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  • Cast and Crew Respond to Supernatural Episode 11.20

    The cast and crew are sending their accolades about last night's episode.
  • Listening In: Fans' Supernatural #MinnCon Memories

    Supernatural conventions are emotional, exuberant experiences. Every fan who attends leaves with their own unique memories. Each impression of the convention is a combination of factors, such as whether the attendee is a rookie or veteran, is meeting friends or attending solo (Farawayeyes discussed this aspect of conventions in her recent MinnCon reflection), and on the specific roster of actors appearing at that con. All of the panels are phenomenal, but sometimes fans are lucky enough to see their favorite actor in person (beside, of course, Jared, Jensen, Misha and Mark who attend all North American cons). 

    One of my colleagues, @waywrdaughter67, recently attended the convention in Minnesota (#MinnCon to social media users). She shared with me the unfiltered convention recollections from her group of friends. All of these fans are either administrators or members of the Supernatural Fan Wiki  community. With their permission, I am sharing their personal reactions with you, to help bring those of you who cannot attend a con one step closer to its magic. I've also added some wonderful pictures taken by @PigNaPoke69 to help you visualize what these fans saw (Please respect her art and not copy, download or use her pictures without credit and permission). 

    The following is an exact copy of their conversation. Remember, their reactions are uncensored so they just may be able to share details or opinions that staff writers would forego.  So let's all be very quiet and listen in to close friends exchanging their impressions of MinnCon!
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  • Thoughts on "Hammer of The Gods"

    Thoughts on "Hammer of the Gods"
    Going into this episode, I thought it'd be light-hearted and funny. I didn't read the descriptions but I did see the preview clip. Little did I know that Lucifer and the Trickster would be returning and thus overshadowing the humour with drama and emotion. At first, when Changing Channelswas in the Then segment, the idea that the episode would be amusing was reinforced - until Mark Pelligrino's name flashed across the screen in the opening credits. Lucifer is not a funny guy.
    The opening teaser was a fabulous throw-back to the old MOTW episodes of Supernatural - dilapidated location, innocent dude with a flashlight, creepy man in suit, blood slashed against the walls. The "elys" which was visible alluded to the gods/goddesses storyline that would arise and I was delighted when it was Elysian Fields (as I predicted to my mother and then we argued over pronunciation of the word) and then I was surprised that Sam didn't catch on - him being a walking encyclopaedia of weird after all. The Elysian Fields, of course, being heavily present in various mythologies as the resting place of the souls of warriors or a number of variations there in. Undoubtedly I'm reading too much into the name, but it does seem fitting that Sam and Dean are in Elysian Fields at one point or another- them being warriors of light and virtue.
    I didn't mind the pagan gods and in fact, I wondered many, many episodes ago about creatures such as these and their reaction to the apocalypse. I agree that the gods seemed easily destroyed, but I wonder if power isn't directly proportionate to their following? Considering that the other two types of pagan gods we've encountered in Supernatural have been killed by Sam and Dean "mere mortal" Winchester, and given that at the time they were killed their biggest complaints were the lack of worship they'd received over the last centuries, this seems plausible. Also, perhaps their surrender of the planet to the Christian God (in Supernatural mythology anyways) rendered them lesser beings. Or maybe angels just kick ass, period. Hard to say.
  • Thoughts On "Swan Song"

    Thoughts on Swan Song
    Carry on my wayward son
    There'll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don't you cry (don't you cry no more)
    Delighted applause was heard in my small corner of the world when then highly anticipated Kansas montage cued up. So many great moments to reflect back on over this season, and every one of them would have a special significance now, in the episode set to bookend a saga that began five years ago, on September 13th, 2005. A saga that has touched many people in many different ways and now has united us before our televisions across the world for this must-see chapter 1,704 days later. So let's get to it:
    "On April 21, 1967 the hundred millionth GM vehicle rolled off the line at the plant in Janesville. A blue two door Caprice. There was a big ceremony, speeches, the lieutenant governor even showed up. Three days later another car rolled off that same line. No one gave two craps about her. But they should have; a young marine bought her on impulse. That is, after a little advice from a friend. And that's where this story begins. And here is where it ends."
    Beginning with a beautiful tribute to a beloved character was fitting and ambient for a special episode such as this. The 1967 Chevy Impala is a character in the Supernatural family that, regardless of where you fall on the Supernatural fan spectrum, you love and can't imagine the show without. Thus, this was the perfect beginning to the end. Now, as we do with the Winchesters, we know the full origins of this much loved car. It was first owned by a man who, not unlike the current owners, travelled the country helping people in his own way (ironically "getting' people ready for judgement day"). The Impala through thick and thin has been home to these two boys as the narrator verbalized so eloquently. The reel of images of the young Winchester brothers imbuing the car with little pieces of themselves and their family conjured a soft smile and tears. How fitting that, after all this time, it's ultimately the Impala who saves the day. Every moment of the last five years touched this bookend in one way or another, uniting through the Impala - the one who has witnessed it all, standing steadfast and stalwart each and every time.