to believe he is anything other than human.
  • A Deeper Look At Season Three Sam Winchester

    It's Sam's turn! As I'm sure many of you have picked up from my previous articles, I'm rather intrigued by the character of Sam Winchester. He's dark and mysterious, and I really need to look hard to even get a small grasp of what's he's all about. Dean's more open and since he's already hit rock bottom, there was nowhere to go but up, thus making his story far more inspiring. Sam is descending downward at a slow, uneasy pace, and it's my hunch the worst for Sam is yet to come in season four. In the meantime, season three gives us a compelling look at a character who's losing his grasp.

    One thing that's obvious, the boy has issues. He always has, but in season three Sam wasn't likeable or empathetic like he had been in previous two seasons. He grew distant, especially with Dean, even though his only goal was to get him out of the deal. That obsession practically destroyed him. With each episode his frustration and desperation grew. Unlike Dean in "Dream A Little Dream Of Me", Sam's ordeal with the Trickster in "Mystery Spot" didn't inspire him to turn a corner and go forward. Instead, he turned irrational, and lost what little identity he had left.