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  • A Celebration of Supernatural - 10th Anniversary Conference

    Chicago's DePaul University is hosting a very special conference to celebrate Supernatural's 10th anniversary year!
  • Supernatural Bits and Pieces March 20, 2015

    Here's a look at Supernatural around the 'Net this week.
  • Profile on "Supernatural" Writer Robbie Thompson - Part 3

    Profile on "Supernatural" Writer Robbie Thompson Part 1
    Profile on "Supernatural" Writer Robbie Thompson Part 2

    We left of last time with Charlie Bradbury's introduction. Thompson made the character endearing and memorable from the very start---and it only made sense to make her into an ally for the Winchesters. We'll look at how she evolved into that during "LARP and the Real Girl" and how that only strengthens in "Pac Man Fever." We'll also have those promised fifteen lines and pop culture references along with that Twitter Interview. Onto Moondoor!
  • Profile on "Supernatural" Writer Robbie Thompson, Part 2

    In the first part of this profile, we discussed Robbie Thompson's non-Supernatural projects and his debut episode, "Slash Fiction." We examined his ability to tell human stories within the frameworks of the science fiction genre---and how that helped him to write rich scripts for Sam and Dean. In this part, we'll look at his other episodes, talk about how he brought the adorable Charlie Bradbury to life, and look at his best lines and pop culture references.
  • Profile on "Supernatural" writer Robbie Thompson - Part 1

    It's hard to believe that Robbie Thompson has only written for two seasons of Supernatural. His episodes are full of pop culture, heart, soul, and brotherly moments that make it seem as if he's been writing for the show since the beginning. Thompson has managed to grasp the core of the story easily and has written some of the most memorable episodes in the past two seasons. Episodes such as "Slash Fiction," "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo," "LARP and the Real Girl," and "Pac Man Fever," are full of such great moments and characters that they have become fan favorites from start to finish. Thompson also shows that he is willing to be brave by tackling controversial episodes by writing season 8's "Bitten," an episode that featured very little of the show's leads, all while managing to maintain the tone and flavor of the show. Let's get to know him a bit better, shall we?

  • Thoughts on "Supernatural" 8.04 "Bitten"

    Thoughts on Bitten

    When I first saw the promo and heard the premise of this episode, I was skeptical. After it aired and I had yet to watch it, I became more skeptical after catching wind of the very split reactions this episode seemed to garner. Though I make a point to not read others reviews until I've written my own and I certainly didn't read anything until I'd seen the episode, the reactions were so strong it was hard not to at least be aware of their nature. So I waited a few days until I had the right time and clear focus to think only about what I was seeing, leaving any preconceived skepticism out of the equation. Now that I've finished the episode there is only one reaction available to me: love. Surprising to me, I found this episode engaging, well written, beautifully filmed and gracefully poignant. Not sure what exactly the controversial elements that were stirred are about, but sitting on the awesome episode side of the fence, let me try and break down why this worked in so many ways for me.

  • Alice's Recap - "Slash Fiction"

    I'm mixing it up this week.  After going through all the goodness of "Slash Fiction," I realized that a mere review could not do it justice.  Not by a long shot.  So I've decided to dust off my mad recapping skills and pour through this one bit by bit.  There's so much to comment on!
    For those that aren't familiar with my recaps of the past, they're long.  Freaking long.  They're worth the read though for they find things in scenes you never noticed before.  Heck, going through stuff for this recap brought on whole new discoveries.  So, I suggest you settle into someplace comfy, grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, and enjoy.  If you really don't want a detailed commentary, I at least throw in my two cents at the end about what I think of the entire Sam and Dean drama.  So feel free to skip to that part if interested.  But then you'll miss out on the big continuity error and the discovery of bunk beds!  Among other things.  
    Before I start with a single frame, some technical notes.  The director is the always entertaining John Showalter.  I love doing screencaps for John's episodes because he gives me so much goodness to capture.  You'll see plenty of what I mean in the recap.  On the writing side is Robbie Thompson, who submits an incredible first time script for this show at a time when a strong script was needed.  Robbie Thompson has been listed in the credits through the entire season as the new Executive Story Editor, which is a title often given to new writers on the team.  This makes me assume he's part of the Supernatural writing team this year and will be giving us more.  After this amazing episode, I hope so.  
  • 7.06: Thoughts on "Slash Fiction"

    High hopes were had for this episode and I have to say that it did not disappoint. Slash Fiction was fast paced, funny, action-fill and informative all at the same time. This was a solid episode and it felt like the plot was substantially advanced by the end. The players are on the board, we at least know who the major ones are now and the outline of the rest of season seven begins to take shape.