• Happy Birthday to Supernatural's Misha Collins!

    It's Misha's Birthday. Let's celebrate some of his greatest hits!
  • “Get a Room!” Supernatural’s Season 9 Motel Rooms - Part 2

    Browsing the SupernaturalWiki site, I noticed that the motel room descriptions stopped after season eight. 
    The advent of the bunker seriously negated the necessity for the boys to be on the road and at the mercy of tacky motel rooms. 
    Jerry Wanek, set designers and artists create atmosphere, add character depth, and enhance themes with their painstaking and creative designs.
    In Part 1, we looked at the motels from "Dog Dean Afternoon", "Rock and a Hard Place", "Holy Terror" and "The Purge".

    So let's get started on the rest of the irresistible decors of season 9!  

  • Thoughts in Retrospect on Supernatural 11.11: Into the Mystic

    Thoughts in Retrospect on Supernatural 11.11: Into the Mystic -

    When first watching this episode, I had a mixed reaction to Into the Mystic.At first appearance this was one of those episodes that was all about character - less about plot.
  • Supernatural Theories 101: What’s in the box?!

    [Editor's Note: The explanations about season 11 and the comments and spoilers about season 12 that came out of Supernatural's San Diego Comic-Con panels and press room interviews left us with a lot to think about! To pass the hiatus until we all learn what season 12 has in store for us, LK came up with a creative way to speculate about the future of our show!  See what you think of her ideas!]

    Do you ever feel it is time to “Think outside the box?”, to let your imagination and creativity fly where no one has flown before? Last season (like many before that) left us some unanswered questions. Some can still be revisited in the future while some could go in a lot of existing directions. So what ideas and speculation on future story lines does my box hold? Where do I think they are going or might go with them? Some of these ideas can be truly out there or maybe they are, by a miracle, where the story will go. Let’s play with the ideas for season 12 and beyond. You see, even Dean wants to know what is in the box!

  • A Tribute to the Badass Men of Supernatural - Part 1

     After I made "A Tribute to the Kick-Ass Women of Supernatural" and part 2 , I wanted to write a similar article about men. I value both in Supernatural because the show has some of the most remarkable guest actors and actresses, so the loss of both are deeply felt. I decided to use the same criteria as I had in my first article. I chose the male characters that had a great impact on me and were also Badass on their own accord.

  • Threads: Supernatural Season 11 Summary and Retrospective

    As Supernatural fans already know, Supernatural is a complex drama, built over years upon a foundation of mythology and recurring themes. Its dialog is intricate, often layered with thematic threads, double meanings and foreshadowing.  The “Threads” review series closely examines these subtlties, to both more thoroughly appreciate the detail of the plots and to attempt to predict the direction the story may be going. Now that the brother's 11th year of hunting is over and we know the outcome of this season's many plot lines, we can assess how well each climax was supported or foreshadowed, and our skill at unlocking season 11's mysteries.

    The following are the season 11 threads we have been tracking. In each case, I recapped how and where the theme appeared in the season. I then compared our specualtions and the evolution of our theories to the eventual outcome of that plotline, and assessed the logic and continuity of the writers’, and the characters’, actions. Join me for a retrospective look at the themes, the Threads, of Supernatural’s season 11.
  • Wednesday's Watching: Supernatural 11.22 “We Happy Few”

    Channelling Mistakes!
    “That got weird!”
    Did God prepare an alternate reality to show Sam and Dean the “Mistakes” of their plan?

  • Let's Speculate Supernatural 11.18: "Hell's Angel"

    This episode, “Hell’s Angel,” was written by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner. The episode opens in a desert tent somewhere in Saudi Arabia
  • Let's Discuss Roundtable: What do You Want to See in Supernatural Season 11?

    What do you want to see happen in S11?

    That question was asked of me and Alice in the TV Fanatic Roundtable for “Beyond the Mat”.  Before Supernatural begins the final sequence of eight  episodes that will hurdle us all toward whatever heart stopping, cliff-hanger disaster the Winchester brothers must endure this year, this question is worth pondering.
  • You're No Angel: The Downfall of Heaven

    I'll confess, my idea to update my angel meta by looking at what we learned about angels and how the show used them in seasons eight, nine, ten, and eleven turned out to be much harder than I expected. That wasn't because of any depth or complexity in what the show presented. On the contrary: I submit it's because – at least for me – the more we saw of angels, the less unique and interesting they became: they turned depressingly, humanly predictable and boring as simplistic sociopathic monsters, and died quickly if they developed empathy or emotional intelligence.
  • Fan Video of the Week: Supernatural Reflections "The Devil In the Details"

    I guess you could say we lost two characters in this episode. At least for now. So I chose two videos this week - one about Rowena and the other about Castiel.

