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  • Alice's Review: Supernatural 10.15, "The Things They Carried," aka The Redux!

    Sammy’s going darkside, Sammy’s going darkside…

    No, you didn’t see it?  Oh, there are clues. If you squint.  Remember all the way back in “Supernatural” season three when Sam was frantic over saving Dean and ultimately couldn’t?  Remember four months later in season four, after drowning his sorrows in booze for a chunk of the summer, he’s teamed up with Ruby and channelling his inner darkside for some demon smoking mojo?  Remember how Dean at this time, at the end of season three anyway, accepted his fate? 
  • Supernatural Review: 2.20 "What Is and What Should Never Be"

    "What Is and What Should Never Be" is number 3 on my Top Ten of all Time Supernatural Episodes!
  • The Supernatural Season Nine Enigma of Sam Winchester's Hair

    Here it is, an annual WFB tradition that I never really quite got to this summer.  Nine seasons of "Supernatural", and there is still plenty of mystery regarding that delightful mop on Sam Winchester's head.    
  • Supernatural: Brotherly Love – aka I Wuv Hugz

    There’s one thing almost every Supernatural fan can agree on:  We love it when the brothers hug!  After "The Executioner’s Song", I read throughout the fandom how people considered Dean’s near-exhausted fall into Sam’s arms to be a hug.  Yep.  I did too.

    So that, coupled with a four-week hiatus, generated this little article:  A look back on some memorable brotherly hugs.
  • Dear Jensen - The Triumph of Supernatural's "The Executioner's Song"

    Dear Jensen,

    On behalf of the Supernatural family, I want to thank you for the tremendous gift you gave us in “The Executioner’s Song”. The emotional depth you put into your performance left us breathless.
  • A Deeper Look at Season Nine Sam Winchester, Part 2

    A “Gadreel free” Sam now gets to deal with the aftermath of his possession.  Well, at least we think he deals.  We don’t really know.  The only times Sam truly expresses anything is to say some awful things to Dean, which makes him look like a heartless, unsympathetic dick because we as viewers are left to guess what’s causing such outbursts.  He also storms off to his room a lot.  It’s rather frustrating to watch when you’re constantly expecting emotional movement in the traumatic aftermath of a major ordeal involving one of the two main characters in the show.  As a consolation prize we did get one Sam POV episode, written by the only writer left that gets Sam Winchester.  

    (Miss part one?  It can be found here:

  • Fun With Supernatural Facts - Brothers Bound

    Every one in a while, we like to get crazy here at the Winchester Family Business and overanalyze certain statistical trends.  If there is one true occupational hazard with Sam and Dean Winchester, it’s that they have this knack for always finding trouble.  There are plenty of bad guys out there with some ropes or cuffs handy that jump on the chance to bind them and show them who's in charge.  Um, I mean, tie them down real tight so they can’t get away, and then have their way with them.  No, no, not have their way, I’m talking about making sure Sam and Dean can’t fight back when bad things are done to them.  Eek, not that either, I mean... how about some pictures to explain my point?
  • Unicorns, Soulmates and Sacrifices - Part 1

    Hello and welcome to Romance, Bromance and Reflections! Today we will be looking at that frequently tossed about phrase "soulmate" and just what exactly it means in the Supernaturalworld these days. The impetus for today's discussion really began brewing way back when in Goodbye Stranger- Amelia was referenced as Sam's unicorn and it really pissed me off. I couldn't quite put my finger on why. Okay, granted the character of Amelia kind of bugged me from the get go, true enough, but not in a rabid, blinding hatred sort of way. Certainly not enough to inspire the level of passionate anger at having her referred to as Sam's "unicorn" as though she were this perfect, ethereal being always intended as his soul mate. No, something else about it was bothersome and it wasn't until rewatching Sacrifice and reading some of the debates that I was finally able to put that puzzle together fully. So, let's take a look at this issue, from the beginning of all the trouble.
  • A Deeper Look At Supernatural Season Eight Sam Winchester, Part One

    Sam has always been an inward person, taking in with little protest all the horrible things that have been dished out at him.  Yet in season seven, it all got borderline ridiculous.  Forget borderline.  The wall in his head came down, and suddenly he had to live with psychosis.  Yet this is Sam Winchester, the teflon hunter.  It all got better with just a little hand grab.  After one psychotic (and oh so gripping) meltdown, Sam was fine for most of the season, until it all caught up with him.  But instead of taking advantage of Sam's breakdown and exposing those dark inner layers, he just sat there and took it, waiting to die.  That angst lasted long enough for Castiel to magically take it away, even if he took on the burden for a small bit.  Do over!  This is exactly why this time last year I was primal screaming over the total wasted opportunity of showing Sam to be something more than a very pretty piece of toast.  

