• Thoughts on Supernatural 10.21: "Dark Dynasty"

    There isn’t much in the way of coherent thought after an ending like this one. Aside from the image of Charlie’s prone body half-in, half-out of the bathtub, well, the mind is mostly blank. "Dark Dynasty" was all about the family unit, in one way or another and the emotions – and thereby actions – that people are driven to as a result.
  • Fan Video of the Week: Reflections on Supernatural "Angel Heart"

    For this weeks video, I chose to go about it from a different angle. Inspired by The WFB article that focused on how demons have changedduring the run of the show, I decided to focus on angels as it fits the episode, the fan video I wanted to highlight and the new monster that was added to Supernatural mythology.
  • Thoughts on Supernatural 10.20: "Angel Heart"

    What to say about "Angel Heart"?As villains and devious concepts go, this episode fell considerably short in the grand Supernaturalscheme. Evil beings feeding on a humans while the human lives in a utopia mentally? Well, it’s wholly similar to the idea of a Djinn, first presented much more significantly in "What Is and What Should Never Be". Measured against that standard, an emotionally gripping episode on every level that catches you by surprise and uses the dead parents in unexpected ways to bring the audience to its knees? "Angel Heart" could never hope to compare and certainly didn’t. Having said that, the episode wasn’t a letdown or total write-off on a character level, so that’s where we begin from today.
  • Far Away Eyes' Deeper Look: Supernatural 10.18 "Book of the Damned"

    Just listen to the closing song for “Book of the Damned,” and its easy to see the lyrics illuminating so much of the episode's stories.
  • Thoughts on Supernatural 10.18: "Book of the Damned"

    Phenomenal. Truly, that is the only thought I had after watching this episode. It was 42 minutes and change of fully engrossing television and one of the best episodes this season has had to offer. From the opening, which started like a scene from a Marvel adapted television series with the darkened alleyway and hooded figure with blade-strapped back, it promised action for sure – but the emotion and genuine human drama was less expected. Both Sam and Dean made major decisions and traded something for another, neither left satisfied in the end but doing what they had to do and the journey to reach those conclusions, ah, so good but so hard.  Never mind that final scene which is almost an unspeakable twist – an oh so bad it’s good.
  • Thoughts on Supernatural 10.17: "Inside Man"

    Well, even before I saw this episode between the preview and the excited, emotional tweets exploding my phone 24 hours before I was able to watch it, I just knew it was going to be one of those gut-wrenching, heart bursting installments that would take days to recover from. In hindsight, the watered down version of Supernatural that was last week almost makes sense in lieu of "Inside Man" - our emotional drives needed to be fully stocked and loaded to handle this journey, and so did those of our writers.
  • Thoughts on Supernatural 10.14: "The Executioner’s Song"

    From the title alone, there was no doubt this was going to be a powerful episode. Throw in an appearance by Cain and everything is fully primed for one of those emotionally overwhelming game-changers that will be talked about for months to come. For the most part, this did the job – with just few, teeny, tiny nitpicks….well, let’s see.
  • Thoughts on Supernatural 10.09: The Things We Leave Behind

    This episode certainly bookended itself with intensity. The gooey centre was all about family drama, be it demonic or angelic. I liked this episode for a number of reasons. Though it did lack in a few spots, overall as a mid-season finale it hit all the right marks. Since it left me in an emotionally overwhelmed mess by the end with unanswered questions that won't be addressed for several weeks, I’d say the job was done successfully.
  • Thoughts on Supernatural 10.07: Girls, Girls, Girls

    Thoughts on Supernatural 10.07: Girls, Girls, Girls

    Where to even begin to talk about this one? So many plot threads, so little time. Some were wrapped up, some were newly woven and left to dangle for another day. Finally, season ten seems to be gearing up towards some heat and drama just in time to leave us at the edge of a cliff until the season begins anew in 2015 and this episode did a good job of laying the ground work – and it was enjoyable to boot.
  • Thoughts on Supernatural 10x03: Soul Survivor

    Thoughts on Supernatural10x03: Soul Survivor

    Excuse me while I catch my breath, because intensity of this week really had some deep-gasp moments. The little bits in between the Sam and Dean interaction, for the most part, were kind of “meh” in this episode – but when they were on the screen - and since the boys were the majority of it – they were non-stop incredible. Lots of love for Soul Survivor.
  • Thoughts on Supernatural: 10.02 "Reichenbach"

    Okay, okay – week two here we come and it’s all about dark, dark payoff with a grin before the final blow is delivered. This episode takes each of the characters deeper into the mind frame that was established last week: why Cole wants Dean, exactly how twisted Dean is, Crowley’s wacky leadership and brotherhood fantasies etc. and it is fabulous. The real hat-tip has to go to Jensen though, because this Dean was balls-to-the wall crazy on a whole new dimension.
  • Thoughts on Supernatural: 10.01 - Black

    It’s been said a million times by this point, but nonetheless, the fact that this is season ten still blows my mind. Six years ago when I watched my first live episode, who could have imagined we’d still be doing this all this time later – and enjoying it so thoroughly?