  • Supernatural Season 8: Hits & Misses - Part 2

    Here we are, part 2 of the season eight hits and misses. This was such a difficult list to compile: I really enjoyed season eight and there just aren’t that many over all major misses for me. So, most of what comes into this list are teeny-tiny little nitpicky things.
  • Auld Lang Syne: Supernatural "H-Day"

    In the late half of Season 9, I decided to do something I'd never done: participate in a Supernatural Fan Fiction contest. I resolved not to do any slash but instead write up a big budget, movie style, possible "finale" to the show which tied up loose ends.  I chose it as my Auld Lang Syne feature article not only because it was a lot of fun to write (and had some great artwork by neigeausoleil) but also because it's somewhat humorous to look back two seasons later to see what I got wrong about the show's future plots... and what I ended up getting right.
  • Auld Lang Syne: Bardicvoice's Favorite Supernatural Reflections

    For my "old long ago," I blew the dust off my two 2013 dissertations on the show's use of angels  - one as a group, and one specifically on Castiel - to set the stage for a "new, more recent" look at what the show has done with angels since then. While I organize my thoughts for an update on Supernatural's latest angel entourage, enjoy revisiting my past angelic musings - and that amazing linked 2009 Mo Ryan interview with Eric Kripke!
  • The Winchester Family Business Short Attention Span Theater Presents - A Very Special Supernatural S11 Thanksgiving

    We at the Winchester Family Business wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!  In honor of this special holiday, we present a new, original Short Attention Span theater.  Enjoy "A Very Special Supernatural Season 11 Thanksgiving."  

  • Supernatural Season 11: 6 Potential Game Changers

    With fall in the air, the 11th Season premiere of Supernatural is close at hand.  No matter what you may have thought of season 10, the finale set up many new storylines for this coming year.  Dean no longer has the Mark of Cain, he presumably killed Death (though we know it’s never that easy), The Darkness has been released, Rowena has the Book of the Damned and the Codex in her possession, Castiel is under Rowena’s attack dog spell and is out to destroy Crowley, who seems trapped with no escape (but he’s Crowley – He’ll always escape) and a human Metatron has the Demon tablet and an unknown agenda.  That seems like a whole lot of story mileage for Season 11.  

    On the surface, it may seem like another run of the mill season of Supernatural:  We have a bunch of players clamoring for power, the brothers must face a threat that’s worse than ever before, and on and on ad infinitum.  However, the information we’re getting about the upcoming season seems to be telling a different story.  But first things first:  Unfortunately, there’s no way to discuss this season without mentioning spoilers that have been released.  So, to be clear - THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SEASON 11 SPOILERS. 

    Right now, there’s no way to know how the season will unfold.  But from what we have learned so far, it certainly appears that the storylines could shift Supernatural in a very interesting direction.  Specifically, that direction would be reminiscent of earlier seasons, but have a higher level of sophistication as a result of all that the Winchesters have endured, and how far the Supernatural universe has come in 10 seasons.  In essence, these plotlines could be true game changers that may give us a year filled with lots of scares, compelling mythology, and brotherly moments.  And that’s when Supernatural is at its best.  The following list details some areas to watch out for in what could be one of our show’s best seasons in recent history.  
  • Supernatural Season Seven: Hits and Misses – A Second Look Pt 2

    The second half the season seven hit list, revisited with the wisdom of 3 years of hindsight, as promised!
  • Faith and Supernatural

    It's always disappointing to read casual, dismissive references to Supernatural as simply a fantasy genre show featuring two hunky brothers.  While that superficial description of the show is true on its face, it merely provides the framework for a profound exploration of a multitude of  bigger themes: loyalty, family, morality, self-sacrifice, free will and destiny, to name just a few. Indeed, this season culminated in an argument between the brothers about the sometimes blurry line between good and evil.

     s10e23 379

    One recurring theme on Supernatural practically since its inception has been faith, both in the religious and secular sense.  Faith and religion are often intertwined, but the show has portrayed these two concepts very differently.
  • Thoughts on Supernatural 10.23 - "Brother’s Keeper"

    Transport trucks. Hell hounds. Falling angels. Leviathan. As far as finales go, Supernatural has done them every way imaginable and usually manages to leave the audience hanging on the edge. "Brother’s Keeper" certainly had some edge, but as finales go – was it on par with what we’re used to overall?
  • Thoughts on Supernatural 10.22: "The Prisoner"

    Prisoner: noun – "individual who is or feels restrained or trapped by a situation or set of circumstances." Not only does this word aptly define all three of our main characters (and then some) at this point in the game, but it is also profoundly appropriate for the viewer this week- so captivated by the intensity and emotional happenings that I was caught holding my breath on every occasion I was gasping. Shall we relive the highlights and heartstoppers?