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  • Threads: The Road to Supernatural 10.15 "The Things They Carried"

    I loved “The Things They Carried”. It was intense. Too gross for my liking, but still, intense. I owed you a BIG Threads article though, so you are not going to believe what I tried to do with this article. I don’t believe it myself.
  • Alice's Review: Supernatural 10.15, "The Things They Carried," aka The Redux!

    Sammy’s going darkside, Sammy’s going darkside…

    No, you didn’t see it?  Oh, there are clues. If you squint.  Remember all the way back in “Supernatural” season three when Sam was frantic over saving Dean and ultimately couldn’t?  Remember four months later in season four, after drowning his sorrows in booze for a chunk of the summer, he’s teamed up with Ruby and channelling his inner darkside for some demon smoking mojo?  Remember how Dean at this time, at the end of season three anyway, accepted his fate? 
  • Supernatural Review: 2.20 "What Is and What Should Never Be"

    "What Is and What Should Never Be" is number 3 on my Top Ten of all Time Supernatural Episodes!
  • Supernatural: Brotherly Love – aka I Wuv Hugz

    There’s one thing almost every Supernatural fan can agree on:  We love it when the brothers hug!  After "The Executioner’s Song", I read throughout the fandom how people considered Dean’s near-exhausted fall into Sam’s arms to be a hug.  Yep.  I did too.

    So that, coupled with a four-week hiatus, generated this little article:  A look back on some memorable brotherly hugs.
  • Dear Jensen - The Triumph of Supernatural's "The Executioner's Song"

    Dear Jensen,

    On behalf of the Supernatural family, I want to thank you for the tremendous gift you gave us in “The Executioner’s Song”. The emotional depth you put into your performance left us breathless.
  • Why I Ship (And Why It Shouldn't Matter)

    Castiel is my favorite character, and I ship Destiel. There are many reasons I do this. I ship them because it adds to my enjoyment of the show. I ship them because it increases my desire to engage in fandom. I ship them because I like the idea of two badass male characters having a relationship without it changing their badassery one bit. I ship them because they are both really, really good-looking and it's hot. I ship them because I can. I ship them because a lot of very talented fanfic writers have created stories that I love reading. I ship them because there are other people out there who ship them, too, and it's fun discussing our ship together. I ship them because I adore reading between the lines for any snippet of possible romance the show gives me. I ship them because it keeps me engaged and invested in the show. I ship them because it makes me happy. But mostly I ship them because I want these two wonderful, flawed characters to find something beautiful together amidst the broken wreckage of their lives.
  • Fun With Supernatural Facts - Brothers Bound

    Every one in a while, we like to get crazy here at the Winchester Family Business and overanalyze certain statistical trends.  If there is one true occupational hazard with Sam and Dean Winchester, it’s that they have this knack for always finding trouble.  There are plenty of bad guys out there with some ropes or cuffs handy that jump on the chance to bind them and show them who's in charge.  Um, I mean, tie them down real tight so they can’t get away, and then have their way with them.  No, no, not have their way, I’m talking about making sure Sam and Dean can’t fight back when bad things are done to them.  Eek, not that either, I mean... how about some pictures to explain my point?
  • Unicorns, Soulmates and Sacrifices - Part 1

    Hello and welcome to Romance, Bromance and Reflections! Today we will be looking at that frequently tossed about phrase "soulmate" and just what exactly it means in the Supernaturalworld these days. The impetus for today's discussion really began brewing way back when in Goodbye Stranger- Amelia was referenced as Sam's unicorn and it really pissed me off. I couldn't quite put my finger on why. Okay, granted the character of Amelia kind of bugged me from the get go, true enough, but not in a rabid, blinding hatred sort of way. Certainly not enough to inspire the level of passionate anger at having her referred to as Sam's "unicorn" as though she were this perfect, ethereal being always intended as his soul mate. No, something else about it was bothersome and it wasn't until rewatching Sacrifice and reading some of the debates that I was finally able to put that puzzle together fully. So, let's take a look at this issue, from the beginning of all the trouble.
  • A Deeper Look at Supernatural Season Eight Dean Winchester, Part One


    Oh, thank you season eight!  Way to bring the word "character" back to Dean Winchester.  For a guy that's been through so much, he was finally able to take many steps forward in his growth, and the end result is someone I believe in again.  

