Wayward Sisters

  • Alice's Review - Supernatural 13.03 "Patience" aka I Could Really Use Some Right Now

    “Your gift, you try to force it down to make yourself happy, you’ll only make yourself miserable.” 
    The story sounds familiar doesn’t it?  “Supernatural” going into the thematic vaults to tackle the whole “accepting who you are and the gifts you have been given despite the side effects” storyline.  Will pursuing those gifts make you a freak, turn you evil or harm others in the process?  When your name is Winchester, opinions definitely vary.   They also seem to vary in ways that suit the writers rather than following any real character growth patterns.
    Before I go any further, yes, a review from me!  Life has been very hectic for the last several months, so much so I haven’t been watching much TV.  After letting the latest three episodes of “Supernatural” fester on my DVR, I finally sat myself down Sunday night and watched in succession “Lost and Found,” “The Rising Son,” and “Patience.”  After taking it all in, naturally, I have a few things to say.  
    I’m not going to spend a lot of time on “Lost and Found” or “The Rising Son.”  I really have nothing to add to what was already said about those episodes on this site.  “Lost and Found” didn’t really bring us anything new thematically, but I was definitely sucked in by Jack’s plight. It was a good evenly paced story that kicked off the season right.  Dean is off the rails and Sam isn’t ready to give up hope, which is called another day at the MOL office.   Naturally I’m siding with the latter because, without hope, this show kind of sucks.  
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    The Morning After

    There is so much to say about Supernatural 13.3 “Patience”! Themes of death, grief, controlling power, family, friends, and teens discovering their talents and exploring how they feel about themselves in the face of conflicting input from the people in their lives, all combined to create a multi-layered, engaging story. The long overdue return of Missouri Moseley and the spectacular surprise return of Castiel added the excitement of loving reunion to the story as well. “Patience” elicited a full spectrum of emotion ranging from enraged fury, stemming from two notable issues with the episode, to emapthetic sympathy, to surprised elation. Overall "Patience" was another great season 13 episode! 

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  • Mallena's Supernatural Musings: 2.10 "Hunted"

    There has been a lot of talk lately about Jody and the women of Supernatural. In honor of the upcoming spin-off about Jody and her wayward sisters, I wanted to review an episode that had some of my favorite women characters featured in it.  This episode is also very entertaining and well-written.  I do love Ellen, and Ava is a great character (who should have gone down a different path and came back to our show, now and then), but the main thrill here is the battle between Sam, Dean, and Gordon.  

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