WARNING!  If you haven't seen "Pac-Man Fever" yet, read no further!  There will be spoilers and all manner of discussion about the episode.  So watch it for yourself before you check out this review.  And then definitely check it out!

That was a very, very enjoyable filler episode.  I liked it a lot.  There were tons of great lines, everyone had a major role to play, and it even made me cry, which doesn't happen very often on this show.  I know, I know.  I have tear ducts of steel, I tell you.  Ridiculous.  I very happily am going to rewatch this episode again and again and again.  I just want you to know how much I liked this episode before I say what I'm about to say next: it annoys me that there's filler this late in the season.  I'm sure it has something to do with the network and their demands, or maybe not, I don't know.  But why couldn't last episode be a two-parter?  They have SO MUCH to resolve before the end of the season, and I just know I'm going to want one or two more episodes to let it all happen.  At least it was a really good filler episode.  Because if it had been bad, then I REALLY would have been annoyed.  On to the episode.

Discussion Topic of the Week: How Many "Supernatural" Books Have Been Published?

Canonically, they were supposed to have ended with "No Rest For The Wicked."  But Charlie made a couple references that definitely happened after that.  So did Chuck publish more books?  Did he post them online?  Was that look on his face right before he disappeared not graceful serenity but a "ha ha, screw you, Winchesters!  You won't be able to find me, so I'm totally publishing these books, I don't care what you say!" look? 

And now, bullet points.  It's gonna be a lot of flailing, just a heads up.
  • Nice cold open.  Also, nice music effect with Dean trying to turn off the music and it still playing.  And nice uniform.  Damn.
  • Kicking the chair leg off the table was kind of hot, right?
  • Ha ha, Sam's hair when he wakes up.
  • Sam missed the beer!  That was so amazing.  "It's why we don't have nice things, Sam."
  • But they really should be wearing ear protection, though.  I guess the MoL weren't just book nerds after all.
  • How very handy that the bunker is a dead zone as far as being able to trace GPS.  But a part of me wonders why that technology would be part of the bunker when GPS wasn't even invented until 1973, to say nothing of when it became commercially available.
  • "Your highness."  Awwww, that is adorable.  And they both called her that!
  • Charlie made a Monty Python reference!  With the answering of the questions three line.  Man, I love Monty Python.
  • Yay, they are going to LARP again!  BEST!
  • Clothes montage!!!  And the fact that she literally was making the montage herself is so, so amazing.  I want to do that now.
  • "What about Castiel?  He seems useful...and dreamy."  (except I might have misquoted this line?  Does she say useful or something else?)
  • I like that the medical examiner woman stuck to her guns.  Good one, lady.
  • They're not gonna poke the body with a stick.
  • They totally poked the body with a stick.
  • "I don't want to miss the "broment."
  • "Don't quote me to me."
  • Yeah, djinn.  A good old-fashined djinn.  Those things are really awesome, with the glowing blue eyes and the tats and stuff.
  • No, is that Charlie's mom in the hospital?  Nooooooo.
  • The tattoo effects on the djinn are badass, though.
  • Sam and Dean are en pointe this episode.  It's really a good show of their mental acuity.
  • LOL, Sam didn't need to get talked out of punching Dean at all.
  • "Come with me if you want to live.  I've always wanted to say that."
  • My dad read me "The Hobbit," too!  And then LOTR.
  • I'm sure people were worried when they thought Sam wouldn't be involved in the episode, but he really has been involved a lot.  Sam, Dean, and Charlie all had moments to shine.  The action and plot was really divvied out well by Robbie Thompson.
  • Good thinking, Dean, with talking Charlie out of the dream.  Painful, but you did what you had to do to get Charlie out of there.
  • Ha ha ha, Charlie has to go on tiptoes just to reach Sam.
  • Charlie and Dean are so adorable!  I can't even!
  • This season isn't Season 8 anymore.  It's Season Dean Hugs Everyone.  But really, the hug for Sam was perfect.  Sam was so sure that Dean was going to rip him a new one.  I mean, what a little brother reaction, right?  He just started explaining as soon as Dean walked in the door.  And then Dean just hugs him and stops him cold.  Perfect.
  • Robbie Thompson owns stock in Kleenex.  It's the only explanation I have for the ending to this episode.  That was so, so sad and yet so perfect.
What did you all think of the episode?  Did you enjoy it as much as I did?  Tell me what you thought!  But please, be nice to each other in the comments.  I am heading to Disneyworld for a little vacation, so don't make extra work for Amy and Alice by writing mean comments.  I'll be checking on the thread when I get back to see who was naughty and who was nice, like a forum Santa Claus.