    For anyone that read my "Deeper Look at Season Seven Dean Winchester," I was pretty damned annoyed over the butchering of his character by the end of the season.  Of course they didn't so Sam much justice either, but with Dean, it was a guy I didn't recognize.  Here's an excerpt from that article that has particular impact on my season eight analysis:

    I so wish I could say that season seven continued in this same vein, with Dean finding enough of his fighting spirit and love for his brother to handle the numerous obstacles that came his way.  Sadly, Dean spent a majority of the season apathetic and depressed, going through the motions without any fire or desire to carry on the family business.  He certainly didn't open up to his brother, which rendered the once tight brotherly bond stale.  We waited all season for him to finally get the kick in the pants he needed and slip out of his funk, but he never did.  

    I bring that up because I everything that I wished for in season seven Dean happened in season eight.  Now this is the Dean Winchester I remember!  He wasn't a sorry drunk that was depressed and going through the motions.  It got personal, and Dean reacted with a new resolve and commitment to who he is - a hunter and a loyal brother.  There's no doubt about it though, this is not season one Dean.  He is more mature, grounded, and focused.  

    Season eight was a tale of two seasons.  The first and second halves were dramatically different, but each had a major importance to Dean's overall character growth.  As I've done with each "Deeper Look" segment, I'm going to go through the episodes and show Dean's progression through the season.  Overall, it's a lot more refreshing and satisfying than what we've seen in a while.  However, there's so much goodness to examine this year, that for the first time I'm breaking up this study into two parts.  Part one looks at the first half of the season, part two will look at the dramatically different second half.  

  • Let's Discuss: What's Going On With Dean Winchester?

    Welcome to our newest experiment, the Let's Discuss threads!  The idea is to focus the discussions and topics out there and let burning subjects that are on people's minds have their own dedicated place.
  • Top Twelve Sam Winchester Humiliating Moments (and One For Dean)


    Poor Sam Winchester. Not only has he had a ton of misfortune and bad luck in his life, but there are often times he finds himself in precarious, utterly humiliating situations which he didn't come close to inviting but has been forced to endure anyway. Sure, several of his little embarrassing messes are the result of his older brother, but isn't that what siblings are for? 

    In pouring through all the seasons, I managed to narrow down a lot of Sam's red-faced misfortunes to a less than scientific and totally subjective top twelve. None of these are the result of Dean being a wise ass, so antics from "Hell House," "A Very Supernatural Christmas," and "Playthings" for example won't be seen here. Most of these are outright screwball, reminding us with huge smiles why a big guy is prime material for comedic fodder. 

    I originally went for top ten Winchester brother humiliating moments, but I only found one for Dean that's worthy compared to Sam's misfortunes.  As a bonus, his crowing achievement in humiliation will be at the end. I'm sure many of you already know what it is, but remember in guessing, none of these moments are self inflicted (yes, cross "pudding" off the list).

    So, without further delay, enjoy these top twelve Sam Winchester humiliating moments (and one for Dean) in order of least to greatest.  

  • A Deeper Look at Supernatural Season Seven Dean Winchester

    In my analysis of season six Dean Winchester, my heart was pretty broken for the guy come the end of it.  His struggles in that season were especially hard and no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t catch a break.  He fought on though and did the best he could, despite the fact that his drinking was at an all time high and he was reeling at the end over the betrayal of his best friend.  A betrayal that harmed the one person that Dean cherishes more than anyone, his brother.  That was crossing an unforgivable line.    

