Summary:  This episode was written by Jenny Klein and directed by John Badham. The episode features the return of Travis Aaron Wade as Cole in a Monster of the Week episode that also features the return of a season 6 monster, the Worms of Eve!

The episode opens with a gruesome murder, a de-organing shall we say? We find Sam and Dean back at the bunker with Sam researching the Mark of Cain. Dean finds them a case and they head out to Fayetteville, North Carolina, a military town. During the drive, Dean admonishes Sam for keeping on the Cain case, saying that they need to accept and then do what they can until Dean can’t anymore.

The case involves the cold open murder and when they get there it seems the case is solved. They continue researching the case and find strange clues about returning military men with symptoms that are not particularly healthy. After leaving one house, Kit Vernon’s, they run into Cole. It turns out Cole is Kit’s best friend. Cole also has access to some intelligence about Kit’s last mission and it appears that something attacked the group during a rescue mission that failed. Later we see Kit in a gas station rampaging through it for water – one of the symptoms is extreme thirst. Kit ends up killing and runs off.

Dean and Sam drop Cole off at home but Cole won’t be left out of the investigation and makes his way to a lodge to find Kit. The boys get there in time to save Cole but not from being infected with the WORM OF EVE (trademark pending). Dean stays at the lodge with Cole and first tries to electrocute the worm out, as it worked in season 6, but this time it doesn’t. Given the symptom of extreme thirst, Dean decides to sweat it out. (Gratuitious sweat arm porn from Ackles commences here). At Kit’s house, Sam arrives just in time to save Jemma from her husband.

Dean and Cole share a nice emotional moment about Cole’s father and giving up. Cole asks to be tied to the chair so he doesn’t attack Dean for water, but then he does attack Dean. Dean pulls him through it. I’d like to give kudos here to Travis Aaron Wade. He does excellently in this scene when Cole thinks of himself as a monster. Jemma and Sam are trying to figure out Kit’s situation when Kit escapes and attacks Sam. Cole attacks Dean and then evacuates (the best word I got here folks) the worm.

Sam, unfortunately, had to kill Kit.

The episode ends with Cole talking to Sam and Dean and then leaving....and Sam lamenting that he couldn’t save this one. The scene is laden with meaning.


Do you think Sam will give up his quest or keep it secret from Dean?

Do you think Dean means that he’s just given up on finding a cure?

Do you think Jemma/Kit signaled what will happen with Sam/Dean?

So what are your thoughts, reactions, feelings? Leave them here!