    Okay, let’s talk about "Black".
  • Supernatural Hiatus Hunting: 4.01 "Lazarus Rising"

    Greetings readers and welcome to our very first edition of "Supernatural Hiatus Hunting"! In keeping with the theme of "Throwback Thursdays", every week Percysowner and/or Elle will honour a popular past episode of Supernaturalby featuring The WFB reviews and recaps that were written when the episode first aired years ago! This is a fun way to look back and remember some of the fantastic episodes that Supernaturalhas featured over the years, and to see the interesting and twisting road the show has taken to get to season 10! Long-time fans can relive the innocence we all had when we first watched plots unfold…before we knew Ruby was going to betray Sam, that Sam was going to say “Yes” to Lucifer, that Castiel was going to become “god” or that Dean was going to become a demon! This series will also be a great opportunity for newer fans to experience the emotions and anticipation the Supernatural Family felt as the story slowly developed, week by week, year by year! We've recently learned (via our survey) that many of you joined The Winchester Family Business in just the past two years, so this series will share with you the piece of the journey you missed.

  • Thoughts on Supernatural 9x09 - "Holy Terror"

    After the shell-shocking midseason finale, I’m still sifting through remnants of heart break and stunning revelations to pick of the pieces that have been left moving forward in the New Year. And what an ending this was – death, deception and divine alliances united for mass destruction that promise only more chaos and heartbreak to come. God, I love this show.

  • Thoughts on Supernatural 9x06: Heaven Can't Wait

    This episode was better than I expected in many ways and yet in so many other ways surprising. Going in I anticipated something more explosive, pardon the pun. Rather we got a quick look at the subplots that have been quietly in motion for six speedy weeks with very little screen time. Truth be told, all of the seasonal arcs for the seasons seems to be rather slowly unfolding this season. At the same time as they seem somehow blatantly apparent, the writers are taking the time to slowly, carefully and meticulously lay the groundwork – each and every brick on the yellow plot road slotted in with a painstaking and delicate hand. This was never quite so clear as it was in Heaven Can’t Wait. This was an episode with extensive conversation about finding a place in the world, learning to understand the world and lots of telephone calls, of all kinds. Yes, it was all about language, understanding meanings and interpretation.  
  • Thoughts on 9x03: I'm No Angel

    Thoughts on 9x03 – I’m No Angel


    This episode was all about trust, appearances and faith. Not the standard depiction that Supernatural has presented in the past, but a completely new spin on the subject. As humans, we walk through our lives and go through the entire spectrum of trust, ranging from absolute and total faith to complete and everlasting suspicion right out of the gate and everything in between. Sometimes, we find get burned and other times we’re surprised. Often, the older we get, the more experience we gain, the more skeptical we become and a wariness develops that allows, even subconsciously, for reading social queues, words, gestures or even just a feeling that allows wariness to abate or rise higher, as the case may be. Some people are exceptional at reading these signs. And some people, those flashing bright-eyes and the wide but feral grins, are really good at manipulating both sides of this system.
    Tonight, we saw both sides of the coin and that special, not-quite-sure grey area in between.
  • Why I Ship (And Why It Shouldn't Matter)

    Castiel is my favorite character, and I ship Destiel. There are many reasons I do this. I ship them because it adds to my enjoyment of the show. I ship them because it increases my desire to engage in fandom. I ship them because I like the idea of two badass male characters having a relationship without it changing their badassery one bit. I ship them because they are both really, really good-looking and it's hot. I ship them because I can. I ship them because a lot of very talented fanfic writers have created stories that I love reading. I ship them because there are other people out there who ship them, too, and it's fun discussing our ship together. I ship them because I adore reading between the lines for any snippet of possible romance the show gives me. I ship them because it keeps me engaged and invested in the show. I ship them because it makes me happy. But mostly I ship them because I want these two wonderful, flawed characters to find something beautiful together amidst the broken wreckage of their lives.
  • Thoughts on Supernatural 9x01: "I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here"

    2 deaths door

    Welcome back, Supernatural and hello to the newly refreshed, reinvigorated and totally rejuvenated season nine! Where last year was a journey of discovering just what sacrifice was too great and how far was too far, about blurring the lines of good and evil, right and wrong beyond what we thought even the Supernatural world could do; this season promises an entirely new realm of possibilities.
  • Thoughts on "Supernatural" 8.23, "Sacrifice"


    From emerging the monotone washout of purgatory to ancient tablets and secret bunkers to angels and their wings burning against a night sky - welcome to the wonderful world of Supernatural,where you never really see the end coming no matter how hard you look!

    In the end "Sacrifice" wasn't about closing the gates of Hell. Or Heaven. It came to down to what it always comes down to and that is love. For Sam and Dean the brotherly love between them drove Sam to want to not fail his brother, but allowed Dean to get through to him and stop him from finishing the trials. It meant Dean wasn't willing to sacrifice his brother, instead making the point that they had gained so much knowledge and could save so many lives with that - but he wouldn't lose Sam for anything. For Castiel it allowed him to be a tool, led by the promise of fixing his home and family. For Metatron, his love and devotion to God twisted him darkly (like Lucifer), leaving him with an obsession for revenge and a taste for blood. Even Naomi, in the end, was reaffirmed by the love of God and the understanding of the Angel's duty to protect humans. Not that it did her any good ultimately, but A for effort I guess.

    For all the speculating, guessing, bad feelings and wild assumptions this episode took a dark direction that this reviewer definitely did not see coming and ended with a final, chilling scene. Angel and their wings burning in the ether against a black night sky is an unsettling image, to say the least. "Sacrifice" was well written, clever, deliciously dark and macabre and left us poised for something completely new venturing into season nine.  
  • Elle's Review: "Supernatural" 8.17, "Goodbye Stranger"


    It's been a while since my last SPN review here at the Winchester Family Business, and boy is it good to be back! So, without further ado let's talk about Goodbye Stranger. It was an odd mesh of characters, old and new themes and a good send off for some characters and mini-arcs even as it laid more key ground work for overall season storylines.