    I so wish I could say that season seven continued in this same vein, with Dean finding enough of his fighting spirit and love for his brother to handle the numerous obstacles that came his way.  Sadly, Dean spent a majority of the season apathetic and depressed, going through the motions without any fire or desire to carry on the family business.  He certainly didn’t open up to his brother, which rendered the once tight brotherly bond stale.  We waited all season for him to finally get the kick in the pants he needed and slip out of his funk, but he never did.   

    Season seven’s largest and most grossest failure is easily the characterization of both Sam and Dean individually and with their relationship.  In going through the “Deeper Look” segments this year, the tone at times will stray toward bitter and exasperated, for the lost potential and blatant stripping of these beloved characters into bland, emotionless machines just didn’t work for me.  While Sam’s story screams lost potential, Dean’s screams the inability of the writers to truly grasp his real spirit.  I don’t recognize this Dean Winchester, and quite frankly, I don’t want to. 

    The purpose here is to explore Dean Winchester’s character progression from beginning of season seven to the end by going through each episode.  In past seasons, promising patterns and real character growth unfolded from this exercise.  With Dean this year, you will see no such progression.  In some cases, regression even happens.  It’s still an interesting study though, and if anything will serve as a good bottom line comparison for next season!  

  • 10 Things Dean Winchester Should Wear On His Birthday

    Birthdays are a special day, and even if you don't have a big party and celebrate, everyone should at least look good on their big day!  So to help Dean look his best on his birthday this year, I present a list of things Dean should wear.
  • It's About Time That Dean Slept For 36 Hours

    "Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' 

    Into the future."
    (Fly Like An Eagle by The Steve Miller Band)
    The lyrics of "Fly Like an Eagle", a classic by The Steve Miller Band, popped into my mind after this week's episode "Adventures in Babysitting."
    That's because season 7 of Supernatural has me watching the time, a lot.  In my opinion, the writers and producers are emphasizing time in a way they haven't in the past.  (Or at least I don't think they have.)  It's got me seeing and hearing time references everywhere, and wondering if we're supposed to be using them as hints to solving this seasons' puzzle.
    For me, the time discrepancies begin in "Meet The New Boss".  Sam falls and cuts his hand on glass contaminated by the mixture Castiel brewed up to free the souls from Purgatory.  It was a nasty, deep gash.  But many things happened before Dean & Bobby dressed the wound again in "Hello Cruel World".

  • The Limits of The Lead Friggin' Box

    A small boy crouches on the floor.  His blonde hair and freckles sparkle in the afternoon sunshine, as do the marbles he's surrounded by.  His green eyes squint in concentration as he rolls them in his hands, and shoots them across the floor. He's playing with all of them, but seems especially attracted to four in particular:

  • A Deeper Look at Season Six Dean Winchester

    Each year when I sit down and look at how the just finished season has treated the Winchesters, I'm constantly surprised over how rich the story lines continue to get.  In Sam and Dean's case though, rich often means intense emotional angst and excrutiating physical and psychological torture.  Just when you think that they can't go through anything worse, it gets topped.  

    In season six, that's especially true for Dean.  He had it really rough.  We all remember the end of last season when he was a broken wreck.  The absolute most horrifying thing that could happen to him did, he lost his brother and helplessly watched him be condemned to an eternity of the worst possible Hell.  One would think it's all up from there for him, right?  

    Nope.  Season six has turned out to be his most heartbreaking yet.  Yes, worse than season two when he lost John and had Sam die in his arms.  Worse than season three when died and went to Hell.  Worse than season four when he saw his brother betray him and then beat him to a pulp before starting the Apocalypse.  And then of course, there was Lucifer's cage in season five.    
  • The Strength of Suffering: Dean Winchester and an Exquisite Angst

    (Now twice as long, since the second half was lost because of technical difficulties).  

