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  • Highlights From VanCon: Supernatural's Jensen Ackles Sings 'Simple Man', Plus Jared and Jensen Panels

    One of the most desired Supernatural conventions was held last weekend in Vancouver.
  • Bardicvoice's Sunday Report: Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2015

    Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!  We all know what that means in the Supernatural convention world.  J2 day!  Yes, Jared and Jensen arrive and take the convention by storm, melting fan girl (and boys too) hearts everywhere.  

    Bardicvoice was there to see it all and she continues day three of tweeting all the action as it happened.  Below are those tweets of not just the Jared and Jensen panel, but Ruth Connell's as well (this time with a little help from her "feathers" pal Misha Collins).  Also, as a bonus, we have the tweets from Lynn at @FangasmSPN for the Gold members panel, which took place early in the morning.
  • Bardicvoice's Saturday Report: Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2015

    Saturday at Vancon.  Just like any other con, this is the day where serious s*** happens.  Mark Sheppard is in the house as well as a number of other illustrious guests, and then it all closes with the always interesting grossly amusing Misha Collins.

  • Hiatus Hunting: Fun With The Boys, Part 1

    Ah, spring of 2012. Season Seven was winding down (thank Chuck!), "Supernatural" was on the verge of moving from the doldrums of Friday nights to Wednesdays with new show "Arrow" (thank Chuck!), and one of our writers at the time, Sablegreen, decided to have some really great fun with GIFs.  It was really the first time anyone had attempted a "GIF spam" and it was a huge hit.   So much so it resulted in a second article! 

    For our Hiatus Hunting this time, in honor of Throwback Thursday, we present part one of that two part series, "Fun With The Boys."  I think you'll really love this one.  Warning, for those of you with slow connections, give this some time to load.  It's worth it!

  • Happy 1st Twitter Anniversary Jensen!

    One year ago today, August 24, 2014, Jensen Ackles joined Twitter.  From the first tweet, it's been a delight for all. He had over 2000 followers in the first 2 minutes after joining and now has over 1.335 million followers! Our hearts were touched when he followed his first account, his wife @DanneelHarris 
  • Supernatural Bits & Pieces August 23, 2015

    Supernatural in the news this week.
  • The Teen Choice Awards and Supernatural

    This week, Supernatural won its first Teen Choice Awards! This was not the first time Supernatural and its stars has been associated with the TCAs, though.
  • Supernatural Bits and Pieces April 5, 2015

    This week's Supernatural around the Net.
  • Supernatural Bits and Pieces March 20, 2015

    Here's a look at Supernatural around the 'Net this week.
  • Performing the Story: Supernatural 10.14 "The Executioner's Song"

    Each week, we're granted great performances on Supernatural---but sometimes they transcend into extraordinary. “The Executioner's Song” is filled with exceptional performances that bring the story to exquisite life, touching us deeply. Let's look at the magnificent acting done in this episode.
  • Dear Jensen - The Triumph of Supernatural's "The Executioner's Song"

    Dear Jensen,

    On behalf of the Supernatural family, I want to thank you for the tremendous gift you gave us in “The Executioner’s Song”. The emotional depth you put into your performance left us breathless.
  • Jensen Ackles: The Heart and Soul of Supernatural

    Isn't it incredible how someone can constantly surprise and amaze you, even when you have been watching that person's work for years?  

    In the day to day bustle of this site and other fandom activities, it’s rare anymore for me to take time to stop and appreciate the things that make “Supernatural” so great, like the acting.  It’s become so familiar, so reliable that it's comfort food, something I know will always be there to when we need to get through the day.  After that gut-wrenching, kick you in the gut performance by Jensen Ackles though in the closing frames of “Holy Terror,” I was recently both inspired and challenged to express my “voice” so to speak about what Jensen means to me as an actor. The quick answer is pretty easy.  A lot. 

