Summary:  This episode was written by Ross-Leming and Buckner. The episode splits its focus between Crowley/Rowena and Sam/Dean. There is no A-story but rather two B-stories.

Rowena is still angry with Crowley for not petitioning the Grand Coven for her and for running off to help the Winchesters and also losing the First Blade to them. Crowley makes it up to her by bringing her Olivette, the leader of the Grand Coven, who Rowena tortures. Rowena finds out that the Grand Coven has lost its power for the most part and it’s been hunted by the Men of Letters, a group that now possesses much of the Coven’s archive and power. Rowena solves her Olivette problem by turning the woman into a hamster running in a wheel.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are investigating a case of apparent suicides. The emotional story focuses on Sam’s continued persistent wish to cure the Mark of Cain and Dean’s apparent acceptance of his fate. There is a confessional scene where Dean confesses he doesn’t want to die and wants to live and have a life. The story that emerges in the case is that a nun is reading a journal left by a betrayed woman from the 16th century. She was in love with an artist who refused her affections and she was sent to a nunnery where her pain turned to hate. The nun admits that she has entertained ghosts before and they usually find their peace. Not Isabella. The case resolves when Sam burns the painting of Isabella that contained her flesh and bones.

The episode ends with Rowena promising to seek her power and Sam and Dean in the Impala where Sam is still strident in finding a cure while Dean  sits quietly in the passenger seat.


Do you think the Men of Letters reveal will be important in the finale?

Do you think Dean is afraid of what he may become? What was his confession about?

Where will Crowley fall in these allegiances?

So what are your thoughts, reactions, feelings? Leave them here!