    "The time of trial is the express opportunity for the one to win glory, for the other to perfect his wisdom. Hence, indeed, virtue gets its name, because, relying on its own efficacy, it yieldeth not to adversity." "“Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy
  • Dean Winchester - A Video Anthology

    When I started to put together another selection of You Tube videos I decided to get more specific this time. This gave me the opportunity to trawl through the ridiculous number of clips I have stored and   put them into some sort of order. The decision about the subject of the first collection was, of course, a foregone conclusion. There are literally thousands of clips on You Tube dedicated to the elder Winchester, many use the same tracks over and over, Candyman or Hero anyone? I have tried here to not go too far down into the shallow end of the pool, after all,   I would not want to be accused of objectifying!? I readily admit that there may be some here which are, to borrow a phrase from Jensen at last week`s convention in Rome, `dripping in cheddar` but I love cheese.  
  • What Do You Want From Us Dean?


    I read Jasminka's wonderful Open Couch on "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning" and started writing a reply.  And it grew into this, so thank you Jas for the inspiration!  
    It's just that"¦ Sigh...  "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning" is haunting me.  It's not because of creepy dolls, and the dual-tragedy of Rose and Isabelle's sad deaths.  I know many people will say the Monster of the Week, was weak.  But I don't think so.  I think many deaths are that much more tragic just because of their mundane nature. That her idiot co-workers thought up such a cruel stunt was bad enough.  But, to have her be accidentally killed was even worse.  Then, when Rose finally gets a chance to make a statement about the way she'd been treated her whole life, it all backfires.  She kills the one person, Isabelle, who truly loved her.  Sam and Dean obviously have much in common with Rose and Isabelle, but I'll let someone else write about that. 
    What's really haunting me is Dean.  Yet again, he sacrifices love and possible happiness for The Job, for Sam, and because of his own subzero self-esteem issues.  I just feel SO bad for the guy.
  • A Deeper Look At Season Five Dean Winchester

    It's that time of year, another chance to go through the season gone by and examine closely how the beleaguered Winchester brothers fared in their fight against all odds. Needless to say, we're talking some major damage to their emotional and physical well being. Thanks apocalypse! Up first, the elder Winchester. 
    Dean's character progression, much like the past two seasons, took a really intriguing turn in season five. Season three was Dean's season of self actualization. Season four was all about his character test. Season five too had plenty of tests, but for Dean it all ended up being about survival. Not just his though. So much more was at stake than his and Sam's safety. He had to step up and save the world. By the end he suceeded against impossible odds but it cost him everything. He became exactly what he didn't want to be, the last man standing. He reluctantly went into a new life mired with huge survivor's guilt, shattered faith, and a lost sense of purpose. Once again, Rufus Turner's "There ain't no happy ending" rings prophetic for poor Dean.
    I've read a lot of complaints where the promise of Dean's character direction at the end of season four went nowhere is season five. I don't see that to be the case at all. Dean's character did go through some big shifts in season five, sometimes perplexing shifts. However, I think there was consistency with season four as well as the prior seasons in the direction he took. Sure he was more vulnerable this time, but considering how much has been thrown at him becoming worn down by it all was understandable. He came out of it all the tragic hero, which was a bit better than Sam's outcome, the martyred hero. Or, maybe not. Dean would have traded places in an instant.
    As I left off in my season four analysis, Dean's major shortfall and biggest hanging issue was his relationship with Sam. He fought the good fight against Zachariah and convinced Castiel to fall from grace for doing the right thing, but his handling of the Sam situation led to disaster. Lucifer broke free. So that's how he started season five. He had to take on the Devil and try to rebuild his broken relationship with his brother.    Let's look at the key episodes and see how Dean progressed from that point. 

    Sympathy For The Devil

    vlcsnap 00276

    Dean tried, he oh so tried. Lucifer was free, Castiel was dead, he was wanted by angels, and he tried to derive a plan out of a hopeless situation while at the same time having lost complete faith in Sam. After all, despite his intentions, Sam did the unthinkable. He betrayed him for a demon. Dean tried to see past it and focus on task but the hurt was too deep and the betrayal too raw. He couldn't forgive. Despite all that emotional turmoil though, Dean drew the line in the sand that defined the battleground of the season. He wouldn't be a vessel. He'd fight his way. He just didn't believe that Sam had his back. This all kicked off his feelings of isolation that grew throughout the season.