    What a difference a year makes.  As I said in my "Deeper Look Season Eight at Dean Winchester," Sam Winchester, much like Dean, in season seven was unrecognizable to me.  My wish was for him to be humanized, and season eight delivered big time!  We finally got to see those inner layers and exposed vulnerabilities, and they were relevant to the Sam we've gotten to know the entire series, not just who he was this season.  It tied together so many things, and suddenly this is the best we've ever known Sam.  He's finally a relatable character.  

    Just like with Dean, this is a tale of two seasons.  Sam in the first half was not Sam in the second half.  Sam spent the first half of the season trying to ease back into a life he abandoned a year ago, and it wasn't easy, especially with a big brother that was more supercharged than ever for the job.  But it was more than that.  In Sam's year, he found his identity, something that he hasn't seen most if not all of his life.  It was ground breaking and character defining, and long overdue.  It was also boring as hell.  But, when put together with the second half of the season, it made sense.  

    Going through each one of the season's episodes, the progression of Sam's behavior and actions makes a lot more sense when put together.  Sure, there were a few head-scratchers (Amelia?) but it all did lead to something.  Since the first and second halves were so drastically different, I'm breaking down Sam's analysis into parts one and two, just like I did with Dean.  The first half covers Sam from episodes 8.1 - 8.11, and the second part is episodes 8.12 - 8.23.
  • Top Twelve Sam Winchester Humiliating Moments (and One For Dean)


    Poor Sam Winchester. Not only has he had a ton of misfortune and bad luck in his life, but there are often times he finds himself in precarious, utterly humiliating situations which he didn't come close to inviting but has been forced to endure anyway. Sure, several of his little embarrassing messes are the result of his older brother, but isn't that what siblings are for? 

    In pouring through all the seasons, I managed to narrow down a lot of Sam's red-faced misfortunes to a less than scientific and totally subjective top twelve. None of these are the result of Dean being a wise ass, so antics from "Hell House," "A Very Supernatural Christmas," and "Playthings" for example won't be seen here. Most of these are outright screwball, reminding us with huge smiles why a big guy is prime material for comedic fodder. 

    I originally went for top ten Winchester brother humiliating moments, but I only found one for Dean that's worthy compared to Sam's misfortunes.  As a bonus, his crowing achievement in humiliation will be at the end. I'm sure many of you already know what it is, but remember in guessing, none of these moments are self inflicted (yes, cross "pudding" off the list).

    So, without further delay, enjoy these top twelve Sam Winchester humiliating moments (and one for Dean) in order of least to greatest.  

  • Happy 29th Birthday Sam Winchester!

    Happy Birthday Sammy!

    Little Sammy is 29 today.Huh...guess that's not so little any more.  Of course if you want to factor in the missing year, then he is an over-the-hill 30!  NopeI'm sticking with 29.

    Thought I'd share some cute photos I have of Sam from various episodes.  See if you can guess which ones they are fromand don't look to me for the answers.  Alice is the whiz with episode identification!  (From Alice - yep, figured them all out on the first try).  
  • Solitary Sam: I Can't Do This Alone

    For months, Hallucination!Lucifer (Hall!Luci) had been working on Sam's fragile psyche.  Like water slowly eroding stone, Hall!Luci's stream of taunts, mockery and endless conversation were eroding Sam's hold on sanity. Yet, somehow, Sam continued to cling to control.  But then one day, in a quiet library, Sam broke the cardinal "No Speaking" rule by hissing an irritated "Shut up!" at Hall!Luci. The water had finally carved a new channel.
    But what made that moment different?  Why, after pressing his thumb to his scar a million times, and months of exhibiting the stoic strength of Job, why did Sam finally let Hall!Luci in?
    Simple. I think he was scared, lonely and desperately in need of company. 
  • The Fix, Faith and the Human Problem: Why Sam's Solution Works for Me

    In light of
    Born-Again Identitythere has been much discussion surrounding Sam's hallucinations and Castiel's solution. Some are totally fine with the way things played out while others feel very dissatisfied. While I can understand where the latter camp is coming from, my own views lead toward the former and I wanted to explain why.

