Jared Padalecki

  • The Teen Choice Awards and Supernatural

    This week, Supernatural won its first Teen Choice Awards! This was not the first time Supernatural and its stars has been associated with the TCAs, though.
  • Supernatural Bits and Pieces June 14, 2015

    What happened this week in Supernatural news.
  • Dear Jared, Now and Forever

    Dear Jared,

    Almost exactly two years ago, I wrote a letter of love and support to you when you had to leave Rome to be with your family. There had been an accident and they desperately needed you to be with them. Yesterday another emergency called you away from Italy, but this time it was you who needed your family. Your tweets broke our hearts because we could feel your pain.
  • Supernatural Star Jared Padalecki's Campaign for Depression Awareness Reaches Worldwide

    The T-shirts and sweatshirts that were at the heart of Jared's fund raising campaign, "Alway Keep Fighting", are starting to be received around the world! At Jared's request, fans from all over the globe have been tweeting and posting Facebook pictures of themselves wearing their shirts. Jared's fund raiser for depression awareness has attracted worldwide media attention as well.
  • Supernatural Bits and Pieces April 5, 2015

    This week's Supernatural around the Net.
  • Supernatural Bits and Pieces March 20, 2015

    Here's a look at Supernatural around the 'Net this week.
  • Performing the Story: Supernatural 10.14 "The Executioner's Song"

    Each week, we're granted great performances on Supernatural---but sometimes they transcend into extraordinary. “The Executioner's Song” is filled with exceptional performances that bring the story to exquisite life, touching us deeply. Let's look at the magnificent acting done in this episode.
  • Dear Jensen - The Triumph of Supernatural's "The Executioner's Song"

    Dear Jensen,

    On behalf of the Supernatural family, I want to thank you for the tremendous gift you gave us in “The Executioner’s Song”. The emotional depth you put into your performance left us breathless.
  • The Dual Roles of Jared Padalecki

    With it now officially being Summer Hellatus, per tradition I have started rewatching the show over. I am struck by how much Padalecki and Ackles have grown into Sam and Dean's shoes through the seasons---and astonished by how quickly they grasped these two characters from the very start. I was particularly impressed with Padalecki's performance in "Bloody Mary," as Sam is confronted with the spirit wearing his face. It made me think of his other dual role performances---and reminded me just how much I love those scenes. They are often some of my all-time favorite in the whole of the series.

  • "Supernatural" Convention report: Viva Las Vegascon “Part Two“ Jensen and Jared with a side order of Misha! by sweetondean

    IT'S J DAY!

    All photos are taken by me.
    Truth is, I come to these conventions for many reasons, but the main reason is to see the boys and if truth be known, one specific boy"¦or man"¦MANLY MAN (I mean these boys are in the 30's after all!).
    Normally the Js are on the Sunday of the convention. They're the showstopper if you may, but at Vegascon, they were on the Saturday. Whether this was because of flights back to Vancouver and timings of work or whether it was because they wanted to be able to play up after their convention commitments I have no clue "“ but I'm betting on the later!
    Jared had his mum and dad in town; they were with him at the convention at the panel and in his photo-ops. Clif flew down on Friday and Johnny and Sean came in with the boys on the Saturday.
    But once again, I've jumped ahead! The day started a bit later than the usual J day. Normally I'm up at about 5.30am getting ready for a 7.30 breakfast start "“ or something along those lines. But this time, we could actually have a relaxing morning. The Js weren't arriving at lunch until 2 and before then, we had Emily Perkins' and Misha's panels. So there was plenty of time to get ready, sort the makeup, do the hair"¦prepare for what was ahead!
  • Happy Birthday Jared - You're...Tall


    Happy Birthday Jared 

    Jesus Christ You`re Tall,  with thanks to Harry Nilsson!