    Good God Y'all
    Dean saw the hard reality, his life's mission had to change. Sam no longer could be his main priority. Despite all the mistrust and the hurt protecting Sam at this point was instinctive. It was what he wanted to do, but the world needed him more and this great burden from here until "Point of No Return" ate away at him slowly. When Sam suggested they part at the end Dean agreed without a fight. He made the decision with his head instead of his heart. Sam leaving meant one big burden off of him, freeing him to focus on the world alone. Yeah, reality caught up later in a hard way.

    SPN 0483
    Free To Be You and Me

    Dean was still pretty delusional here. The burden of Sam may have been gone, but the emptiness of being alone became the issue. He tried to convince Castiel he didn't need Sam but who was that speech exactly for? I didn't buy it. I doubt Cas did either.

    The End

    Dean saw a lot of crap in this one. Was the future real or fabricated by Zachariah? I'm going for the "what if " reality. What if Dean and Sam stayed apart? Sam did eventually say yes to Lucifer for reasons we found out were purely strategic, so we could assume the same reason happened in this reality. So, what went different in this scenario? Easy, when Dean chose the world over his family he let the Impala rot and he let his morals slide. Without the Impala there to trigger the memories, without that strong brotherly bond, Sam failed in this reality in his plan to overtake Lucifer. In other words, neither could take on the world alone.

    So, what made Dean see the light? What made him realize that he and Sam could only be stronger together?   I can only assume seeing Sam become Lucifer did the trick and I'm sure he didn't like his future self either. He had to go the other way. He didn't take Sam in with open arms though and an "all is forgiven" attitude. There was still some reluctance there but at least he followed his gut instinct. The pain over Sam's betrayal was still too raw though. So, enter the bittersweet reunion.

    Fallen Idols
    No, he didn't forgive Sam. He put his brother through the ringer instead. Many thought his actions were out of character but I thought they made perfect sense. He knew that he must stick with Sam but there was still that lingering resentment. In the end he got it out of his system and took Sam up on his request to meet him halfway. It was a good step forward that lasted about one episode.

    The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
    There was way more to Dean than meets the eye in this one. Dean essentially proved that older is not wiser. He and Bobby both had tremendous blinders on when it came to Sam and both were too caught up in their own sorry predicaments. Neither could fathom that Sam was a crafty poker player that could have gotten them out of this the honest way. Both instead stayed overprotective of the "snot nosed kid." In Dean's case though, his blinders extended beyond Sam. He took on the burden of Bobby's welfare too and tried to fix this mess by himself. This contributed to that long spiral downward. He had faith in no one but himself, even when given the limitations of being an eighty year old man. He may have convinced Bobby he wasn't useless, but he still didn't have much faith in Sam and only added to his growing internal pressure.

    The Real Ghostbusters

    This ended up being a refreshing perspective for Dean, his life isn't all that bad. Too bad that lesson that went nowhere. Still, it was nice for Dean to see the other side for once, wasn't it?


    Abandon All Hope
    If any episode drilled a nail deep into that Dean Winchester fractured psyche hard it was this one. The title was meant for no one but Dean. His self imposed burdens took their toll and the losses of Ellen and Jo were a major turning point for him. A turn downward. Losing people to Dean has always been hard but he couldn't take losing friends anymore. Especially people he always considered more than friends, more like family. His failure to kill Lucifer on top of Jo and Ellen's demise made it even worse because their deaths were for nothing. To Dean, there's nothing worse. This outcome will haunt him for a lifetime.