  • A Deeper Look at Season Six Sam Winchester

    You want to know how freaking impossible it is to critique season six Sam Winchester?  I mean, how in the world to you characterize a character that wasn't a character for an entire half a season?  It just blows the mind. 

    Nah, there's certainly something more to soulless Sam than meets the eye.  After all, it's an intriguing notion.  What exactly is a soulless man?  Still, I hit the wall of soulless fatigue right around episode 8.  Considering Dean's fatigue came much sooner, I shouldn't complain.  

    (Read A Deeper Look At Season Six Dean Winchester)

  • Soulless Sam - The Real S6 Enigma, Part Two

    Dean is in full panic mode concerning Sam. He discusses the situation with Bobby, considering either walking away from Sam or shooting him. He is uncomfortable, anxious, and agitated. Sam is not and has not behaved like his brother since he came back into Dean's life. He watched Sam stand idly by as Castiel tortured the young boy, Aaron, to discover that Balthazar had purchased his soul. Sam hadn't simply not raised a fuss, he had stared in open fascination. It was one major red flag for Dean that something was more than wrong with Sam...
  • Sam Winchester - A Video Anthology


    So, here as promised is the anthology of Sam clips! 

    I confess my collection of videos for the younger Winchester was not as extensive so I have recently been on a search for clips. I must apologise now as although I have found many, most are very sad and moving,  I have also found a few shallow ones  but remembering the reaction to the `workout scene` at the beginning of `The Third Man` I am guessing there will be few objections to me including  a couple of these here too.  
  • Soulless Sam - The Real S6 Enigma, Part One

    "Ever since I came back, I am a better hunter than I've ever been! Nothing scares me anymore because I can't feel it. I don't know what's wrong with me. I think I need help." Soulless Sam---You Can't Handle the Truth
    Soulless Sam was perhaps the most daring aspect of Season 6. To turn a main character completely around is always risky. No other element seemed to be more polarizing. He was also perhaps one of the most unpredictable and puzzling characters the show has ever had. What made Soulless Sam a success can be attributed equally to both the writing and Jared Padalecki's outstanding portrayal. 
  • Burning S6 Questions: What In The World Happened To Sam's Powers?

    Remember this?  

    As I may have hinted before, I have these little conversations with myself during the rare quiet times at my house.  Like when I'm reading a great article posing the question about the diminishing appeal of superheroes on TV.  Here's the bizarre inner conversation that followed:
  • A Deeper Look at Season Five Sam Winchester

    Season five Sam Winchester was all about redemption.  There was a high price for that redemption though.
  • In re The Body and Soul of Sam Winchester

    The lawyers for Supernatural have probably been busy working on the contracts for Season 6, and one can only congratulate them on their choice of priority.  But a number of issues arise in the episode Swap Meat which appear to require a little lawyerly attention and analysis.

    Disclaimer: the arguments below are based on general legal principles in use in common law jurisdictions. (NB "Common law jurisdiction" basically means anywhere we Brits exported our laws in the past few hundred years, thereby including the two jurisdictions relevant to the events of Supernatural: the USA and Canada).  There may of course be specific rules in a jurisdiction which in particular circumstances may prevail over the application of general principle.  Anyone concerned about their legal rights in relation to a specific situation mentioned below should seek legal advice as appropriate from a locally qualified lawyer.  No liability can be accepted by the author for any actions taken in reliance on the following opinion.

    The body-swap

    The first clearly illegal act in the episode is Gary assaulting Sam with a tranquiliser dart and taking over Sam's body. 

    OK, it's not the first illegal act seen on screen, which is Gary drinking under-age while in Sam's body.  But I'm taking you through this in chronological order, OK?

    So, the body-swap.  When you are talking about misappropriation of personal property (and  you can't get much more personal than, well, one's own person), the law has had plenty to say for a very long time.  After all, if one's person and one's personal property are not safe from misappropriation, what is?