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We have to wait until January 18 for Supernatural to return! Until then, here's the promo!
Andrew Dabb and Robert Berens talk about what's coming in episode 10 and beyond with TV Line
TVLINE | The Bad Place got name-checked a lot in this episode, and we saw a lot of disturbing imagery. Was that hooded figure also part of The Bad Place?
ROBERT BERENS | Yes. The world of Supernatural this season is very engaged in the apocalypse world of the archangel Michael. The Bad Place, [which is] the place that Sam and Dean are at the end of Episode 9, is the kind of proprietary nightmare world of Wayward and the spinoff [backdoor pilot] in Episode 10. We’ll be exploring that hooded figure, the giant monster we heard in the background of the last scene, as well as all those other critters.

We have the first photos for the Wayward Sisters backdoor pilot.

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We have big casting news for the show.
From Variety

Ackles is set to recur as “Sister Jo” in the later part of the 13th season of the CW’s hit demon hunting drama. Sister Jo is described as “a well-known faith healer whose good works attract the attention of someone very, very bad: Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino).” The question she will have to face is whether Lucifer will kill her — or if he has bigger plans for her.

Her first appearance will be in episode 13, “Devil’s Bargain.”

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Here's an interesting Twitter conversation from 2012.
How great for Jensen to have his wife on set! I'm really looking forward to her appearance. What do you think?
The pictures for Supernatural season 13 episode 8 are up.

The trailer for Supernatural season 13 episode 8.

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The preview for episode 7 of season 13 of Supernatural.