    SPN 0693

    Sam, Interrupted

    The Dean Winchester mind bender. It was a very rare glimpse at what goes on inside that noggin and it was not pretty. We had to wonder how the boy could even function. He admitted to not sleeping much, that he drinks way too much and has never been involved in a long term relationship (except for the glaringly obvious choice, but I assume the question was about an intimate relationship). Sam insisted that they take the job because of Dean's depression over Ellen and Jo, showing us his already fragile state. So when the crazy spell started working, Dean's inner frailties surfaced in a stunning way. His single handed burden now involved saving all six billion people on the planet. That intense internal pressure surfaced, that inner fear that he can't save Sam, he can't save the world, he can't save himself. It all was going to burn and it was his fault. Once he got free of the spell, he took all that anxiety and did the worst possible thing. He buried it. Then he ordered Sam to do the same. Oh yeah, it came back to bite him.    

    The Song Remains The Same
    Poor Dean. He still clung onto that hope that he could save his parents from their awful fate. He was even willing to not be born to make sure that happened. Sadly he was too late. Mary was already pregnant and Michael found his way to hit the reset button. His conversation with Michael especially led to more discouragement and contributed to his increasing hopelesslessness. Still, there was some fighting spirit left, aka Team Freewill. He wasn't not ready to back down yet. 

    SPN 1096

    Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

    Yes, I'm putting this before "My Bloody Valentine" because it was filmed first and always intended to be first. Dean's world order view had changed, likely because of "Abandon All Hope." He wasn't about to lose another person close to him and chose to protect Bobby over saving everyone else. He was perfectly willing to let Sam go save the town. So, did this mean he was losing hope? Was he losing the will to fight? Maybe. I know seeing Bobby crushed emotionally at the end didn't help his crumbling psyche. Especially when Death raised the dead in Sioux Falls to break Bobby so Sam and Dean would say yes. Guilt doesn't do Dean favors.


    My Bloody Valentine
    The one were Dean falls apart. It was about freaking time! He had good reason. His faith in Sam had slowly been getting stronger and he had been able to rely on him more recently. That all was shattered here. No, sucuumbing to Famine's spell wasn't Sam's fault but it was enough to shake Dean to the core. He was reminded under no uncertain terms how dangerous Sam was, how the demons knew how to manipulate him and exploit his weaknesses. He also figured out that without Sam by his side, he couldn't do this alone. He needed help. His breakdown at the end was his somber admission that he was human afterall.

    SPN 1265
    I know, what about Famine's chilling words that Dean was already dead inside? He had no deep hunger. In a way that was true. At this point, he was just going through the motions. His faith in everything he ever believed in was dwindling. He was tired, discouraged, and so hopelessly lost. He didn't know what else to do.   A weeping man though pleading to God for help is not someone who was completely dead inside. It was more like the act of a completely broken man. Sam couldn't help him and even Castiel was growing more vulnerable too. He really believed he couldn't save himself either. He may not have been dead inside, but he thought he was.

    Dark Side of The Moon

    Dean's hopelessness and disillusionment hit rock bottom. He had only had one hope left, finding God. Seeing Sam's happy memories being when he ran away from family, aka Sam's best being Dean's worst,   was the final straw with his brother. Sam could not be trusted and would eventually leave him. When he got the message from Joshua that God wouldn't intervene, that was all it took for Dean to lose all hope and faith in everything, especially Sam. The tossing of the amulet symbolized that everything he held dear didn't matter anymore, including family.

    99 Problems
    Sure he was killing so called demons, but this was all the backdrop to Dean comtemplating his next move. He was again going through the motions. Sam tried his plea to him, but Dean figured he had no choice left. He wanted all this to be over and saying yes to Michael was the only option left. His thinking was the last act of a beaten man.   He didn't consult Sam and Castiel on the plan though, probably because he knew they'd try to stop him. Which they did. 


