It's time once again to take a look at some of the visuals for "Two and a Half Men."  John Showalter directed this episode, his second for Supernatural. His previous episode was "Dean Men Don't Wear Plaid."  Because this episode wasn't also saddled with setting up the premise for the new season, I think there was a little more room to play around with shots and things like that.  So, in chronological order once again, here are some things I liked about "Two and a Half Men."

It kind of bugged me that Dean and Lisa and Ben moved so quickly, especially when the housing marked in the U.S. is so bad.  But look!  They are renting the house!  That makes a whole lot more sense.  It's much easier to get out of a rented house than a house you bought.

I love how quietly domestic this scene is.  Ben is being a typical pre-teen, i.e. surly, and Dean and Lisa are unpacking the kitchen.  Lovely.  They're all just kind of doing their thing, comfortable in each other's presence.  And Dean is once again wearing a T-shirt with a graphic on it.  It just looks weird!  Nice, but weird.  I also love how the contents of the box are labeled: coffee, dishes, towels.  The coffee is the most important part, of course.  Dean definitely labeled that box.

You may be thinking, "why did she include this cap?  It's just a house."  Which is true.  But I included it because when I was going through the caps, I was sort of struck with a sense of foreboding.  Before, Sam and Dean lived in the Impala and hotel rooms, so when we saw a house like this, we didn't think twice.  It was a victim's house or whatnot.  But now Dean lives in a house like this.  So every time I see something bad happen in a house like this, I'm think I'm going to have a little anxiety about Lisa and Ben.  I don't know it that's intentional or if that's just an interesting side effect of of Dean's domestic situation, but it is unsettling.

This is just a really cool shot of Samuel with the light streaming in through the window.  I really love light streaming through windows.  It looks fantastic and really creates a gorgeous atmosphere in a scene.  I hope this look sticks around for a while.

In the last episode, a lot of the action felt like it happened in close quarters, so we never really had any scenes like this where there's so much space.  Which is a shame because look how pretty!  Also, Sam has to just lean on the Charger because if he tried to sit on it, the car would collapse.  It's not nearly as sturdy as the Impala.