    Naturally I’ve always adored Jensen’s amazing gifts for his craft, but I ran out of adjectives long ago to describe the extraordinary nuances and heart that he brings to our TV screen through each episode.  I’ve met him in person and interviewed him several times, but those experiences have just fueled my appreciation and love of Jensen the man.  No doubt about it, he’s one of the nicest, professional, and down to earth people you’ll ever meet.  But what I haven’t addressed enough is what he brings as an actor.  What he does and has done is quite extraordinary.   
  • Jensen Ackles In "Yellow Fever": A Haunting Performance

    As I continue my Summer Hellatus rewatch, I constantly run into scenes or episodes that remind me of why I love this show so much. "Yellow Fever" is, without a doubt, one of those episodes for me. I love how comedic it is. On its surface it is a lighter episode and full of laughs. After all, we do start the episode with Dean running from an adorably harmless Yorkie. Then there's the infamous freak out over the cat in the locker. There's so many moments in this episode that make me laugh when I think of them. They're pure comedy gold and a delight. But that's not what really makes me single this episode out. Dig deeper and one sees the real story underneath.  
  • "Supernatural" Convention report: Viva Las Vegascon “Part Two“ Jensen and Jared with a side order of Misha! by sweetondean

    IT'S J DAY!

    All photos are taken by me.
    Truth is, I come to these conventions for many reasons, but the main reason is to see the boys and if truth be known, one specific boy"¦or man"¦MANLY MAN (I mean these boys are in the 30's after all!).
    Normally the Js are on the Sunday of the convention. They're the showstopper if you may, but at Vegascon, they were on the Saturday. Whether this was because of flights back to Vancouver and timings of work or whether it was because they wanted to be able to play up after their convention commitments I have no clue "“ but I'm betting on the later!
    Jared had his mum and dad in town; they were with him at the convention at the panel and in his photo-ops. Clif flew down on Friday and Johnny and Sean came in with the boys on the Saturday.
    But once again, I've jumped ahead! The day started a bit later than the usual J day. Normally I'm up at about 5.30am getting ready for a 7.30 breakfast start "“ or something along those lines. But this time, we could actually have a relaxing morning. The Js weren't arriving at lunch until 2 and before then, we had Emily Perkins' and Misha's panels. So there was plenty of time to get ready, sort the makeup, do the hair"¦prepare for what was ahead!
  • Bardic's Descant: 7.03 The Girl Next Door: Nothing In Our Lives Is Simple

    7.03  The Girl Next Door:  Nothing In Our Lives Is Simple

    What makes a monster?
    Sam hunts, then frees, an old friend;
    Dean kills her instead.
    Episode Summary
    I'm going to start this off with an apology and an explanation. I'm sorry, but I simply can't do detailed episode summaries anymore, so you won't see them featuring in my reviews this season. I'm in the process of launching a new part-time business doing voiceover work while I'm still working full-time for the U.S. government, and my official day job load is nuttier than ever, so I'm seriously over-committed. I don't want to give up the reviews, but I'm already running way behind“ sorry about that, and I'll try to catch up“ but to reduce the time expenditure, I'm going to cut the episode summaries. If the show goes to an eighth season, they may be able to come back; I'm hoping to retire from the Fed at the end of November 2012. Keep your fingers crossed that the voiceover business takes off to let me do it!
    My usual commentary, meta analysis, and production notes will continue“ I promise that. But I'll warn up-front that I may be even later now than I used to be. I beg your indulgence to bear with me as I seek to embark on the next chapter of my life while still being a Supernatural addict. Thank you!
  • Alice's Review - "The Girl Next Door" aka "Oh Show, What Happened?"

    Oh show, why did you have to go and do that?  Things were going so well.  The brothers were working through their issues, they finally had that old bond back, the excitement was up to eleven, plots made logical sense...What happened? 

    As I thought about the words to convey how disheartened "The Girl Next Door" left me, a couple of past moments popped into my head.  First was a conversation that happened two years ago in Chicago between me, Mo Ryan, and Lynn and Kathy from Fangasm.  We had a lively talk about how Supernatural appeals to us because it is a smart show, one that attracts audiences that want to think, love to analyze, and are  enamored by the complex themes of normal guys dealing in flawed ways with those blurring lines between right and wrong.  Fans can be nitpicky and overly opinionated at times, but all in all, this show was brilliant in the way it stretched itself with the mythology and the character dilemmas without becoming cliche.  And everyone looked good doing it.  This was my inner fan at her most content.  I call this Point A.   

    The second moment comes from Jensen at the Salute to Supernatural convention in Vancouver just this past August.  He was surprised that anyone thought that things were going to end well for Sam and Dean.  This little downer, coupled with my overall disappointment with characterization in season six, pushed me into Point B territory.  I wasn't ready to go there yet.  There was still too much of a great ride left but I had to wonder, is this what all the time invested is leading toward?  Will things just continue to get worse and worse and worse until our heroes just up and die?  I dismissed that negative inner voice.  No way they would go there.