    Point of No Return

    Sam and Castiel stopped Dean, but he reacted by going into defensive mode. He was rude to Bobby, he squabbled with Castiel, and the heart crushing things he said to Sam...oh it still breaks my heart. Sam didn't lose faith though and Dean finally saw the light in an extraordinary way. He couldn't find it within him to disappoint Sam after Sam put a huge amount of faith in him. Heck, Sam risked the welfare of humanity in the belief that Dean would do the right thing. How could he not go back on his "yes"? He wasn't dead inside after all. He finally made peace with Sam too, his decision being the ultimate act of forgiveness. 
    Dean also had this angel/whore killing mojo going which may or may not have been related to him thinking about saying yes. It was perplexing, but I think it was meant to show that Dean was a true servant of God. So Sam wasn't the only one with the extraordinary faith in Dean. I'd call that a pretty big character leap. The guy is special. 

    vlcsnap 00340

    Hammer of The Gods

    A rejuvenated Dean tells Gabriel to go kill his brother. I don't get it either, especially after his big reconciliation with Sam. We cover our ears and pretend it didn't happen. Lalalalalala!!!! I can't hear you!

    The Devil You Know
    There's a big role reversal here. Dean in a desperate situation, just like Sam in season four, choses to trust Crowley, going against Sam's protests. He figures out that uncertain times call for the previously unthinkable, like trusting a demon. Just like with Ruby at the end of season three, the consequences of that choice remains to be seen. 

    Dean was back to his subdued and somewhat depressed self (told you Hammer of The Gods was a fluke) but this time he had fight in him. He was still leary of their chances though. He had to have a cool head though to hold together an increasingly destabilizing Sam. He handled Sam perfectly. He didn't judge or chastise and even let Sam see Brady knowing what he would do. His attitude toward Sam had definitely changed. Sam's cold blooded calm when he killed Brady though unnerved Dean pretty good. He didn't hold that against Sam though. That was his way of seeing how much his little brother was changing.

    Two Minutes to Midnight

    Speaking of unnerving, this had to be the most intensely frightened Dean has ever been in his whole life. After all, not too many mere mortals get to have pizza with Death and live to tell about it. This visit with Death didn't do much for his already rattled state, but that was nothing compared to the deal he was forced to make. In exchange for the ring that they needed to trap Lucifer, he had to let Sam handle his own fate and not intervene. In other words, he had to go against everything he's ever done in his life, aka his identity. Such a thought was so heartbreaking for him that he actually considered going back on his word to the most powerful being in the universe. Luckily, Bobby saw the light and convinced him otherwise. So what was he afraid of, losing or losing his brother? Clearly the latter. Even the world ending wouldn't be worse to him than losing Sam.

    SPN 1162
    Swan Song
    Oh Dean, what did this boy not go through? He had to let go. He had to let Sam take control of his own destiny.   All he could do was be there by Sam's side and watch while his brother took on the most horrifying burden imaginable. He wasn't happy at all about the plan but said nothing, brooding for the most part when it came together. When the plan failed at first, Dean was crushed but not broken. The end of days was here and all he could think about was Sam musn't die alone.
    Dean managed to get through, or the car that he drove there did, but it was their brotherly love that saved the world. Still, it was an empty victory. All Dean could do was helplessly watch knowing either Lucifer/Sam would die or Sam would fall into the cage, thus spending an eternity in the worst possible Hell imaginable. When the latter did happen, Dean's fulfillment of his promise to have that apple pie life with Lisa was done with an empty heart. As Chuck said, all he wanted to do was die or bring Sam back but did neither only because he promised. His worst possible fear came true. He may have been with Lisa but had never felt more alone.
    vlcsnap 00450
    So how does Dean go on in season six? He doesn't look comfortable in his life with Lisa but will he give it time out of obligation? Is it possible he won't have that luxury if duty calls, especially when Sam returns? How about his emotional state? Will he have anymore fight left in him? Does saving the world matter to him anymore? Will he end up like season one Sam and be a reluctant participant dragged into the life? I must admit, I'm far more intrigued about the season six possibilities for Dean than the beginning of season five. Adjusting to a normal life is the harshest test for any warrior returning from the battlefield. I can't wait to see how Dean fares.
    So that's season five Dean Winchester in a nutshell. Coming up, season five Sam. Talk about having inner demons.